Although Cash Flow Projections Appear To Be Complex They Astrology is a Complex Science, But Here’s One Important Indicator You Can Track Easily – Moon VOC

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Astrology is a Complex Science, But Here’s One Important Indicator You Can Track Easily – Moon VOC

A client told us that even after following A.’s advice

A highly respected astrologer and a well-known psychologist, The

He has not chosen a date to officially start his business

The result is success. He said he had never seen the success he had

Foretold and sold the business two years later.

Along with his personal numerology chart

Challenging time, date and times of its business officer

It started during the Moon Void of Course (VOC).

The Wall Street Journal published an article years ago

Moon included business under VOC and surprisingly, the

Most of them did not last more than a few years. failure

There was a common thread.

Unfortunately, many experienced astrologers ignore this

A very important astrological aspect.

The client’s business did not fail due to Moon VOC,

He never lived up to the expectations predicted because he was

Perhaps he was destined to go through that challenging experience.

At the beginning of its business, Chandra VOC represented only

Which was destined.

Below is information on Moon VOCs to help you get started

Edge in any field of life.

Please note: We strongly recommend that you avoid

Depending on only one or some astrology or numerology

As a comprehensive approach to thinking, including

Consistency requires thought patterns

Levels of Accuracy in Portrayal and Prediction.

However, since the moon is zero, of course one

An important crisis, even if it is, will benefit you greatly

Just astrological information as long as you follow

There are many other astrological and

Numerical indicators to remember.

Moon void of course report

Following the lunar void of course cycle is easy and possible

Saves you time and money, yet few people are aware of it

This phenomenon and even many experienced astrologers

Ignore it. Since the moon is closely related to us

Intuition and intuition, following the lunar VOC will help you

Make good choices in life. VOCs are said to be similar

Driving through a tunnel where your antenna is not capable

Pick up or transient radio signals

A vacuum, where perception is distorted.

Introduction to Moon Void of Course:

The following introduction to Moon VOCs is drawn from

Pages 245-246 of “Your Love Life and Reincarnation” by

Stephen Petullo.

The moon revolves around the earth in 28 days.

Each of the 12 spent about two and a half days

Zodiac signs. After and before the Moon leaves a sign

It enters the next sign, called the void of course. The

Moon rules instinct and intuition. when the moon is

VOC, energy flow available to all living organisms

Seems to slow down and our intuition is tentative

Unrealistic during cloudy VOC or it is simple

Perceive things differently than they really are. Meanwhile

People feel scattered and unfocused at this time.

Time seems to drag on forever.

Knowing when the moon is zero by checking

Timings in astrological calendar can save you a lot of time,

Money, and effort. Then follow them for a few weeks

Don’t look at the calendar for a few days, then look back

After that time. You will find it though

Didn’t consciously know it was VOC, things were still there

Characteristic of VOCs. Lunar VOC seems to affect everyone. Lunar VOC

It can last from 10 minutes to two days.

In lunar VOCs, on average, about eight percent

A standard eight to five work week. Of course, this is not always the case

Scheduling this time is possible, but it helps to make it happen

You are aware of the difficulties ahead.

Of course when the moon is zero, do this:

o Regular work.

o Meditate– This is a great time to introspect. You will be the same

VOC then more concentrated.

o Break Bad Habits–If you can refrain during VOC, it will

Easy to do later.

o Creative hobbies.

o Regular cleaning.

o Exercise.

o Relax.

Of course when the moon is void, don’t:

o Make important plans–they may or may not happen

In a different way than expected.

o Brainstorming–new ideas never emerge or reverse.

o Start anything new – Things started never end or

Completion will take longer than expected. New

Acquaintances are short-lived. If anyone meets

During VOC, the interaction will not be meaningless, but

Maybe different than you expected.

o Buy anything important– a purchase made will never happen

Used, will break or have to be returned for unexpected


o Do anything that requires a lot of concentration – it will

You need a lot of energy. If you have no choice,

Meditate beforehand so that you are as focused as possible.

o Schedule appointments: they have to change or

Rescheduled–or you’ll “Stand Up!”

