Analyzing Your Prospective Real Estate Investment From Top to Bottom

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Analyzing Your Prospective Real Estate Investment From Top to Bottom

If you are a savvy real estate investor, and we assume you are, then after you find your potential real estate investment, you should carefully and thoroughly analyze it. You must verify all details about the property, especially the income and expenses shown by the seller. You should never rely on what you hear.

Develop property analysis including reports such as APOD, Proforma Income Statement and Rent Roll. Apart from helping you make the right investment decision, these types of real estate analysis reports serve as a reminder for things you want to know, such as the type of units, age of the property, rent volume per unit, cost items, lot size, property and location characteristics, etc. You can use a real estate investment software solution to help you.

Analyze a potential real estate investment using the following list of different stages. If a rental property doesn’t make financial sense after your initial analysis, perhaps making one or more of these changes will improve the financial picture and make the property a better real estate investment.

1) Income: Can the rent be increased and can it be increased immediately after you buy the property? Could a change in the type of tenant in the building lead to higher rents, perhaps due to poor or non-existent management suffering income? Can the building be used in other ways to increase income, such as a motel or small offices? Make sure local zoning allows for any proposed changes. Is it reasonable to conclude that the property has other income-generating potential, such as a coin-operated laundry facility, garage or storage room?

2) Costs: Take a close look at the operating costs to see if there are any excesses. If they are, is it reasonable to think you can reduce them? You can’t control every expense, of course, but if you intend to do your own lawn maintenance and repair, you can save some money.

3) Financing: You can adjust the return on investment by adopting various financing techniques. One type of financing package can make your potential real estate investment look profitable, while another financing package can turn your potential property into an easy, profitable investment. Try different financing options to see how a mortgage affects cash flow, rate of return and profitability.

4) Cash Flow: Don’t just consider the pre-tax cash flow produced by investment real estate to determine your overall benefits. Look at the after-tax cash flow and determine what your property will give you in the way of after-tax returns. It is always a good idea to factor in tax shelters such as paper losses that the IRS allows for depreciation (cost recovery). Here again, good real estate investment software can do this calculation for you in seconds, so it doesn’t have to be difficult.

5) Price: Some rental properties, regardless of other factors, will not make sense unless the seller is willing to accept a lower price. To increase your chances of success, however, don’t just throw in a number. If a seller perceives that your numbers do not make sense, they will be less willing to discuss price with you. Change the price in advance to see its effect on cash flows and rates of return. Then choose the price based on the most favorable rates of return. Prepare those figures and discuss with the seller. Because you’ll be surprised to find a seller willing to listen.

The point is that the numbers have to make sense. Never make a decision to buy investment real estate based on the beauty of the building or using a simple rule of thumb to determine its value. Remember, only women are beautiful, real estate investing is all about numbers.

Take the time to prepare a property analysis. This is the only correct way to make the right investment decision on any potential real estate investment. If your property analysis shows that the property doesn’t make financial sense, forget how beautiful it is and don’t buy!

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