An Annuity Is A Series Of Equal Cash Flows If You Are Not In A Home Based Business You Must Be Brain Dead

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If You Are Not In A Home Based Business You Must Be Brain Dead

Let me ask this. How would you like to get a $6,000 to $8000 raise this year? Could you use some extra cash every month? Do you want to save for your retirement with something other than an IRA or money market fund? If you can answer yes to any or all of these questions, then you should look into home base business. Read on and I’ll tell you about extending the warranty at the end of the article.

Let me break it down for you and dispel all the hype you see on television or on the web. I’m sure if you watch television you’ve seen commercials for home base businesses. They show some girl or guy standing in front of a big house and a nice high end car and tell you that they couldn’t make their mortgage payments a year ago and now they have this big house and a new sports car. Could this be true? Where does one get the skills or mindset to make it all happen? Is this possible? Of course it is. Here are some facts about the exploding home-based business market. 13 million Americans are involved in home-based businesses with annual sales of more than $30 billion. “It’s the best kept secret in the business world,” says Fortune magazine. “An investor’s dream…an industry with steady annual growth, healthy cash flow…forget your salary; your w-2 days are over. It’s a 1099 world now.”

The first thing to consider before entering this market is dollar investment. Most home-based businesses have a one-time sign-up fee. It can run from $50 to several hundred and over a thousand. Many have a monthly fee or minimum monthly order set up to auto-ship. (Products are shipped to you monthly and charged to your credit card on file). Many companies pay a commission to the person who refers you to the organization. Many also give you a percentage of the monthly auto-ships of everyone below you. You must have a minimum number of people that you need to personally refer to qualify for the business. Many companies will sell you leads for calling or e-mailing you. I don’t like this much because it’s hard to keep up the momentum when people in your down line can’t qualify. These general characteristics are not negative if your earnings exceed the annual cost of being active in the company. It also depends on how much cash you need to put in each month while you are building the business or waiting for it to mature.

Another thing you need to consider is the time factor. This is the most popular negative answer I get when I approach someone to join one of my many home-based businesses. They work so hard in their jobs that they don’t have any free time to build a home-based business. You can’t shock anyone into thinking they have absolutely no time to spend on a home-based business. They see that while my wife and I enjoy trips, cruises, and the good life, they can’t afford to do these things with the money they earn. They don’t have time for home business but they watch television for hours every night. They do the same on weekends and maybe go out to eat. A home-based business requires time to work for you. The time required also varies with the nature of the business and the products or services it provides.

I have 6 home businesses that I take money from every month. Three of those businesses are based on nutrition. I was diagnosed with diabetes six years ago. I’ve used whole-food products and liquid supplements to combat that illness. My blood sugar levels are good and I check them every morning. The companies I use for these products are mlm (multi level marketing) structured companies. I joined my first one when I was making a living from my venture capital business. I didn’t want to fall into any pyramid business scheme or scam. The products worked great and the whole family felt and looked great. Finally I got tired of buying my products from my doctor’s web site and decided to join the company and get my products at cost. I never intended to make money with this company. I just loved the products; They did a great job for me and my family. One day while I was working as usual, my wife called to ask about the check from the nutrition company. What should she do with it? I asked her to put it in the bank. This was the first of many checks that arrived at my house. What was I doing to earn money with this company?

I had to pull myself back to figure out what happened. I was taking the products while on my fundraising trip. Many of my business colleagues and friends saw me taking the products. I was sharing the results of taking the products because I had a lot of energy and had lost 30 pounds by then. After dinner with the gang, I was going to the hotel workout room and going for a swim, and they were meeting everyone at the bar. It happened that I gave a link to my custom website provided by the company to a friend of mine in Dallas. He had done many other things before, ask me what I am taking daily and how he can try. Come to find out, he started using the products and shared the results with his friends and colleagues. I was getting commission from him and others in his group. He had lost a few pounds, his skin had cleared up, and he was working out at the gym and riding his bike again. Things really took off when he shared this with his church group. I was making some big bucks every month and getting my products for free. Could there be anything in the MLM business program after all?

