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"Four Faces in the Mirror – Seeing All of Yourself" – The Inner Balance Chapter

The lovers are symbolized by a man looking at a woman and the woman is looking up to Source. This is really a metaphor for how our consciousness should work. Self-consciousness (masculine) looks to sub-consciousness (feminine) who then looks to supra-consciousness (Source). Every part of this triad is equally valuable and each is needed for proper functioning of the whole. By more fully understanding how each part participates, you can consciously work with this triad of consciousness to become more aware. See how each of these parts works within you and start to make changes that bring more unified manifestation from your Self.

If any of the three – masculine self-consciousness, feminine sub-consciousness, and Source supra-consciousness – are not considered, balance is lost. Therefore, no part of the triad is more important than another. You need to be constantly aware of each component and always be pliable enough to instantaneously shift the focus from one part of the triad to another. This requires constant introspection by your Observer Self. By being this aware, you can monitor yourself moment by moment and live more consciously in the flow of life as it unfolds around you. This is the practice of being here now and fully participating.

Let’s follow the healthy process of manifestation from its beginning at Source. All possibilities are present at that initial level. It is a big Universe with many dimensions and many other types of manifestation besides what we know here on Earth. Ultimate reality has a very large bandwidth. Humans perceive and interact with only a very small spectrum of the broadband of reality. We can consciously intend to broaden our personal bandwidth by balancing our masculine and feminine.

The easiest analogy would be to look at the ability of humans to perceive light. We only see light frequencies that lie in the visible spectrum between ultraviolet (higher frequency) and infrared (lower frequency). Therefore, this is the only reality that we can directly perceive without tools. But this is not the only reality that exists. Somehow, we find ways to see the unseen and manifest the unseen into physical reality. Using this analogy, humans have built machines that can ‘see’ infrared and ultraviolet light. But, how did we know that there were unseen light frequencies in the first place? Here is where feminine intuition comes in.

The mind is a closed box much like a computer. There are a limited number of bits of data that can be re-patterned into different configurations. Manifestation is limited by the specific data that is available within the closed system. The possible spectrum of manifestation is limited unless we bring in new bits of data to combine with existing information. This process of bringing in new data from the unseen is the role of the feminine. Visions, dreams, and intuitions are ways we see the unseen.

Science (masculine) is a closed system. The most respected scientists are the ones that have the longest resumes. They are entrenched in the old story because they must quote references to old science and must slowly advance their new concepts, while holding on to the core of the old beliefs which may simply be false. This is the scientific method that binds us to the past and does not encourage us to see the unseen.

The most brilliant scientists are ones who break the paradigm. The greatest scientists like Albert Einstein or Nicola Tesla had visions about the unseen laws of nature that broke from the old beliefs. These quantum leaps in knowledge allow the mind to generate new formulas because there is new insight to circulate with old data. Feminine connection with Source is the first step in this process of healthy manifestation. These two scientists were in touch with their feminine side enough to be able to see beyond the limitations of their masculine minds.

The first step in manifestation is the vision. A person has a vision of a possible reality. No one else may even know that this has happened unless the positive masculine energy is engaged. The vision is seen but without the masculine as the bridge, manifestation does not occur yet. The process usually begins with mental dialog within self. The mind begins to turn around with the new data. Many new possibilities arise and must be evaluated in reference to the old paradigm. How does it fit? What could it mean? Where do we go from here? Do I really need to let go of that false old idea? Now we have entered the realm of masculine mind.

Usually, after the first vision, there will be more bursts of intuition. Often it takes multiple inspirations to see the bigger picture implicit in the initial vision. At this point there is a possibility that the process can be thwarted by the negative masculine ego. For example, the first vision comes through the positive feminine and the negative masculine grabs the vision and says, “I’ve got it and now I know the answer.” This arrogance (negative masculine) then interrupts the flow from the positive feminine and only one small piece of the puzzle is revealed. On the other hand, if the person is balanced enough in their masculine and feminine, the soul remains open to Source, no matter what. This open positive feminine is essential for seeing the whole picture in every aspect of life.

What is unseen plays an integral role in creating our reality whether we understand it or not. If we do not remain aware of how this process works, then it is easy to feel victimized (negative feminine) by life. If we understand how our thoughts manifest from dreams and intuitions into the physical, then we are taking our place as co-creators with Source. We are no longer victims. It has been said that magic is no longer magic when we know the rules of Source and apply those laws consciously. Disconnection from Source through lack of acknowledgment of the unseen (feminine sub-conscious) is ignorance (negative masculine). By exploring the inner world of dreams and meditation (both positive feminine) we can learn about the normally unseen laws of the Universe and begin to apply them consciously. This is true power and it requires positive feminine energy.

