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Exploring Life After Death

The late afternoon sun felt warm on my back as I left psychic fair hall and began to saunter reflectively towards my car in the lot. From somewhere close by the sound of children’s sing-song voices could be heard rising to crescendo momentarily before lowering in pitch; the owners of which presumably busily preoccupied in the serious business of the last attempts of the day … in having fun. The fair had provided an interesting few hours pass time for me away from usual routines. Fascinating … thought provoking even, I could easily admit! In these moments how could I possible know that it would also turn out to be the prelude to an amazing five month adventure that would change so many things for me; not just in my thinking … but my life too! Yet for the moment I was totally oblivious to this.

As far back as I could remember psychic fairs had always provided a great source of entertainment for me, and this one today had certainly proven to be no exception. Momentarily a smile tweaked my lips as I recalled how I had felt totally in my element on arrival at the fair’s venue a few hours before, and had relished launching myself into browsing the new age and self development books; crystals; all manner of assorted reading cards on display for purchase, as well as the many of the other activities on offer. I noticed also that there were sectioned off areas around the outskirts of the hall sporting signs proclaiming the availability of workshops; aura photography and psychic and/or mediumship readings too … another source of great interest to me. So it hadn’t been long before I’d decided to join with the throngs already queuing to add my name to the waiting lists to avail myself of these services too.

Finally my turn arrived for a mediumship reading. My name was called, and on presenting myself at the specified area I was invited by a pleasant looking lady to enter a little curtained off kiosk containing a small table and two high back chairs.

No sooner had I made myself comfortable and introductions were exchanged, than the reading had immediately launched itself with an attention-getting: “Stay positive …. (nickname)…….!”, mediumistic greeting via the reader. Instantly determining the identity of the spiritual communicator for me without any doubt; via the use of a former pet name known only to myself and one other!.

Hmm … well, that was easy! !” the message progressed somewhat tongue in cheek I sensed, and as casually as any other daily conversation could be with any other encountered during the course of my ordinary day; I noted with a smile””

” … I thought it would have been more difficult to have reached you!”

“I have a male energy here … he’s urm broad shouldered”. The reader next explained.

“Not fat … but tall”.

… big man …

… young man …

… left ya early”. he says”. I nodded acknowledgement.


“Yes?” My response was voiced instinctively and was out before thought to stop it.

“… Something about ‘kitten …” the reader explained before exclaiming suddenly: “Oh I’ve got a case of the chills up and down me now”.

“One of my nick names used to be kitten long ago!” I felt the need to confirm.

“Oh okay … well he’s been here the whole time, he says … Such a nice feeling with him too! She smiled.

“…Favorite gospel, he’s referring to now … a hymn. You have no worries or fears, kitten …” he’s assuring. “For he’s already checked the way… always said he would and he ‘aint’ going back on his word now; he’s emphasising”. She continued, glancing in my direction with a reassuring smile: “… Not then; and not now, he says”.

It suddenly occurred to me that this personality, who was presently making its presence felt through this particular reader, had always been one who had never come up short of surprises during the time of our association, and this particular contact was fast proving to be no exception to that rule. It had also been a friendship that had proven to be quite psychic between the two in many astounding ways throughout. What I couldn’t possible know in those moments however, was that this particular contact being received through this lovely lady in this fair environment was soon going to prove to be a prelude to the beginning of a series of writing adventures, presently unforeseen.

For the moment however, I could only acknowledge the validity of the ‘all gone – finality’ feelings which had so recently been flooding me with regard to this person. With the reason behind them now being logically explained perhaps as simply an inner awareness struggling to make its presence felt with regard to a recent ‘leave-taking’ from human life of one I had previously known? While the sensing of a: ‘something new and as yet unforeseen and in the formation stages’ perception, which had also accompanied equally as strongly; being just as logically explained now as another aspect of inner awareness having been alerting that this particular contact was soon to resume … and maybe simply in this particular way, today?

