And The River Will Flow On Until Im Gone Creativity Rocks and You Have Loads of It!

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Creativity Rocks and You Have Loads of It!

Creative! who am i Naahhhhhh, it’s not just me.

I’m not the creative type I hear you say!

Even if you paid me, I couldn’t come up with useful ideas.

Do you ever feel like you’re secretly telling yourself that you’re not an imaginative person, forcing yourself to stomach it?

The thought of it scares you, right!


Are you sick and tired of being told you’re not the creative type, making you feel less creative than the 5 central bankers on the committee?

the truth

If you think you’re not the creative type or don’t think you have it in you, it’s not your fault.

Yet you are more creative than you think.

All your brain needs is time and space; I promise you that you will drift, it may start with a trickle but it will become a trickle river.

If you forgive the pun, it can change your life in ways you haven’t imagined yet.

In this short post you will see simple strategies Let your creative juices flow.

You’ll have more fun, surprising yourself and others when your creativity kicks in.

We have long been in an age where rational thinking and logic have become the norm to get ahead and survive.

Because our brains are wired that way.

Hierarchical system, education system, need to do certain tasks to earn money and live a certain way to live (don’t deviate from the path, or you will suffer).

That’s fine… up to a point.

Logical activities are vital to our existence.

They belong to the left side of our brain where the neural connections between each other are smaller and work faster than the right side of the brain, giving us a competitive edge in times of danger.

But what if we don’t have a creative side, the Da Vinci, Steve Jobs, John Lennon or even Richard Branson of the world?

Isn’t the world a dull, boring and maybe even lifeless place?

Yet, could our species, you and I, survive without the ability to push boundaries, explore and be curious.

Enter the creativity!

… and you have more, more than the logical part of your mind.

It’s easy to tap into your creative talents, even if you think your creativity was left behind in those crayon drawing days of elementary school or that certain parts of society pushed it away from you.

Your brain is all about activating, re-igniting, strengthening and using this innate system that sits in your right brain.

Oh and before I go any further, you come up with ideas out of nowhere, right?

This is your creative process at work.

Now if you are already a creative, good news, the following things can further enhance your creative talents.

Go ahead, I dare you, be supercreative

Here are some pointers you can do right now, guaranteed with regular application to supercharge your creative circuits. Consider it a super-food for the brain.

The rest will just flow naturally over time as you open brain circuits, grow new connections and strengthen the creative people in your being, your creative message heard and realized in your conscious brain.

But first here’s what happens in your brain when you get creative;

Your right brain has longer, wider nerve connections and more pathways or pathways than your left side. This means it works and produces more slowly.

Think of winding country roads that keep diverging, twisting, changing their width and surface. In comparison, your left brain is like a motorway designed to get you from A to B as quickly and with as little effort as possible.

Your creative brain wants to think on the go, see places, learn more, absorb and then come up with ideas. It also has extensions into deeper parts of your brain, including your emotional memory center and visual cortex.

When you’re in creative mode, the visual imaging in your brain wants to cut out the outside world (notice people closing their eyes or staring at blank space for an idea). Your brain’s rationality center is temporarily turned downward to allow wilder, course, and broader ideas to flow.

Some of these ideas come into your consciousness.

That’s why when you get a creative idea or eureka moment, it doesn’t come out of nowhere, appearing before your eyes as an insight.

We then send the idea to our left side which transforms it into words and makes it seem logical.

You can never get away from going from right to left, our left side creates the words we use to describe ideas, which is why many people have trouble putting words to ideas.

So the next time someone comes up with an “outside the box idea,” give them space to pitch their idea.

Here are some simple steps that most coaches overlook but are sure to get the creative juices flowing; Just remember that anything takes time and application. It is better to do three of these every day:

  • Watch 20 minutes of colorful nature programs, without turning on the sound. (Actually any program will help)
  • Close your eyes and listen to the sound
  • If you’re working on a project and need inspiration, leave the desk and do mundane activities like sorting through your books, storing DVDs, or making a cup of tea.
  • Do mundane activities with the opposite hand. If you brush your teeth with your right hand, try brushing your teeth with your left.
  • Mix up the order of an activity or the way you do something, for example if you constantly put coffee in your cup before hot water, try reversing that.

These simple activities force your brain to focus, have a new pattern to work on, keeping the brain busy with its resources instead of running from memory.


Go… get out the crayons!

Most importantly to know yourself and others, know your 3 brains

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