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Annual Feng Shui for the Year of the Rabbit (2011)

Every residential and commercial building is affected by energy, whether we see it or not. Each year, millions of people buy, read, or come across books on how to arrange objects, furniture, and special features in living spaces. 2011 is the Year of the Rabbit, known in Chinese as the Yin Metal Rabbit or ‘Xin Mao’. Before we start evaluating the feng shui cosmic energy for the year, we must understand that feng shui affects our mood, psychology, luck and many other factors in life. By going with the flow of our own cosmic order and aligning the energies around us, we can live more harmonious and auspicious lives. The old saying goes “one luck, two luck, three feng shui”. Feng Shui has a definite influence on our lives whether we believe it or not. Of course, education and the things we choose also affect our destiny. If you are in a good cycle, with feng shui, you can increase luck, on the other hand, if you are in a bad cycle, feng shui can help you reduce the negative effects of bad luck.

The following is a summary of what everyone can do with limited knowledge of Feng Shui. Please note that if you are unsure of your home’s feng shui configuration, hire a professional to evaluate your home. In addition to annual feng shui energy, you need to consider using other traditional Chinese practices such as flying stars, eight mansions, etc. The annual star also has an effect on the flying stars which is determined by the time factor. The use of trinkets, ornaments and figurines can be considered. Although some consider them superstitious, certain animals, such as dragons, kirin and pi yao dogs, can have powerful defensive qualities if properly cared for. If you want to make a feng shui change for 2011, be sure to do so after February 4, 2011.

Grand Duke of Jupiter (82.5º – 97.5º East)

Every year, those who are into Asian feng shui are always concerned about where the “Grand Duke” resides throughout the year. This is the area where there is an energetic imbalance due to the interaction of Jupiter and the Universe. This is one area that should not be disturbed. For the Year of the Rabbit, the Grand Duke is located in the East, so avoid renovations and major activities in this part of the house. An inauspicious 5 star also moves into this sector making the eastern sector an even tougher area to deal with. Things and Remedies to Care for in East Area:

• Avoid red and earth colors in this area.

• Place six coins or metal objects in a row here.

• Brass, bronze, silver or gold dragon ornaments are also recommended.

• Pi Yao Dogs (preferably two) are very popular ornaments used to appease the Grand Duke.

• If you have a separate entry section of the house, try to use it instead of the eastern area. If an east entrance is unavoidable, try not to slam or tilt the door when entering.

• Calabash or Wu Lu Gourd can also be used.

An annual white star (northeast)

This year, the romance star flies to the Northeast region. For those interested in enhancing the romantic aspect of your life or increasing your chances of meeting people, place metal and water objects in this area of ​​your living space. A metallic sound such as a metal chiming clock or music box can do the trick. Water has been advised for this area as well. If you have to choose one element or the other, definitely go with metal because the northeast represents earth. With metal, you are providing a bridge between the earth and water energy of this area.

Annual Two Black Stars (South)

The Two Black Star is often referred to as the Sick Star. For 2011, the area has not fared well as the fires in the south have added to the sickness star. If the southern part of your house is a bathroom, guest room, laundry or storage room, it is less of a concern for you. In Flying Star Feng Shui, when 2 and 9 come together, the chances of bad luck are high.


• Place six metal coins in this area.

• Avoid major construction or renovations. If you want to do so, hire a professional to pick a date for the renovation.

• Brass ingots can be used to protect wealth.

• Metal Wu Lu Gourd (Calabash) is also recommended to reduce the effects of Sickness Star.

• Avoid the use of red colors and flames in this area (eg candles and electronic devices).

• Some books I have seen in Hong Kong recommend placing wood in this area to combat the earth’s energy. Personally, I like to reduce bad energy before fighting it.

Annual Three Jade Star (North)

Although this star is not as bad as the Two Black Star or the Grand Duke, you still need to be aware of disputes and disputes in this area of ​​the home or business. The solution for this area is simple. Since the Three Jade Star has the energy of wood, use the color red and fire-related items to reduce the strength of wood. Avoid using water features in this area year-round unless a feng shui consultant uses the Flying Stars properly. Do not hang wind chimes or play metal instruments in this area.

