Business Plan For a Beauty Salon – Cash Flow Decisions

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Business Plan For a Beauty Salon – Cash Flow Decisions

Creating a business plan for your beauty salon gives you a great opportunity to prepare an operating cash flow statement (sometimes called a statement of cash flows). This will allow you to make important decisions about cash flow going forward.

Preparing a cash flow statement

It is recommended to start with an Excel template or some type of financial model example for your salon’s cash flow statement. It doesn’t have to be a model created specifically for a beauty salon, but it should be for a similar business (ie, earning through service and product sales, paying rent for a location, etc.) so that minimal customization is required. Starting with a template can save a lot of time in creating a statement.

Three Sections of the Cash Flow Statement

It will describe cash inflows and outflows in three areas: operating activities, investing activities, and financing activities.

Operating activities include cash received from customers in the form of sales and cash paid for operating expenses. This will generally show the highest inflows and outflows on the cash flow statement and should result in a positive number each month for a profitable company.

Investing activities do not necessarily mean that a company buys stocks or bonds (although this type of activity would be included here infrequently). They are usually activities where the salon invests in itself. Payments made whenever a capital purchase of an asset (equipment, leasehold improvements to a salon, furniture, etc.) is made will represent a cash outflow. If these assets are ever sold, the money brought in will represent a cash flow here. Generally, an operating company has a negative cash flow in the investment sector.

Financing activities relate to the company’s funding from investors and lenders. When funders inject money into the company in the form of equity or debt capital, this represents cash flow here. When dividends are paid, shares are bought back from equity investors, or lenders are repaid their loan principal, financing represents cash outflows. Note that interest payments on debt represent operating activities in the United States.

cash reserve

By looking at how much the ending cash balance falls each quarter, month, or week, you can determine what size cash reserves the company will need. Make sure the cash reserve covers all negative balances as well as at least several thousand dollars as a cushion to prepare for expense increases or revenue shortfalls.

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