Banner Ads Tips And Tricks

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Banner Ads Tips And Tricks

Banner ads are also known as image ads and display ads. These images are nothing more than advertisements that you can’t help but run all over the internet. Banners are cost effective and a great way to get your business image out there for people to see.

Banners have been used since the beginning of the World Wide Web. It becomes easy to create an attention-grabbing banner ad and get easy clicks. However, the Internet is now very competitive and people want to interact with banners that do more than grab their attention.

A good banner ad should:

* Be relevant to your website. Let your customers know what you are marketing, especially if you are looking to acquire customers from your marketing niche.

* Be professional. Pictures can speak a thousand words: make your graphics and colors pop. Remember, you are running a business, so keep it organized and professional.

Before you create your banner ads you need to consider some of the options available to you:


Most websites have their own requirements regarding the size of banner ads. These ads are usually of the usual standard sizes. Make sure you know what each website needs. You can use a graphics software program like Adobe Flash or Adobe Photoshop to find the right ad size.

Plan to use two-thirds of your banner for your image (which is your value proposition), and another third for your call to action.

Create a strong headline

Your title, or title, should be an immediate attention grabber. Create a catchy and short headline that will reach your niche market. Change the color and font size of your headlines and make them a valuable part of your ad.

Using banner ads effectively

Placing banner ads on websites that are already generating a lot of traffic makes sense. It makes more sense to place these ads on websites that really cater to your target market.

One of the great things about using banners is that you can easily measure CTR (click-through rate). If your banner ad has a click-through rate of 7%, out of a hundred impressions (times the ad is shown), 7 people click on your link. The higher your percentage, the more clicks you get, the more effective your banner ad will be. It really is that simple.

Buy advertising space

Now that you’ve created the perfect ad banner, it’s time to use it to promote your website or blog. You can contact individual website and blog owners to discuss pricing and terms, but the whole process is really a time-consuming and stressful part of advertising. Most website owners decide to hire an ad network that helps them distribute these banners.

Find an ad network you like. AOL Advertising,, Google AdWords, and Right Media are some of the available networks. Discuss ad sizes with each network to see if your ads are compatible.

If not, you can change it if you choose a company you like and want something different than what you already have. Making the necessary changes before promotion makes the whole process smooth.

Banner ads can be affordable and cost-effective. However, larger advertisers can easily spend in the range of $2,000 to $6,000 and more. The cost of these ads is the main reason why you need to create a banner ad that will attract a lot of people.

The more clicks you get, the more money you earn. A good banner ad campaign will give you a return on your investment and hopefully a good profit.

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