The Law of Attraction is the Principle Law Fostering Happiness

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The Law of Attraction is the Principle Law Fostering Happiness

The Law of Attraction is the main law of universal laws. Glenn Clark wrote a book about Walter Russell called The Man Who Tapped the Secrets of the Universe who was an artist and writer and friend of many other notable people of his time. It is not widely read today, and probably had more interest when it was published in 1946.

The thinking of creative and successful men is never used in any direction other than that purpose. That is why great men perform extraordinary works without extraordinary exertion and fatigue.

Beyond Napoleon Hill

Russell is just one man, and Napoleon Hill studied many successful men to synthesize their habits and their beliefs. Yet, Russell’s truths are enormously powerful in their simplicity and explanation of the Law of Attraction.

All life is energy. If energy is removed, matter will disappear. If it is removed quickly, a nuclear explosion will occur. If it is drawn less quickly, lightning will form. Less fast will stabilize and result in a flame. If it is removed as slowly as it is usually removed, and we can see decay.

Energy restoration is essential for us in order for our life systems to function effectively and efficiently. We do this by staying in the flow of energy. There is no limit to how long we can replenish our energy. This energy is used to repair and replace cells as needed.

When we feel tired or depressed, it is a sign that we are out of flow or trying to swim against the current. This will prevent it from manifesting in your life. Our vibration keys will remain in escrow until they are ready.

Being tired and out of flow always causes some trouble to our cells and may end in illness. The easiest method to restore our connection to flow is to help Source/Divinity return to flow. Unless we’ve been doing this for a while, we might be better off taking a short break and meditating for 15 minutes. This is often enough to get back in sync with the flow of abundance. This will keep the law of attraction working positively on our behalf.

Under normal circumstances, as long as we are making choices that keep us happy or happy, we are in flow.

What if your job stinks?

Make it a pleasure. Sometimes we have to take menial or boring jobs to keep a roof over our heads and something to burn in the furnace. Mike Dooley suggests that we can master where we are because it aligns us with the abundance that will then be available to us.

Russell suggests that we find a way to make it fun. Mowing the lawn was his favorite job. So, he would make patterns in the grass, turning this work into an art project. If we find joy in everything we do throughout the day, we can tune in to the flow of abundance.

Focus on what you want as if you already have it. Don’t picture too many different goals, but focus on no more than 5 goals at a time, and keep at it until you achieve each of them one by one. Your day job won’t matter if you’re completely focused on your end goal. It’s just one step to getting to where you want to be.

Every great man has happily done the mundane or the boring on his way to greatness. And that’s the main thing, do the things you enjoy doing as much as you can and focus on the things you really want despite the distractions.

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