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Brain Entrainment And Schumann Resonance

What is Resonance?

All vibrating things in this world have their own, “natural” frequency that they are most comfortable with. When an object is subjected to an external force that causes it to vibrate at a frequency, the object will respond excitedly, vibrating at maximum amplitude (energy). This phenomenon is manifested throughout the universe. This natural frequency of that object or body is known as its “echo” or “echo” frequency, and the phenomenon is known as “resonance”.

Examples abound. A skilled guitarist keeps tweaking the different strings of his instrument and knows where to play a particular string to make it vibrate at its natural frequency. Minas Basin, an inlet in the Bay of Fundy, and Leaf Basin in Unguwa Bay (both in Canada) are some of the world’s highest tidal flats. These tides are the result of the moon playing with the water every twelve hours. The dance of the Galilean moons – Ganymede, Europa and Io – around Jupiter is another divinely resonant event that has been played out through the ages. When you move the dial on a radio to tune in to a favorite station, you reach perfect resonance between its circuitry and the station’s frequencies.

Taking the point further, we humans at different stages of our lives have different frequencies that we resonate with. Try chatting with a recently fired employee about the poverty situation in some parts of the world. They will not resonate. But throw in the thought of a potential opening at a newly opened company next door, and boy! See them resonate! There are almost endless topics on which millions of websites are currently operating on the Internet. But you clicked on this article to read about brain entrainment and Schumann resonance. why Because this is a topic that resonates with you. match me? Great, it gets more exciting from here.

Resonance of the Earth

Earth, our beloved Earth, as we all know, is a big ball with an equatorial radius of about 6,378 kilometers and an equatorial circumference of about 40,075 kilometers. Despite its enormous mass, as you read this last sentence, the planet is moving at 30 kilometers per second – and doing so.

Surrounding this giant ball is the atmosphere, which is a mixture of gases that is dense near the surface but thins as we move into space. About 80-85 kilometers from the Earth’s surface and away, the atmosphere is filled with a large population of freely moving electrons and positive ions. At this height the resulting plasma of differently charged particles forms a belt around the Earth and is known as the ionosphere. It is the activity of the Sun, its sunspot cycle, solar flares, solar wind and all the fireworks that determine how ionized the ionosphere is at any given time. The Earth’s internal magnetic field and the outer magnetic field of the ionosphere ensure that these free spirits remain free and unbound. (Hey, life isn’t very social there.)

The Earth’s surface, ionosphere, and atmosphere combine to form a gigantic electrical circuit. This near-circular belt around the Earth’s surface acts as a “waveguide” handling a continuous stream of electromagnetic waves. When the weather is “fair”, this belt acts as a cavity, with the ionospheric end maintaining a potential of 200,000 to 500,000 volts above the Earth’s surface end. At this point the current is about 0.002 nanoamperes per square meter. Confined between two ends, electromagnetic waves propagate longitudinally from one end to the other, and when they are reflected back, the incident wave interferes with its forward motion. The net result? Terrestrial stationary waves. These waves gently (hopefully) permanently lighten to frequencies that the Earth likes and rejoices in.

They were discovered in 1899 by scientist Nikola Tesla and in 1952 by Dr. Winfried Otto Schumann discovered resonance. Dr. Schumann measured the extremely low frequency (ELF) band of these vibrating electromagnetic waves.

The lowest frequency at which resonance occurs is 7.83Hz. Higher resonances occur at 14Hz, then 20, then 26, 33, 39 and finally 45Hz.

Earth’s electrical circuit is highly sensitive to diurnal, seasonal and solar flare variations. Scientists have gone on to calculate Schumann resonances at exotic locations such as Venus, Mars and Titan.

The brain’s natural frequency

The brain is also an electromagnetic machine, with chemistry and physics (among many other sciences) thrown in for good measure. EEG measurements have found that the brain likes to generate electromagnetic waves in the following four frequency bands and is happiest when it is in one of the following bands. By a curious coincidence (coincidence?), these are the same frequency bands in which the Earth’s global electric circuit also resonates.

Delta – This is the band between >0 and 3Hz. These waves have the highest amplitude and when they are dominant, the brain is least aware of the “physical” world (sensory systems rest and relax).

Theta – This is the band between >3 and 7.5Hz. These waves are dominant when the mind is internally focused, meditating, or spiritually aware.

Alpha – This is the band between 7.5 and 13Hz. This dominant rhythm is seen in normal adults – people are active, efficient and engaged in completing the task in front of them.

Beta – This frequency range is between 13 and 30Hz. As the mind moves from lower to higher beta frequencies, one becomes more alert, even agitated.

Gamma – On the brain landscape, this is the highest vibration between 30 and 40Hz. When a person is placed in a situation that requires integrated memory processing, for example, these waves begin to form.

Resonance with nature

Ah, from physics and atmospheric science to metaphysics and epistemology! here is my The mind resonates the most!

Science is over; And the phenomenon begins.

When we enter a meditative state, either through internal stimulation (self-effort, sitting still directed towards becoming aware of our consciousness), or through external stimulation (using brain access CDs, etc.); We experience a sense of peace that we normally associate with other everyday experiences such as when we wake up in the morning after a deep sleep. During the meditative state, our brain dips from lower beta to alpha and from alpha to theta.

After some time, when we can hold ourselves to a certain level of ELF vibration, those same vibrations begin to propagate throughout the nervous system, from the brain, spinal cord down to the last neuron touching the pores of the skin. Over time cells throughout the body resonate at the same frequency. Consciousness pervades the entire body.

It is not possible to know when this happens, but as we descend from alpha to theta, the cellular vibrations in the body align with the steady wave in the environment. It is like two leaves of a basule bridge that align with each other. It is precisely that time when consciousness (and aura) has the opportunity to expand, to transcend the confines of the body and spread itself into the vast expanse of the universe beyond. And this is an inseparable experience.

When two vibrating systems are in resonance with each other, the amplitude of the waves increases. In our case, the brain and the global electric circuit resonance increase the amplitude in the waves dancing in our brain. As amplitude increases, so does our consciousness energy. Logically, at some point, damping forces build up, preventing the amplitude from going beyond a certain level. Which is in our best interest as well, because this dampness protects us from an experience we are not ready for. So, the trick is to keep reaching out and touching this abundance, and gradually increasing its level (pushing the damping force further back).

I used to think that earlier hermits would go up mountains and hills to be more consistent with this circuit, until a research paper showed that the “elevation profile” remains unchanged up to 70 km above the ground (Everest is only. about 8.8 km), and only a few beyond that point. A decline is seen. (Unless, monks know something that scientists don’t?)

Although popular literature suggests that the Schumann resonance value is increasing (and has gone from 7.83Hz in the 1970s to 11.00Hz now), research conducted at the Northern California Earthquake Data Center has shown that the SR is stable at the 7.8Hz range. But what if it really grows in the future?

But wait, there’s more. There is a hypothesis that states that our own thought processes are not ours! There is someone remotely controlling what thoughts should come into your mind. Now, when you combine this piece of knowledge with the Schumann resonance frequency, you know that we know nothing about the universe and what’s more, we know nothing about ourselves. Not a very encouraging thought, huh?

Final word

Meditation is known to rejuvenate the mind and body. For the materialistically minded, this translates into higher throughput and efficiency in day-to-day work. For spiritually-focused people, meditation is the best way to connect with higher realms of consciousness. Knowledge of Schumann Resonance brings awareness to the various mechanisms available in nature to achieve this relationship. And as for the concept of ownership of thoughts, I’ll leave that for another article.

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