As my own reading abilities surfaced over the years too, I had quickly progressed to the conclusion that an approximate three score years and ten, humanly; was not the only sum total of Life experiences that we could expect to be available us. Indeed for this particular analytical thinker, at least … all the toil and struggle entailed within such a human span for no reason and purpose and with no expectation of anything else to follow, had long since simply failed to make any sense to me! There just had to be more involved, I had always believed! Just looking about me at some of the many wonders in our world appeared to confirm this too in my thinking. For couldn’t it be witnessed that each had at least one thing in common? In as much as all aspects of life could be clearly evidenced as continually striving to evolve and grow into its next stage development; which could also be seen to be better and stronger and in some way more efficient … and predominantly through an expanded aspect of its own self. To my way of thinking also, we only had to observe the caterpillar’s evolution into the butterfly; or the tadpole’s into the frog; or a child into an adult for that matter, to gain some confirmation of this constant evolution process in action all the time! For in fact this was a pattern which was playing itself out over an entire spectrum of Life in some way.

During my experiences as a developing reader also, how many times had I found myself feeling profoundly privileged to be the deliverer of such a message of reassurance of the continuance of life beyond the physical passing of a loved one? Together with the evidence that the loved one’s personality had continued on to enable such communications even though the physical body had now gone; and that ‘Life doesn’t ever end’, but consistently flows onward evolving in shape and form ultimately. While often providing within these messages equally some grounds for questioning in the recipient that would many times ultimately lead him or her onto to a next level of evolvement in understanding of another aspect of the Spiritual nature of Life. Many times equally causing me to pause in wonder at the evidence of how little our personalities really do appear to change in the process of passing back into Spirit with the physical death experience.

“I’m hearing a beautiful gospel hymn now!” the lady before me announced next … just beautiful!! … gather at the river, the beautiful… the beautiful river!” she began to sing softly.

“Baptism? … baptisms!! She corrected herself.

… Love … lots of love all around him!

“… Will never leave ya kitten! ” he’s impressing now: “… mean that … by all the: ‘God in me’ … him!” She corrected herself again. “No one ever leaves or abandons any loved one … for Love is the glue that binds the entire Universe together!”

For a moment I recalled wondering at this particular choice of nickname plucked from my teenage years and currently being used to address me by this communicator. Perhaps intended to provide further validation that even way back beyond the time of any physical association, and that from the place where he presently stands and communicates from that we would each find ourselves totally revealed in our entirety, finally?

Gaining no opportunity to question this at this time however, I recalled how the reading had continued to flow on effortlessly, surprising us both at the forcefulness of its presentation at times. Reassuringly; providing one validation after another that Life truly does survive the physical grave; and that personalities and characters don’t appear to change very much from that which they had been before. Also that all Life continues to be inter-connected in some profound way, and regardless of current human perceptions to the contrary!

This was a contact that had been so unexpected! To the degree that as I stepped back into the fresh air a short time later I was still very much in reflective mode, turning over its main points in my mind again. In many ways also I felt that it had allowed me some closure too; for there had certainly been long persisting doubts and questions regarding the nature of this person’s sudden disappearance from my life. Perhaps especially with respect to a remorse later to be experienced, on my part at least, and as being perceived as a lack of opportunity to resolve the heated conflict which had been responsible for the ending of a fascinating if somewhat challenging (in many respects); former friendship, so abruptly. What were the sentiments of that phrase that was currently evading me, all but one line; I found myself questioning next? Something about: ‘How quickly life can change … in a matter of moments turning us around 180 degrees?’ How true this could prove to be, I acknowledged reflectively!

As if in obedient response a long past memory had immediately jumped to the fore. A memory outlining the profound wisdom behind the words of a so frequently used statement many times used by my dad during my pre-adolescent years:

“Nope jenny! …” I instantly recalled him having asserted on more than one occasion to a fiery-natured mum. “I won’t allow you to go to sleep tonight while still miffed with me!” Then somewhat teasingly and presumably hopeful of easing some of the tension between them by also introducing a little humour, as was often his way! “After all; none of us know what the future may hold … and just imagine how either you or I would feel if the other … ‘woke up dead’ in the morning (I recalled he had chuckled) … especially if our last words to each other had been harsh one!”