People who were born during the VOC may not be as affected or

may be affected differently. Follow and observe the cycles

for himself.

More about Moon Void of course:

Since then we have observed and experimented with lunar VOCs

In the early 1990s. Below is some additional insight based on that

Our experience:

o We are always surprised when we talk to experienced people

Astrologer friends who ignore Moon VOC. To do any

More predictions and planning advice from astrologers

Valuable, like when to start something important,

Make sure you factor in lunar VOCs. For example, if your

The consultant asks you to start the business on a certain day

It’s guaranteed to be VOC-free when you plan to start things off.

o If you want to see the VOC phenomenon more clearly

And test to see how accurate our claims are, observe others

People’s actions during the VOC. Without telling them about VOCs,

Pay attention to what people buy, make decisions about

They meet, make plans and things begin under the VOC.

This is the type of objective empirical research we have

Succeeded with

o Regular shopping during VOC, such as weekly shopping

At the grocery store, it seems okay.

o When you meet someone new during VOC, even if you

Note that this is a VOC, you will usually have a judgment about who they are

Close, and sometimes way off.

Perception of reality is reduced during VOC.

o Fears you have during VOC are often unfounded.

These are sunburn, overeating, over-drinking and over-spending


o Dreams, especially scary ones, are not real

Importance related to our lives during the VOC. For example,

If you see signs of friends in your dream during VOC

Risk, chances are he or she isn’t.

o We still occasionally do Moon VOC testing. For example, if we

Meet someone new during the VOC, we temporarily ignore

VOC, let events unfold naturally and observe what

happens But we find that there will almost always be a VOC situation

Get VOC results, even if we don’t think these are VOCs.

Moon Zero Examples:

During the VOC you meet a new friend. Even though

It’s VOC, nothing seems wrong with the connection

And you can see a lot of potential between the two of you.

After VOC, you try to get together many times but

Your schedules never match up and then yours a few weeks later

A new friend tells you that she is going out of town.

You get a great new idea while meditating during VOC

Your business. After several attempts to implement it

Sometimes, it just never works and you realize it might

Don’t think as well as you originally thought.

During a VOC you notice some physical symptoms

It happened recently and you are afraid of getting a serious illness.

After a thorough examination and tests with your doctor, you

Realize that your fears were unfounded; It was just stress

And react to what you eat.

During VOC you eat and order dinner at a restaurant

Something we don’t usually do. Even if it seems so

Good idea at that time, you experience indigestion.

During VOC you decide to cut your hair into a new style.

Then you realize it doesn’t look as good as you thought

will be

You get dressed in the morning during VOC and notice

What seemed like a great fashion choice later turned out to be a reality

A fashion crime.

After a big storm the power goes between the VOC and

You worry that it will last the day. Power goes back

hours later.

Trying to work around the moon, of course:

If you decide to make a new purchase during non-void time

A sweater, for example, and then note the time of day

You had planned to buy a sweater during the VOC, changing

The day or time of purchase may not resolve the issue

Unfortunate purchase. Even if you try to buy

Sweaters on a different day, they may not be your size or

The right color, it will be unsatisfactorily made, you will

Losing it or some other unknown factor will cause you

Note that the purchase was not in your best interest


On the other hand, if you are following the Moon VOC and wish to do so

Schedule an important meeting, for example, just pick one

Time and day is for you and VOC-free. however,

If you are meeting for an important meeting, he will want it

(Inadvertently) to schedule between lunar zeros

Time, think about what that might mean: not for meetings

Your or their highest good, it has to be rescheduled,

or it will be counterproductive and/or different from


Moon Zero Information Source:

Moon is easy to follow in many astrological calendars

Zero information of course. American Federation of

Astrologers are the source of accurate astrological information.

They sell calendars that give the exact day and time

Namely Moon Zero, Retrograde and other astrological

Information is other astrological calendar

Available in metaphysical bookstores and online. Many

Astrological software programs also list moon zeros

Syllabus and other Astrological information.

Copyright © 2007 Scott Petullo, Stephen Petullo

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