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Economic Collapse

Perhaps this crisis is feared the most. A total financial crash seems progressively more inevitable with each passing week. This is not without good reason. In our fractional reserve banking system, hyperinflation is certain.

Before showing how hyperinflation occurs in a fractional reserve system, let’s look at what exactly hyperinflation is. Hyperinflation is commonly misunderstood as a rise in the prices of services or products due to a sudden economic expansion. This is, in fact, very misleading. Hyperinflation is actually a devaluation of cash as a result of a governing body creating large amounts of money due to a worsening economic environment. The more currency is created, the lower its value. A rapid rise in prices is, in a word, a result of high inflation.

For an extreme example of this, see the hyperinflation in Germany in 1923.

As you can see by this example, out-of-control hyperinflation was a contributing factor to some of the worst conflicts of our past. It was hyperinflation in just one nation. In our modern economic system, hyperinflation is certainly a phenomenon for many countries. From the pathetic state of the US financial system, to the failed euro, to instability and poverty across Asia, politicians around the world are getting desperate. It is unwise to think that no governing body can respond by creating large amounts of worthless currency so that they can save themselves. At least, temporarily. That would create a problem similar to what we saw in Germany in 1923.

Now, how is hyperinflation inevitable? To understand this, we have to discuss the banking system. Often referred to as ‘Central Banking System’ or ‘Fractional Reserve Banking System’. This method is not entirely the result of banks. The truth is, the federal government and the Reserve Bank are just as much, if not more, in control than the banking companies.

To be clear, the Reserve is not an element of the elected government. It is actually an organization that was created in 1913 and controlled by Goldman Sachs, Rothschilds, Rockefellers, JP Morgan, Warburgs, Lazard Freres, Schoelkopf, Lehman Brothers and Kuhn-Loeb, each with ties to Zionists such as Carnegie, British Royal . Family, JP Morgan, Bush, Clinton and Rumsfeld. It really is a fascinating big corporation.

So, basically, every dollar held by the federal government is owed to the Federal Reserve. with compound interest. This debt is ongoing and virtually perpetual. Think of it this way, let’s say the federal government has just converted to a completely new currency and no cash has yet been created with this currency. The federal government establishes that they will need one billion units of currency. So they go to the Fed and request a billion dollars. The Federal Reserve lends the government billions of dollars with compound interest. For simplicity, let us assume that the government needs to return 1.1 billion with interest. Furthermore, only $1 billion of currency actually exists. Therefore, they must go back to the Federal Reserve and borrow more funds to pay off the debt. But interest has also been charged on the funds taken by them to repay the loan. So they have to borrow more and more. And so on and so forth.

This ensures that the government will not be able to repay its debt and will always have to borrow more funds. Here is the worrying part. This method is actually not imaginary. This is what has been happening all over the world for 100 years. All these currencies have been compounded for so long that nowadays, 1% of the funds borrowed from the government actually go into circulation. Almost everything goes back to the Fed as payments on previous loans.

So to speak, every last dollar in existence is a debt receipt for the Federal Reserve. Then note that contrary to our less complicated explanation, interest is actually compounded as well. Compound interest, in addition to the relentless routine of brand new loans, means an exponential increase in loan payments in lieu of the Federal Reserve. This can work as long as the economy is able to continue. If the financial situation remains completely depressed, the governing body really has two possible options. First, leave the reserve and launch an entirely new form of money. Especially unlikely given the range of political figures personally invested in the Federal Reserve. Or second, start creating even greater amounts of cash, reducing the value of money and thus setting off hyperinflation.

It is quite clear that government officials will put their own personal interests first. By which I mean that the first choice won’t really be considered. With the size of the economy today, this leaves us teetering on the edge of hyperinflation. If allowed to happen, there can be a whole range of realistic outcomes, none of which are desirable and many of which are troubling. Famine, poverty and homelessness are almost certain. And in addition, there is a possibility of the collapse of administrative institutions, chaos, possibly World War III. It is important to point out that, as of 2011, many military strategists believe that the planet is now more at risk of thermo-nuclear war than it was during the Cold War. This has nothing to do with al Qaeda or the US based crusades in the Middle East. This possibility exists as a result of the sheer misery and despair many world powers are facing. If the general populace is violent and your nukes do nothing but take up space, wipe out your neighbors and take away their resources, the idea is tolerable.

These are the reasons why many people feel that a complete economic collapse is pre-ordained and why many people are preparing for the worst. Financial failure is not a situation where people are too poor to buy a new car or truck or go on a vacation. It can quickly kill millions of people and change our entire way of life for those who are alive.

As this situation is understood, investments in gold, silver and other precious metals are becoming more preferred than investments in the past.

Many of the gold and silver miners of late are not the stockbrokers or Wall Street types you might imagine. Recently, gold and silver are now being chosen by blue collar people. They are disillusioned with central banks because of their continued control over the value of money and key interest rates. There is a growing public feeling that we are enslaved to inflation and interest rates. Paying their monthly bills and trying to keep a roof over their heads is becoming increasingly difficult.

In the current banking system, many feel that such problems will undoubtedly continue to increase. Any kind of progress will be insignificant or short-lived. Don’t trust common investment options like cash deposits, fixed deposits or stocks, as all these options can become completely worthless in an instant. Even the idea of ​​trying to hide cash under the bed mattress is not safe. Cash itself is depreciating in value. Lately, many people wonder if it will hold any kind of value in a few months.

As scary as it may sound, there are certainly steps you can take to protect yourself from the tough days ahead. Currency is paper, it has no more value than the government gives it value. Don’t rely on money or credit cards to bail you out if things go wrong. In order to thrive during economic downturns, you really need products and resources of real value. Resources, food and gold will continue to provide trade relevance regardless of currency value.

Among these products and resources, the food supply requires the most careful security to prevent spoilage. Gasoline, wood, as well as other industrial resources demand large amounts of storage space and are often unsanitary or unsafe. Therefore precious metals are lost. These metals are harmless, can be stored virtually anywhere, and are very valuable in small quantities.

Among the precious metals, gold has the highest demand. The majority of the people of Sonya go back millennia. It endured through time, and demonstrated that it would continue to hold its importance, even through the rise and fall of civilizations. Gold has a major advantage over other metals as it does not tarnish, tarnish or rust over the years. For these reasons, people from all different backgrounds are on a gold investment frenzy.

These people are not interested in gold IRA accounts or other precious metal futures markets. They like to invest in gold. Proper, physical gold. Gold bars, ounce gold coins, or any other physical, readily valuable gold. This gives people peace of mind that if the current system collapses, they are able to move on and have something of higher value to trade. Nowadays, many people are shifting their 4O1k and other investments to gold.

For individuals concerned about government manipulation of all things currency, an ounce of gold coin means protection, stability, survival, and financial freedom. Some of the appeal of investing in gold is the fact that whether the economy gets better and stronger or not, gold is still a great asset that will provide a comfortable retirement.

All things considered, this is the closest thing to a surefire investment choice anyone could wish for.

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