Magnetic Therapy – Utilizing Therion Magnets

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Magnetic Therapy – Utilizing Therion Magnets

Unfortunately, in today’s world, our bodies are constantly bombarded with harmful toxins that build up in our tissues and gradually poison our bodies. These toxins come from the food we eat, the air we breathe, and even the water we drink. Once these toxins build up in excess (usually by the time we’re 13), our body chemistry becomes destructive to what’s natural.

Naturally, the human body is slightly alkaline and this supports healthy cell activity. Toxins make our blood acidic, preventing proper healing, growth and reproduction of cells. A weakened body becomes more susceptible to disease and many common disorders like obesity and diabetes!

How can we deal with such abundant poisons that we see everywhere? First is proper diet and mind. We should consume proper alkaline foods and alkaline water to counter the acidity in the body and eliminate toxins. We must be mentally balanced and calm to ward off negative energy that interferes with chi and vital life force.

The wholeness of the human body is synonymous with the wholeness that surrounds the whole earth and the universe. Just as the body has many cells and functions, the Earth has many invisible forces that allow it to function and support life. Earth is surrounded by strong magnetic fields that affect the seasons, tides, and even individual psychology.

Magnetic fields have both negative and positive effects on the human body. In very high doses, electromagnetic fields can cause nausea, paranoia, and fear. In properly controlled and channeled doses, magnetic fields can actually heal through the body.

Blood in the human body contains trace amounts of iron, and magnets in our environment attract these iron particles. This increases blood flow in the human body. It is also suspected that magnets can affect the flow of ions between muscle cells, thereby increasing muscle performance and natural healing.

For simple sprains and strains, magnetic therapy works immediately by placing a magnet directly on the injured area. Ions are forced out of the area and fresh blood flows in. This promotes healing and reduces pain. For more severe or chronic injuries, specially designed magnetic therapy wraps are recommended for daily wear to promote healing. And even if you’re not injured, you can use magnetic mattress pads and magnetic bracelets to boost general health.

How do you know if the magnet products you are buying are legally strong enough to aid healing? Always buy from a reliable source, using reliable magnetic materials such as Therion-type magnets. Also, make sure your magnetic strips and wraps support your injured area properly. When purchasing a magnetized mattress pad, make sure you buy the best quality you can find. Your mattress pad should use north-facing magnets that are strong enough to make an impact.

Remember, magnetic therapy is different from surgery or non-natural medicine. There are no side effects and you don’t have to endure surgical risks when using magnets. In the face of expensive medical care, magnetic therapy can save you thousands in the long run. Without risking anesthesia or poisoning your body with toxic chemicals, the benefits are immediate.

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