The Universe in Motion Parts I Through III

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The Universe in Motion Parts I Through III

A universe in motion

((in narrative poetic prose) (and half hexameter))

Part I of III

Forever, and from the beginning

Everything goes in endless motion

Unceasing flow-: the sky above,

Below the crater, planets, stars and the

the cosmos; body, nature, space, abyss,

thunder, heat, cold,

Volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and the

Full Size: Follow their path

Allowed them at any time of travel

By God Almighty-all are running-

Everyone has a journey, everything is unfolding

Things spread to every end of creation!

All motion in the universe goes, flows

Endless. Man with him

Eyes can see things that bind things.

Watch space and time bend, matter tremble!

Hill to hill, mountain to mountain, sea to sea

Sea, land to the ends of the land and to the ends of the sea, and

Rivers, Tributaries and Nature, – for

Nature protects everyone, the whole body. one feeds,

Other, and the breeding of humanity by all

Holy part of God. If run separately

From his fit, foolishly, God set prayer

He woke up again; Or God won’t allow it

It’s in the first place! Because it’s better

Not to be, than to be all

Scattered and uninvited. for by

In fact, nothing started or stopped

By itself, and each and all set, in its proper

place Nor did the primitive germs say to each other:

How each should move, be driven;

Compacted, and changed to form a flower

Or a plant, a bug, a tree… by testing later

And error, trying to make a mortal!

God forbid this kind of movement and thing

Infectious germs are preferred

In creation, if any, they should decide

So what if there is a major restructuring?

to touch successively, to connect, to attach,

To turn mankind into imps and goblins?

But God has hindered such a design,

Saved what he had, made the right move,

The universe, the matter flowing in the oceans.

And waves like the ocean from gravity

explosion; And for the powers of the earth,

a canopy; And, an asteroid belt, lumped

Barriers, built to move and swing, to dress

Earth, from invaders. And through the right means

Equilibrium and Motion: Earth rotates like a top,

counterclockwise; And the moon revolves

Earth, counterclockwise, and the Earth rotates


And bear, fox, wolf, whale

And fire, reptiles, spiders all along

breath and air; And plants take in humans

Gives carbon dioxide, and oxygen…

One feeds the other, even the earth’s sky

With Earth’s solar system, all work together.

Can deep-rooted germs, fertile, fix it all?

In a billion or more years? Without God

Initiative, creativity? does

Is the germ, the brain, beyond God?

Protons, electrons, within

A cell, at its core, works together,

Without God’s life-and-death motion?

Does it have will, heart, breath or brain?

Fertility Barriers, Who’s Creating the Code?

Genetic DNA; Keeping disease at bay

In the bay? Immune system, spark by chance?

Vanity embraces foolish dreams.

Vanity says: Something comes from nothing;

Those fixed positions come, oblivion!

That is to say, from nothing to something

The new reason, incidentally, is the opposite

Man’s own dubious physical impossibility.

The blind lead the blind, the fool teaches him

Error, and folly are born without God.

How did it all happen?

All these moving things, forever together…

The sun is stationary, but it is in motion

Totally within his frame, until his energy

decreases, and collapses on it

Self, its gravitational pull and hold:

It slowly drifts to its death, a black hole.

Yet many things hide their movements,

Far away from us, far away to see and study.

Very simple landscape, hills

Woolly herds, soil beetles.

Color in the grass, we all

Blurred and bent, as if standing far away—

The heat of the sun, its pure atoms

Slow down through God’s affair, with His light

To travel through this empty void, to escape

To warm the earth, slowly, and tear

to the waves of the air; particles of heat

wailing, moaning, stuck up, full of rage,

Every god’s fingertips restrained, checked and

balance, advance. tribal atom

With their old, bold and simple tenacity.

We are a young data gathering species

Time, space, life, matter, energy, co

A barbaric past… , nor we a

Long-lived species, years that count

Many times at our fingertips:

To explore the wonders of God, we must hurry!

Sharpness of space should be

Her plan, its astonishing weight and strength,

It should move smoothly through time and space

And God must not have preserved it

Original design, -for: opportunity, fatality

Madness and weirdness, reducing the odds

For chance and rhyme?

Mad red lust would have stepped in

And, -what God has put in place, opportunity

Obsolete, and far away!

The universe unfolded

Part II of III

As for movement, explore these considerations: Look

in the sky, that by no wisdom,

The nature of the world, the universe can be constructed

Apart from the divine design, Shakti-; what a fault

Do you feel burdened? All loads above

Earth: Grains and trees, mountains and seas do

Don’t leap to the sky… but like the roof of a dome

Stays in place. Wood and beam, your body-

Elephants and whales, all weight

Beneath the Earth, its magma, its plates,

The earth’s crust, inside and out, does everything

Do not ascend, ascend like the wind, to the void

Zero: Gone to the moon! Venus, Mars… to the Sun!

Fire and flames move through the air, rising high,

And then drop: What brings them down?

Meteors burn up before they hit the ground;

If not, they spread sparsely. midnight

Shooting stars are blazing in the sky, by the way

Devil’s star, comet, long flaming, furry tail

Like a dragon. And leaves to Nakshatra

A view of the Earth, as the Earth rotates above the needle!

From corner to corner: rain, hail, light,

Heat from above and above, all confusion

And through the clouds, zigzagging, falling back

Regards! Why not the other way around! god

Earth’s sky is made like a layered cake.

And should look clear with open eyes,

Through the telescope he will see the universe

Splashed with galaxies, all hovering

in and with motion. Tossed by huge waves

Fifteen-billion years in the making. enthusiastic,

With Gravity: The Cosmos is Taking Quantum Leaps,

With new understanding and relativity:

Drawing bodies to bodies as they hold matter

Moving like the surface of the sea, with it

Gravitational waves and amazing accuracy…

and recreating new galaxies from black holes.

Thus, is not this universe dear to you,

Multicolored house! amazing, intriguing,

Always Communicating, Always Dynamic…


Part III of III

In light of all that I have said, we are

Now at the crossroads where the universe lives

And God is the creation of the universe

Nature hid first; And then science.

Science renders God meaningless, a relic.

And we also have theological secrecy

Of the universe, of its motion, of its creation!

Why! Acting by faith, for the sake of grace.

You take the physical, then the spiritual.

To understand God is to understand God

The universe, perhaps, is not like a fishbowl

And God, above him, looking down into it:

Or God, stepping into it, while still watching

Down on it. Universe and Creation

It was created with the idea that it is meant to be lived

With speed, in terms of worship.

#5246/ from 5-18 to 31-2016

Dennis L. Siluk, Dr. By HC © May 2016

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