To an observing eight year old growing up within this loving yet often temperamentally volatile relationship between her parents, it had not so much been the wisdom behind dad’s words which had impacted in these moments, but more an appreciation of another demonstration of his delightfully zany and dry humour, which somehow had always managed to provide the greatest teachings of all for me, I recalled again. As well as delight and entertainment! He had always seemed to possess such a naturally disarming ability to deliver the most profound Truths in this gentle yet impactful way, via humour. Which as I grew; I was to find would become the pattern of easing me into many further insights. As well as later also proving to be an inherent trait that would surface in the personality’s of both a son and daughter. Even though (sadly, I had often later considered), that the three of them had experienced no opportunity of sharing the same planet at the same time in this instance; for he had passed back into Spirit many years before either of them were born.

Yet the: ‘speak or act in haste – repent at leisure’ guidance behind dad’s playfully delivered words on this occasion had not been lost on mum, I recalled. Nor indeed on my self either it would seem, as they jumped back to haunt me now! Indeed, effectively reminding yet again of Life’s innate ability to drastically alter a current path in at instant; and often onto one (in physical terms at least), where ‘back-peddling’ is perceived as no longer possible; and to where the greatest teaching then becomes … that any resultant remorse can prove to become a very heavy burden to bear!

Was it my imagination too, I considered next, that even the mention of a particular hymn within the reading could also have been designed as a subtle message unto itself … A message within a message? A further reassurance perhaps that when our own time equally rolls around to leave this physical life experience behind (as invariably it will for each in the right time and way), that we too can expect to look forward to ‘gathering at the river’ and to a reuniting with formerly considered lost (to us) family and friends again. To being baptized back into full awareness of the Love that we truly are, with all humanly perceived hurts, guilt’s and pain washed away and healed, finally? I hoped so anyway!

But this had not been the beginning of this particular adventure! For several weeks prior to this day; and over a period of weeks my usually peaceful sleep had suddenly begun to become intruded upon by a series of very vivid dreams. The experience of which has since proven to have impacted to a greater degree in both my personal life and thinking; by providing many unexpected and thought-provoking insights into one aspect of Life that I hadn’t expected to encounter (hopefully) for some time yet! Regardless, at the time I had no idea that what was occurring in such a light-hearted yet insightful way would soon prove to be the bearer of such a profound and loving message as to prompt a much wider scale of sharing, than simply as a series of private diary entries. The latest phase of my education it seems had begun … in a whole new direction’; and in a most unanticipated way … but I wasn’t aware of this as yet!

From the onset however, these dreams began by presenting themselves in a very definite and organised way. Unlike the usual pattern of my dreams (which are usually a mish-mash – an assortment of vague impressions), these appeared to have a very definite order, structure and clarity to them. Initially involving a very vivid and repetitive replay of a fatal road accident between a small red car and a truck (neither of which I recognised). Yet which despite the potential for unpleasant content; was actually proving to be much more annoyingly thought provoking to me, rather than upsetting. So at the time I had simply tended to consider that all this night time mental activity may have originated from no more than too much; too heavy or too late eating before night time sleep. With perhaps some inner message attempting to relay itself – that, for example; ‘all this unnecessary metabolic activity’ so late in the day was (literally) ‘crashing’ with my ability to relax sufficiently for peaceful sleep’. Yet despite a change in eating regime the dreams stubbornly persisted!

Around this time too, I found myself at an evening social gathering during which I was offered the opportunity of a mediumship reading (please refer to glossary) by a fellow clairvoyant; which I immediately accepted.

Settled in a quiet corner at the first opportunity, the reading flowed smoothly from the beginning. She was obviously a very experienced and proficient reader with a wonderfully professional no-nonsense approach, instructing me from the onset to answer only in ‘yes’ or ‘no’, where at all possible throughout, and to refrain from giving any information. Which she explained could so easily influence the accuracy of what was being received, psychically. Happily I agreed, settling in curiously to see what would occur.

From the precise details being given out from the start, it soon became apparent that these dreams had been designed as an intended wake-up in my awareness to the passing (due to a fatal road accident), of someone I had once shared a close friendship with, but with whom I had long since lost contact. For this friendship had ended several years before amidst some misunderstandings on both sides which were never resolved and as a result we had both progressed to going our separate ways. So it was with a feeling that was somewhat surreal that I found myself sitting there in those moments and listening to details unfold indicating that some form of energy was apparently presently wanting me to become aware of the passing (back into Spirit) of a former associate several months previously! But why … it just didn’t seem to make any sense after so much water had passed under the bridge? So naturally my curiosity was peaked.

