Lava Lamps – How They Work

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Lava Lamps – How They Work

Do you know how they work when it’s easy to stare at a lava lamp for hours and become completely mesmerized by the blobs dancing through the liquid? Their amazing qualities are compliments of the three main elements that make up a lamp. The three components are the wax solid, the liquid and the heating lamp.

The wax solid used inside lava lamps is very specially designed. It is made slightly less dense than the liquid inside the lamp. A liquid is like water. The lamp at the base of the lamp is designed to generate heat and melt the wax solid. After heating for about half an hour, the wax starts to thicken. As it rises from the liquid away from the heat source, it begins to cool. When it cools down, it starts to sink back to the bottom. This constant heating and cooling process creates the magic of the lava lamps we all know and love.

Of course, the colors of the elements come to play. The liquid in the lap is often colored and the wax is solid. Often the colors complement each other and provide a beautiful display of flowing shapes. The ebb and flow of a lava lamp is said to be very relaxing. There are so many types of lamps available now that you will have no problem finding one that suits your room or preference.

Typically the internal components of the lamp, the wax and liquid, can last for many years.. The only thing that needs to be replaced occasionally is the light bulb at the bottom of the lamp which provides the heat to melt the wax.

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