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First Menstruation Rite of Passage Ritual

Sanskar is a way of teaching and maintaining the culture of a society. La

Restore matrilineal lines of initiation (older women teach younger ones

women) rituals are required. Can perform a menopause (first menstrual period) ritual

Make this time easier and more meaningful for both young women

The onset of menstruation and her mother. Such a ritual gives relief

Young woman and lets her know that her feelings are natural and are

Women shared from time to time. It focuses

Community on the needs of young women at this time in her life. And that

Instructs the young woman about what is expected of her family and society

Now she is entering womanhood.

When your daughter gets her first period, congratulate her, love her

Make sure she, and you, take immediate physical and care of her

emotional needs. Then call your women’s community together

You participate in the planned rituals. Support other women and

Nurture both of you during this time. Don’t worry if there are some women

Embarrassed by the idea of ​​a moon-time ritual. They will have feelings

It’s great that they join in honoring your daughter. And please don’t

Cancel your daughter’s ritual because she is shy and doesn’t want to tell

No one “she has begun.” This is her moment. I recommend helping her

Coping with it and feeling good about it. She was surrounded by the women she loved and

who love her You might be surprised, especially if you’ve never been

During such accompanying healing and rejoicing, menopausal rituals were attended

A gathering.

Most menopause rituals involve only women. by the men of

The family, and young girls who have not yet started menstruating, are

After the ritual, the new lady is invited to congratulate and give her gifts.

Begin your rituals by creating a sacred space in any way

Comfortable for you and your friends and family. Turn off all phones

(and cell phones) and post “do not disturb” signs on doors. the light

Light candles or incense, play soft music or drums, read poetry or sit


An altar is a common way to create a sacred space. Altars help us

Remember and focus on what is meaningful to you. above items

The altar symbolizes the theme of the ritual. We may have signs of

Earth, pictures or statues or venerable pictures of great or holy people

A family member. Flowers and other decorations are welcome. a flower

A rosary worn by the new woman may then be on the altar.

Another way to create a sacred space is to make a circle with a red rope.

Our community has a red color rope, which is used here

Many community rituals. You can also sprinkle herbs externally

of the board.

As you enter the sacred space, purify your minds and hearts daily

Anxiety You can sprinkle each one with water or put flower petals

Put on each one, or smudge-whatever you want

Mundane smudging symbolizes negative energy and cleanliness

Preparing for the sacred ritual. You can buy Smudge Sticks on most foods

coops, natural food stores or shops that sell herbs. Or pick some herbs

From your garden, wind cotton string around them to create a few “sticks”.

inches long and one to three inches in diameter. Hang the herb stick inside

A warm dry place for two to four weeks. During your ritual, light the stick, give

Burn for few seconds and then extinguish it. Will continue to smoke.

You then “press” each other or yourself by letting the smoke flow

around the body.

Woman’s Blessing: During your ritual, prepare a dish of clean sand or

Corn meal. (I use a large clay flowerpot base and fill it with sand.) Ask

The new woman steps into a tray of sand or cornmeal, leaving her

Footprints. (Later, keep a towel for her to wipe away her feelings.)

Each woman comes forward, lights a candle and places it inside

Footprints in sand or corn meal, representing the new woman

Journey of Mother Earth. Each woman then gives to her woman

Blessings, such as: “I am Mary, sister of Georgia Ann, daughter of Celia,

Granddaughter of Mary Ann and Christina, mother of Christina and

Grandmother of Elizabeth, Erica, Clara and Savannah Rose. I ask everyone

A woman of my lineage to bless, teach and protect (new woman’s name)

Aji in her journey through all the cycles of the moon.

After each woman gives her blessing, a new woman lights the lamps

Place the candle and sand in the same dish. She gives it to her woman

Introduction, and accepts the blessings of all women. “I

I…, daughter of ……., granddaughter of……. I accept your blessings,

And thank you all.

The new woman must be adorned in some way. I suggest decoration

Her hands with henna. Henna is a herb that gives the skin a red-orange color

A color that turns brown the next day. Henna kits are available naturally

Food stores or on the Internet. There are also flower crowns or garlands

After the beautiful decoration, some gifts can be given

The significance of her path. Red jewelery is traditional. Red underpants

are useful! Each gift is given with a few ritual words such as, “I give

This book is about the life of you …………. because I have always found her life

To be an inspiration. I know you will find your own path in life and become one

Same motivation for all of us.”

Songs can be sung, poems can be read, stories can be told. Continue with some

A symbolic ceremony of passage. Women have found different ways

Creating rituals for their daughters entering puberty. The

Women may stand in two rows with arms raised, forming an arch.

A new woman stands at the archway entrance. She held something

A toy representing her childhood. She is asked to bring toys

Ritual given to small children in the community.

However, she is not asked to bring all her toys or her favorite toys.

Because aspects of the child remain in all of us and continue to exist

Precious throughout our lives.

The young woman’s grandmother leads the rite of passage. If her

If the grandmother is not present, a grandmother figure can be chosen

to represent her. Grandma asks, “Who comes near this

Road?” The new woman gives her name. The grandmother continues, ”

(“New Woman’s Name,”) Now is the time to leave your childhood behind

And become a member of Mahila Mandal. When you are ready

Do so, leave your toys behind and walk through the arch.” New

The woman puts down her toys and walks through the archway. As she comes

At the end of the arch, women ring bells, throw flower petals and

Anand everyone kisses and hugs the new woman.

Closing prayers and/or chants end the ritual.

After the ritual the male and unborn girls of the family

Menstruation has started to congratulate the new woman

Present the gift. Everyone joins in the food and friendship.

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