The reading flowed on strongly however, providing a great deal of information as validation, and finally concluding on the note; ‘…that far from being an end; that this contact would soon be found to herald the beginnings of a launch into another kind of adventure. Which although totally different from previously experienced, would actually prove to be a ‘spin-off’ which would be not only enjoyable, but would also provide much that would be uplifting, insightful and positive, as a result”.

“Oh Good!” I recalled I had laughed as this part of the message had been related, as the reading drew to closure. “… I’ve always been open to the positive!” I then thanked the reader for her time and trouble, and we both returned to participating in the remainder of the social evening with the reading soon dismissed from my mind.

A few days later, I began to feel very drawn towards putting pen to paper in a specific way often referred to as: ‘automatic writing’. (Please refer to glossary)

In this instance too, it intrigued that I would now suddenly be finding myself drawn to putting pen to paper in this way with no specific purpose in mind, prompting. So for a couple of days I simply ignored the impulse, expecting it to pass. But rather than diminishing, the urge continued to become more persistent. Finally acknowledging that nothing happens without valid reason or purpose, I decided to try and find out the underlying ‘drive’ behind this particular set of circumstances, and immediately sat down with pad and pen poised.

Immediately the pen touched the paper it jerked hard; then began to write. The first two words that appeared arrived in the form of an old and familiar greeting that unmistakably could only have been associated with one person that I had previously known. This was quickly followed by the stretched-out letters of a statement:

“… I am so very sorry!”

Surprisingly perhaps, there was no emotion involved in receiving this. I felt amazingly detached in fact, experiencing only curiosity.

The dream which had continued to occur for me even after my reading, immediately jumped to mind now

“Ah … so was ‘that’ you?” I asked, voicing my question aloud.

The pen jerked again. “Yes” it wrote.

“So it’s true then … you ‘are’ passed?

“Yes” The pen scrawled its one word response with a speed and strength that surprised me.

“But … why would you want me to know this? It doesn’t make sense after all this time … so why??” feeling a little perplexed.

My initial surprise passed I was feeling even more peacefully detached.

The pen moved again however: “I never realised the power of Love!” it wrote. “You are Pure Love …” The pen stopped dead in its movement at this point, feeling stuck.

“Are you upset?” I have no idea why I asked this, except for the over-whelming sadness flooding me in that moment.

No response.

“But aren’t we all a reflection of Pure Love?” I asked tentatively next, attempting to back-track a little.

“Sadly in many respects … I wasn’t!!” The pen wrote.

“Oh … I’m sorry, I …” I wasn’t really sure how I was supposed to continue replying to such a statement, or even to understand what it meant? So after a moment I asked instead; “So what was it like then … the transition (dying) experience, I mean? Was it confusing for you at all?”

“Very confusing at first; yes!” The pen immediately responded.

I knew there should probably have been a myriad of questions crowding to be asked at this point, but somehow all the curiosities that I would normally have expected to have been free-flowing, simply seemed to have dried up on me! After a moment a thought occurred to ask; “So what’s on the agenda for you now?”

“I will work with Love!” The pen responded strongly, the answer surprising me.

“So what’s it like over there for you?” I probed hesitantly, curiosity getting the better of me.

“It is beautiful, you will love it!” Then after a pause: “… but not yet awhile for you!”

“Oh good!” I laughed with some relief; simultaneously feeling a little amazed at the ease with which this re-connection was occurring and which was already feeling so tangibly familiar. So effortlessly in this way too! Also that it was taking place at all without any pre-determined aim to instigate such on my part (for example; in the process of a requested reading on my part for another), intrigued. While all the time I was aware that this particular interaction was fast shaping up to feel as familiar to me now as any that could have taken place between me and this individual previously and during the time of our physical friendship. In fact, so tangibly familiar was the essence of this communicating energy being experienced in these moments, as to be almost convincing that if I should look up from the pad, I would be likely to see this person physically standing there before me! It was a combination of all these keenly felt sensations which urged me to proceed in this way for a little longer yet.

