Understanding If Tingling Tanning Lotions Are Right For You

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Understanding If Tingling Tanning Lotions Are Right For You

If you’ve been indoor tanning for a while, you may have noticed that you can buy indoor tanning lotions with a hot sizzling tingling or cooling effect. Like many people, you may wonder why these products even exist. The answer is that Tingling Tanning Lotion has many benefits for increasing tan exposure on tan spots and helping to darken existing tans. However, be weary as the tingling tanning lotion is not for everyone.

First of all, if you’re not familiar with tingling tanning lotions, you’re probably wondering what they are. Well, tingling tanning lotions basically come in two different types, hot tingling or cold tingling. When these tingling tanning lotions are applied, they give your skin a tingling sensation, hot or cold depending on the type of lotion you use. If you’re wondering what this tingling feels like, it can be compared to the tingling sensation you get when your leg is lying down.

How these tingling lotions work is really simple. Although the tingling effect may vary for different tanning lotion formulations, the tingling effect is produced in the same way. That is, due to a chemical reaction between your skin and certain chemicals in the lotion. This chemical reaction stimulates blood flow to your skin faster than normal. Also, the reason why the tingling effect will vary from person to person is because the intensity of the tingling effect depends on your own skin or body chemistry. If you’re considering using a tingling lotion, it’s a good idea to ask your tanning salon for a sample to see how it reacts to your body chemistry.

In more technical terms, this increased blood flow means increased microcirculation and oxygenation of the blood vessels in your skin. This brings blood closer to the surface of the skin and briefly stimulates melanin production. Because you have melatonin in your blood, your skin has higher than normal levels of melatonin, or in other words, more skin pigment.

This increase in melatonin can be beneficial for tanning difficult areas of the body, darkening existing tans, or darkening certain white spots. This is because melatonin causes you to tan darker and faster when exposed to UV light. If you’ve reached a tanning plateau and find that you’re not getting any darker, you may want to try a tingling lotion. Also, only tanners with developed base tans are recommended to use tingling lotion. So if it’s your first time tanning, it’s best to stay away from tingling lotions.

When you first use the tingling lotion, you may experience some side effects such as your skin becoming slightly red, blotchy, or burning. Don’t worry it will go away within an hour. If you find the tingling unbearable, you can take a shower to wash off the lotion. Also, it’s best to try a small amount of tingling. So the first time you use a tingling lotion, you may want to use a very small amount or mix it with an existing lotion. Then increase the amount of tingling lotion you use with each tanning session.

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