Hard Water Flowing Through Your Pipes? Consider a Professional Drain Cleaning

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Hard Water Flowing Through Your Pipes? Consider a Professional Drain Cleaning

Have you ever wondered what’s in your drains and if it’s time for a drain cleaning? Have you considered drain cleaning to be a homeowner’s responsibility? If your water is hard, you may want to consider it. Here’s why.

Any water with a higher than average mineral content is known as hard water. As it flows through your home’s plumbing, small amounts of those minerals deposit on the inside walls of the pipes. Over time, these deposits build up, eventually blocking or restricting the flow of water through the pipe.

Before bringing water to your home, your municipality processes the water to remove all harmful substances. Some small amounts of chemicals and minerals may remain from time to time, but for the most part, your water should be free of any materials that could be harmful. Water that is not treated by the municipality is often of greater concern to homeowners. Although not dangerous to you, water can cause a lot of damage to your home’s plumbing. This water is called hard water.

You may already know that hard water is not good for your hair and skin. It can be difficult to rinse your hair after you shampoo, and using lots of hard water can leave your skin dry and itchy. Your laundry can look a little dull after your clothes run through hard water. However, a good professional drain cleaning can help eliminate the effects of hard water not only on your pipes, but on your family and laundry.

Calcium deposits on external surfaces

Hard water running through your pipes isn’t the only cause of limescale damage. Calcium deposits are mineral deposits that develop on exterior surfaces that come in contact with hard water. They are chalky, white substances and can be found around faucet heads and in showers. If you see these deposits in your home, you may have lime scale built up inside your pipes.

Loss of water pressure

As lime scale builds up in your pipes, it restricts water from flowing through the pipes. While this isn’t good, it does make it easier for you to determine if you have limescale build-up. If you notice a drop in water pressure when you turn on your water, lime build-up may be to blame.

If you suspect that there is a water problem in your home, call a plumber for professional drain cleaning. You will notice that your water flows more freely through your system and you may notice better water quality.

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