Annual Four Green Star (Southwest)

It is often referred to as an academic or scholarly star. It not only governs academic and artistic talents but also other areas like career, travel, wisdom, education and interpersonal relationships. Unfortunately, this star flies in the southwestern sector that has earth energy, as a result, the education star is weak for this year due to its conflict with earth energy. To increase the energy of the education star, you need to place four bamboo sticks in a vase of water. Do not plant plants with earth in this area as you may create conflict in this area for those studying. Avoid placing metal objects as this will weaken the educational wire. It is also auspicious to have a wooden bookshelf or pagoda in this place.

Annual Five Yellow Star (East)

As mentioned earlier about Grand Duke, this area is not suitable for large activities. It’s not all doom and gloom when we deal with Feng Shui. The key is to identify bad areas and find appropriate solutions. Many traditional Chinese treatments involve applying salt water or six Chinese coins to the area. Those methods can work but it is more important not to disturb the area. Use more metal in this area. Please see the description above on Grand Duke for solutions in this area.

Annual Six White Star (Southeast)

Six White Star is a good star for those who want to increase their career fortune. It is also considered a military star which favors those who are politicians or officials. Six white stars have metal energy while southeast has wood, we need a bridge to raise metal. To do this, put both fire and earth objects together. Logically, if you have wood that feeds fire and fire strengthens earth, earth can strengthen metal. You can also place an actual quartz crystal or crystal sphere in this area to activate the White Star energy.

Annual Seven Robbery Star (Center)

This year, the ‘Broken Soldier’ ​​star is imprisoned in a palace in the middle. This star represents robbery, fraud, theft, gossip and backstabbing. This Nakshatra needs to be taken care of otherwise there may be loss of property and possibility of break-in. Do not use red in the center of your home and try to avoid candles and electronic devices here. Metal chimes and metal instruments should also be avoided here. The best solution for this area is to keep water here. If you intend to use water features in this area, make sure the water flows slowly. Falling or oscillating water in this area will accidentally activate the robber wire. When in doubt, you can always upgrade your security and alarm system.

Annual Eight White Star (Northwest)

Among all the stars, the eight star is the most auspicious as it rules the flying star for this period till 2023. The auspicious earth energy of the eight stars resides in a metal sector where his luck for 2011 decreases. For those who love to have crystals at home, this is one area where it should be this year. The best quality handpicked quartz crystals are recommended and should be properly and visible in the Northwest for 2011. Wealth and fame can also be found in this part of the world and I will include this in my 2011 annual predictions next month. If your bedroom is in the northwest direction, you may want to consider placing an amethyst crystal here to strengthen the eight white star. The north-west direction should also be free from confusion. Many Chinese people place 8 white stones in the shape of a cross like the image shown in the star chart. White stones can also strengthen and solidify the earth’s energy in this area.

Annual Nine Purple Star (West)

It is considered a very auspicious star as it is considered a star of ‘future’ wealth with auspicious influence in present time. For 2011, nine purple stars, representative of fire energy, are clashing with metal energy in the west. To make matters worse, three homicides annually reside in this sector. Do not place metal objects in this place as you may suffer from the negative energy of the Three Killings. For 2011 it is better to stop renovations or major activities in this part of the house. Solutions for this area will include water and wood supplies. Green plants or fresh flowers grown in water will be your best solution. If you are interested in wearing Chinese jewelry to take care of the Three Killings, many will use 2 Kirin dogs to deal with the Three Killings.


This report presents several options for what you can do to eliminate negative energy and improve specific areas of your home for 2011. This is by no means a cure-all as the annual shooting stars are only one aspect of the entire system of feng shui. To make the most of feng shui, you can consult a professional feng shui practitioner who will be able to calculate the flying stars in your house over time and incorporate the eight mansion theory to find the areas related to your health, wealth and career. Remember that the energy of the house changes often and is by no means fixed. Incorporating the professional Four Pillars of Destiny Reading can provide greater accuracy in determining all your favorable and unfavorable directions.

Feng Shui is not only about balance and harmony, it is also about going with the flow of our own cosmic system. Making the most of feng shui methods is very difficult.

I hereby wish everyone a happy and healthy Year of the Rabbit!

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