Here is an example of how this works. Let’s say that your antenna is up and your positive feminine is receiving truthful, intuitive input. Now, what do you do with that intuitive information? Your positive masculine needs to step up and take charge to form the bridge to manifestation while still remaining in the flow of feminine intuition. This is a critical moment of balance, because the masculine alone will mess it up. It is the blending of intuition and mental knowledge that creates perfected manifestation. If all goes well, any action toward the goal of making the ‘unseen seen’ is monitored and continually modified by intuition. The monitoring often comes via the emotions. Does this feel right? Am I enjoying the process or just doing what I think I have to do? When the mental and emotional aspects of your being are both encouraging you to take action, then it is probably safe to do so. We need to wait for this internal ‘green light’ before moving ahead in life.

This is an introspective process. Watching all levels of consciousness at the same time and being open to our intuition allows us to make choices that will be good for all aspects of our self. If we act prematurely, as soon as we think we ‘know,’ we really have cut ourselves off from true knowing. The situation at hand is often bigger than what our little minds know. We are limited by our receptive bandwidth. That is why we must always be open to the intuitive feminine, seeing within the unseen, and looking beyond what we think we know. This requires patience and great humility. This is what the negative masculine forgets. As soon as the negative masculine cuts himself off from his positive feminine, he cuts himself off from Source and his manifestation will be controlled by his basic ego urges.

The negative patriarchy has controlled this planet politically, socially, and especially economically for thousands of years. Decisions have been made by a small group of negative-masculine-minded men, which have affected everyone on the planet. These men have one agenda – power, through controlling the money of the masses for their own personal gain. There is no intuition involved in their agenda. They have ‘closed-box minds’ that continually re-state old agendas. They are cut off from their positive feminine nature with no regard for the unseen nature of true reality. They are not living in the moment or responding to the deeper implications of current situations. They are blind to the bigger picture.

The problem with patriarchal leadership on Earth is that many societies are patterned by these negative masculine principles. Children are not taught about inner balance. No one is taught to honor the feminine. In Western society, the value of meditation is only beginning to be acknowledged in recent years. Western children are taught that poor people and poor cultures are worthless. Lies regarding the true nature of reality are widespread. Yet, the truth can still be found within each of us.

If the leaders on Earth are not teaching children to listen to Source and to value it, then how will this ever change? The old ways are so ingrained in us that it’s going to take a major situation to change global priorities. For now, it takes individuals who must step up one at a time and do things differently without society’s support. It requires real strength to reclaim the Truth and to live in balance with Source. Honoring intuition has been the missing essential ingredient in society for a long time. We have been manifesting from the negative masculine ego for centuries. But now we have the tools to become more integrated. As we do this individually, we allow that new integration to step into the world of form.

Let’s say you are functioning more effectively because your intuition and mind are more integrated, and you have an inspiration. Your visions (positive feminine) still need to be manifested into physical reality using the positive masculine steps previously outlined (see Masculine Energy chapter). A plan is made, the goal is set, and action begins. Focus must remain on the entire situation. A steadfast daily commitment must be adhered to continuously. Your emotions must be acknowledged but must not stop the process of action, unless that is the specific message from the positive feminine. The negative feminine can get in the way here. If the doer is obsessed by emotional pain (negative feminine), the pain can actually stop the correct course of action (negative masculine). Therefore, if emotions control your mind, you will be ineffective. Yet, if you completely ignore your emotions, you will also be ineffective since you will not be open to Source.

As I explained before, emotions are associated with the element of water. Tears of joy or pain are literally the water moving out of your body. Though a miraculous substance, water’s intrinsic nature is its instability. Water can take the form of ice, water or steam. Depending on the environment, water changes form very quickly due to changing temperatures. This analogy carries through for emotions. Emotions do the same thing. If you are in an inspiring, organically-balanced environment, it is easier to remain calm and joyful. If you are in a war zone, it is common to be terrorized or grief-stricken. If you are fighting with your spouse, rage can come. Emotions change very rapidly and unpredictably.

Emotions make very poor masters of your life because of their unpredictability. Emotions can take you off your center and spin you around until you have forgotten your purpose or direction. This is the essence of the negative feminine. When this spinning occurs, you must find a still point (positive feminine) and regain your grounding (positive masculine) in order to accomplish anything. This is when you need to call the positive masculine forth and find your footing again.

The quality and beauty of your manifestations are dependent upon your ability to balance your personal masculine and feminine in every moment. By accomplishing this, you are always in the flow of co-creating with Source and you always know how to take that flow into the next moment. There is also more likelihood of avoiding future problems because your actions have more integrity. Source will not guide you into dis-ease or dis-harmony when you remain open to the ongoing messages. The flow is always present and the challenge is how fully you can participate with it in your life. The inner balance of your masculine and your feminine is your core of sanity and the template for future healthy manifestation.

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