I am 59 years old and I would have given the MLM marketing approach a chance years ago. I can only thank God that I am now earning my living with the help of MLM Marketing because you know it is a tough job to make a living and prepare for retirement. I wish I had started a good home-based business instead of my multiple IRA accounts. You may now be thinking to yourself, “Am I too late to be a home based MLM?” Most people know that you have to move early to make the big bucks because the people at the top make all the big bucks. This is true to some extent. Some companies have been around for years. Amway Now Quickstar comes to mind. I know there are many people earning seven-figure incomes in this company. It took a few years to get there and I’m not sure it’s that easy to get there now. I’m with another nutrition company because I like the products and I’m also getting the profits from that company. It took me a year to see a profit, because I had never sold anything with that company. I am also in a travel company and doing great work in that company too. It took me a year to see good returns but I get commissions at the peak of travel within a year. I wanted to find another company that fit these priorities. Another money machine that produces cash every month to insure a full golden retirement. I also wanted to be on the ground floor of a new start up with a great product with these features.

It had to be a product that everyone was using now. It will be very easy for people to accept. “Many people still don’t see the need for nutritional products that cost $100 or more per month”. The company should be internet based because I am very lazy and like to spend few minutes a day on PC to see how much money I earn. I didn’t want to keep any inventory or make any kind of deliveries. The one-time fee or initial cost should be low. “People don’t want to invest too much in the future”. A company must have a duplicable marketing system. Low qualification for commission and easy to get for anyone new to MLM world. The system had to be easy to use and take no time for me to help new people coming into my business. It had to have a good non-flushing payment system. A flushing pay system takes commissions that you may no longer qualify for and pays them to your up lines. “Therefore, all at the top get richer.” A non-flushing pay system keeps points or dollars waiting for you to qualify. I like to think of this type of system when I do annuities. Once you qualify you are paid money generated by your group or down line. Lastly, the monthly fee or auto-ship should be low and affordable.

Well, here is the story of a lifetime. I was asked to lead marketing for a new home-based business. The company is up and running and in pre-launch as of today. The official launch date is July 4. 2007. If you’re reading this on the road, don’t despair. The fact that you are just reading about it and seeing it for the first time means that the market is still ready to grab your share of the wealth. The cost of the business is free. Custom website cost is free. The product is great. Qualifying is easy and will only cost you $1.33 per day and you can drink the product, because it’s coffee. All you need is two personally sponsored people and you are in full commission. Best tasting coffee at an affordable price. This is one of the easiest and most profitable companies I have associated with. They have a 24/7 healthy coffee hot line and a training and opportunity call 4 nights per week. All products are 100% guaranteed. Blended coffee, tea, cocoa and whole company support. Just use the product and share it with your friends and associates.

It is a non-flushing binary commission system. This is not a pyramid scheme. This is the answer I always give when I am asked this question. Corporations are really pyramid schemes, because their leaders are at the top with the CEO, with everyone else below. A network marketing company is designed to get you to the top, not put you at the bottom. A true network marketing business is not successful if it does not bring people to the top. You can get free samples and your free custom website to send to your friends and family.

You’ll have to check it out before you hear about it at the office a year from now. Someone else will give you a taste of healthy coffee and tell you they’re giving in and getting out, or that home-based healthy coffee business earnings are a rat race.

I told you at the top of the article that I would tell you about the guaranteed increase that the federal government is offering. This is a home office home-based business tax deduction that you get every year. Think about it for a minute. Get the total cost of your house or apartment. This includes your utilities, insurance, and all the costs of keeping that roof over your head. Now take the square footage of your living room as your home office. Multiply that by the cost per square foot and that’s your home office deduction. Also. Your cell phone as long as you have it listed on your home-based business site. Your internet costs. You’ll only need to charge less than $.50 per mile for fuel costs. Your start up costs. Your monthly home-based business expenses, products or samples, and more.

I am not a tax person. I use a professional who is familiar with home-based business deductions. I also have my tax bible. Sandy Botkin “cut your taxes”. He was an IRS attorney and senior tax law specialist. I would suggest that you get his book after you get into your new home based business.

If you want to get in on the ground floor of my new home-based business, visit my Forbes Cow Review website. Scroll down and you will see it. This is another item on the site. Please check out this business as it is free to join and new.

For all the information go to my web site and follow the link to my healthy coffee business web site. You will also find links to many of my other popular home businesses.

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