A thought suddenly occurred.

“I don’t suppose you’d care to share something of your passing and your present experiences with me, would you?” I asked cautiously after a moment’s pause. “But y’know there’s a lot of people still here on the Planet who would relish the opportunity of learning a little of what could be expected at the moment of passing back into Spirit with the physical death experience when our own time comes, as well as what it’s like beyond; from a first hand source … and I’m one of these too I’m afraid!” I chuckled hopefully, while at the same time also preparing myself for the negating statement which I felt sure would be about to follow.


Yes …?”

“Yes … I would be honoured to share my experiences with you”.

“Really; Why?”

“Is it not true that you have long held questions regarding this aspect of Life that you have called forth; and what is ‘Asked for’ is always ‘Given’ universally, when vibrations align! Instinctively too, have you not always known within yourself that ‘this’ would be one association in your experience which was not destined to end, but would continue on in some way … even if beyond current intellectual comprehension?”

For a moment I removed the pen from the page allowing my thoughts to drift back into the ‘knowing’s’ which had indeed followed the dissolving of this particular friendship. Simultaneously acknowledging the truth that indeed I had continued to feel that this would be one association which was destined to return back into my current Life somehow! So I had to concede that this was correct. Yet it had also been a ‘knowing’ that I had shared with ‘no other’ on this Planet, then or since.

“Not by ‘this’ means; however …” I murmured reflectively after a moment. “So are you saying that this contact was pre-determined in some way? Or was it perhaps simply created by a strong and persistent desire for answers on my part?”

“All unfolds in perfect order in the universe … despite human perceptions to the contrary on occasion”. The pen responded enigmatically.

Again I could only concede to the truth behind such a statement. For how many times could I personally recall the many occasions in my own experience which had also come about accompanied by a similar strong sense of profound ‘knowing’ with regard to an ultimate outcome? Only to discover later that although these assessments had indeed proven to be accurate; that in reality the means by which each had ultimately unfolded had many times been contrary to the expectations of imagination. While equally with all the pieces falling into place in such a manner as to be astounding in their perfection of completion; especially with regard to the ‘good of all’ aspect being so much a part of the overall; and which previously had proven to have been totally inconceivable to the expectation of one mere mortal mind, anyway … Mine! I inwardly chuckled ironically.

Almost as if in confirmation, another memory jumped to the fore; of a time mere months after the onset of these intuitional feelings that … ‘this one’ was now dead to me!’ (Yet does anything ever occur randomly?) For although to this point I had no idea that this person had actually ‘passed’ at all; while at the same time finding myself equally being dragged by a powerful ‘knowing’ that although something had reached a point of finality, that something else ‘new’ was in the ‘yet unforeseen’ formation stages. Attempting to rationalise such feelings as probably just the dictates of imagination at the time, and therefore illogical, I recalled having tried dismissing them by throwing myself into areas of my own personal interest. It was during this time that I noticed a newspaper advertisement announcing a one day Spiritual and Psychic Fair offering workshops; psychic and/or mediumship readings; aura photography and the sale of all manner of new age and self development books and items, planned to take place in a nearby township within the next few weeks, and determined to attend this.

With my errant thoughts returning to my current time and place at this point; I became aware that my unseen visitor had not only remained; but that there had also been an apparent respectful waiting for the return of my attention, involved. Smoothly we picked up from where we had left off:

“But I would greatly value hearing a little about your own experiences in passing and beyond?” I reiterated after a moment.

“Yes”. The response was immediate once the pen was returned to the sheet.



“Oh you mean ‘you will? That would be wonderful, thank you! So when can we begin?” anticipation rising.


At sight of this latest response I instinctively jumped up to grab a blank notebook, and when I positioned the pen to the first page of this a moment later, the following narrative began to flow, fast and strong and powerfully; and continued to flow day after day consistently over a period of five months; beginning on an impactful note that I had not been expecting at all! ……..



The Passing … One Soul’s Journey.

A message of Love from Heaven – Author: Carolanne Allen

(An Excerpt): PREFACE

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