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Inner Journey – Snake Medicine

Treading the water in the shimmering pool of peridot green, I felt this was a new place and another challenge. So, for a quiet moment, I savored my peace.

Then I saw him. He looked the same, yet there was a distance between us that I didn’t remember from other meetings.

I stood next to this Indian man who came out of the water naked, who without a word reached my heart and broke the cords that bound me. They were blood vessels, veins and other pipes, tortuous and entropic. All mine, they too were energy channels, suffocated in my chest. Once it was fully wound, I could breathe more freely; I could see and hear very clearly.

“Work with the snake potion on the upper plane,” he gave me a simple verbal instruction. “Go on an inner vision quest to find and feel the medicine. The snake will heal you with its power and sweetness.”

Despite the odd identifier, “Sweetness?” I thought, as I lay there dragging my body over the massive and rocky terrain surrounded by water. Immediately a huge white snake rose from under that rock and coiled around my body. Guts rumbled, I was visually terrified, or something like that.

My skin crawled and the marrow in my bones pumped out fear instead of red blood cells as the great white snake weaved between my legs and arms, between my legs and up my torso. There, on top of me, she lay with her head up for a long time, looking straight at me, sticking her tongue in and out, for want. Soaking up the sun, this etheric serpent grew wide and flat, clinging to my skin.

After a while, I got used to having his big head on my body and the fear slowly started to fade away.

When the snake retreated back into a hole in the rock, I stood up, still naked, and reversed my course. I was not really afraid, although I left no chance as I exited my journey, to the access point where I stood on the mesa, looking out at all that existed around me.

“Don’t forget who always walks with you,” the words seemed to be spoken from my heart, sending messages to my body and my head, through my nerves and chakras to my more subtle body. As the Indian reminded me, I closed and locked the door to the middle world.

Standing there looking up at the purple sky as the sunset and stars twinkled one by one, I called out from my soul to my lion. My cat with its big claws rubbed at my feet; His presence was comforting and encouraging.

We wandered a bit until we found some grass and slept together, the temperature of the evening seemed to shift into a cold night, the night into an even colder morning and then the sun rose again, warming and catching our attention. early in the morning

Next day I went to the same place again. I stood on that mesa and asked the wind, “Now, who is my soul mate during this time?”

Even with all this external availability, the reply from the Indian, “Your soul group is everything on this planet” reminded me again of something I already knew and somehow wanted to avoid.

When he said this, I had a moment of complete acceptance and freedom, and like a monkey or a goat, I made my way unhesitatingly down to the green pool, swimming naked, as before, almost in a trance.

“Look around you. Look for the anchor here.” The Indian was now standing on the edge of the water. He moved one of his hands, wiping it sideways with his palm as if to say, ‘This is all for you.’

Many people of all castes stood silently on the edge. It included Indians, Asians, Hispanics, Caucasians and Africans. There was also a snake, a bear, and a wild cat, all staring at me once again treading water in the middle of the green pool.

Even when snakes were present, I stayed in the water and watched without fear.

Stirring my own primordial energy to fulfill its potential for transformation and transformation, I waited for the White Snake to re-initiate me. This time they slipped into the water and began to swim in circles around me. Its churning motion created a vortex, gathering and carrying me down. The snake coiled loosely around my body as I went down with it into the green streaks of color. There were layers, maybe three or four, all different shades of green. Yellow, blue, even black-green colors were visible below.

I remember admitting that my breath was moving along my spine and spending nothing on the outside world. Not a single bubble of air escapes as this pranic force builds up within me. I finally emerged, breaking the surface as a large bird, part human, part aviatrix, arms overhead, parting water and chaotically swirling air.

“You did well to allow your group to come to you,” nodded the Indian as he looked over his shoulder as he moved up through the boulders, floating over the smooth and rounded tops, not a toe touching the bottom.

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