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Being Authentic With Your Feelings

Be honest with your feelings. Know what you really want and don’t look away from it. Know how you really feel and why. Don’t let go of your feelings by reinterpreting the situation. By doing this, you don’t face the real problem. You will lose something that you should find. You must know when to notice and when to control your mental activity.

There are times when it’s okay to change your feelings by changing your mind, but there are also times when you shouldn’t try to change them, but rather experience them. Your emotions are meant to be used and not discarded. Let your actions flow with your emotions, they are for a purpose. Always ride on your positive emotions whenever possible.

When you are unhappy it is because you are not getting what you want. Allow yourself to be honest about what you want and feel the desire. Willpower attracts to you what you want. Desire directs your will to desire to be. Follow your will, it brings you to your place in the universe. Focus on what you want or need and you will get it. Focus on God and God will be in your life.

Sometimes negative emotions are there for you to use and transform into its equivalent through action. We make the mistake of thinking that we must have some emotions and not others. Each emotion has its own purpose and use. Some emotions are to be changed and some emotions are to be experienced.

A negative emotion or sadness is a cause of action. It’s only when you’re sad or frustrated that you’re motivated to change what you’re doing to get a different outcome that might be what you want. To mentally take you in a different direction to where you want to go. Focus on emotion and desire and you will increase the energy and willpower for action.

Some negative emotions aren’t really negative when they motivate you to take constructive action. Anger and anxiety are state emotions that give you the energy to act. Anger occurs when something is trying to hurt you and needs to be dealt with. Anger can be transformed into well-being through assertiveness. Anxiety is felt when something needs to be protected from being taken away. Anxiety can be transformed into confidence through courage.

Negative emotions can be transformed into positive emotions with the right thoughts and actions. The only problem is when those emotions are handled immaturely resulting in a regression from anger to depression or anxiety avoidance. Depression and avoidance are emotional states that rob you of energy. These are real negative feelings that we have to accept and live with in order to know what we really want and allow ourselves to act honestly towards it.

Sometimes you have to imagine a negative situation to play it differently when a real situation arises. You have the power to manifest what you envision or change it into a situation in real time. Changing what was destined to happen is possible only through foreknowledge or foresight, which is the imagination or mental projection of future conditions.

Imagination is a place to express your anger, rage, resentment, and sadness, instead of letting it emerge unexpectedly as the situation arises. That way, when you face real situations, your actions can be more deliberate because you already know what to expect of yourself. Remember, all actions are mental. You can change your feelings by first playing them in your mind. They can be altered to some degree in your mind before you do the physical action.

In mind-body healing, a physical symptom is a message from your body alerting you that you have a problem. Ignoring it makes you sick. In the case of negative emotions, this is a message from your heart letting you know that there is a problem in life that you must accept and deal with. Ignoring your feelings and trying to reframe them will provide temporary relief but the problem will keep haunting you again and again until you wake up and start being honest.

Unacknowledged emotional trauma causes energetic contractions in the body. Emotions created during trauma persist and contractions eventually lead to obstruction rather than disease. Trauma freezes our body’s energy patterns in time. What should be a fluid is still. As if we can’t go on. We are stuck in a repetition compulsion until the trauma is released. You may still be stuck in an exact pattern of experience. Experience is imprinted on the way you act and move.

Complaining or emotional expression helps you feel better by allowing you to vent your frustrations. Expressing emotions has a healing power. When people can express the feelings and facts of a traumatic event, they have fewer health complaints. In fact, they seem to be less of a problem in general. If you can write or talk about the things that are bothering you, you can organize your worries in a more meaningful way. Then you will no longer be so conflicted and upset by them, and this will help you move away from them. Crying is a way to heal the soul.

Feeling your emotions significantly improves your mental health, emotional health, and physical health. Feeling your authentic emotions, quickly and efficiently, improves energy flow in your body and energy field. This is because by feeling the emotion, the dynamic energy naturally vibrates within you, removing any static energy. When emotions move through your body, they destroy the heavy, dense energy that has accumulated over so many years of not letting your emotions and feelings be felt! Your authentic emotions are guaranteed to make you lighter, happier and healthier.

Don’t ignore your feelings. They are meant to be engaged and experienced. You experience that feeling by feeling and expressing it. Talking about your feelings means reporting life. To feel our emotions is to live life. Instead of avoiding so much energy, you should allow yourself to be more authentic. Avoid feeling your emotions, by thinking too much or talking too much. Just feel your feelings.

Positive attitudes enforced by society are oppressive. We must pretend that life is good when it is not. We must appear optimistic when we are not. It adds insult to injury when we have to be happy about something we’re not really happy about. “Smile when you are upset”, “Don’t worry be happy” they all tell us. This is so ridiculous, why can’t we just be authentic and express how we really feel about something?

Pressure to pretend we’re fine when we’re not. Denying, acting, and pretending all take energy, lots of energy because it’s pretending. Pretense keeps us from seeing things as they are, which presents its own problems. When an unnatural, uncharacteristic and extremely positive person is faced with a shock in life that he/she cannot cope with in the usual way, they at one point cannot help but admit that they hate life or hate everything. Then as time passes, they will ignore what was previously referred to as a “moment of weakness” and in doing so, ignore how they really felt in that moment.

When we face a problem big or small, a positive attitude can be nothing more than denying the real problem. At the very least, it can sometimes prevent us from seeing what is right in front of our eyes. No matter how creative the self-deception, it can eventually backfire. If reality bursts one’s bubble of denial (as it often does), the person may feel more devastated than if they had to face the horrible truth about themselves in the first place.

People continue to reject the idea of ​​being honest with negative emotions, until life throws them such a mess that unrealistic optimism or denial won’t fix it. Then when they come around and admit how they really feel about it, that’s a really empowering moment. Being untrue to ourselves makes us unfulfilled.

Don’t feel bad about feeling bad. You have a right to feel bad when you feel bad. Don’t let others or yourself tell you it’s no big deal when it really is a big deal to you. Your feelings are your own and yours to be with. Be honest with them, be honest with yourself.

Notice how when you choose to express how you really feel and be honest with your feelings, you don’t feel bad but you actually feel better? And then you begin to think about positive things with more freedom and energy than if you had tried to do so earlier without giving time to your negative thoughts and feelings? It’s all about being authentic. Being authentic sets you free. It’s like your insides are trying to tell you something. When you don’t listen, it keeps bothering you. But when you hear it and act on it, it feels heard and serves its purpose. Be willing to listen and be with yourself.

It’s okay to do that when we can overcome negativity very quickly or skip it altogether. But when we think we can’t, we shouldn’t. Negativity does not mean to exclude, reject, ignore or ignore. Overwhelmed and not masked by mega doses of positivity. It is about experiencing and engaging in one’s own right and then transforming it into positivity as it naturally happens without struggle. Trying is when you don’t have the energy to do it but you try. Action without striving is the inner energy, emotion and motivation you have to do something mentally or physically.

Engage and experience your emotions. Allow them to be present as your thought process plays out. Don’t hide them or push them away. Once you allow your feelings to express themselves through your thoughts, you are free to think about what’s next. Don’t skip the negatives, allow yourself to experience the negatives. Hang in there for a while, it should be there. Then you can honestly move from negative to positive. This is the natural way of doing things.

How you feel in the process of getting what you want is just as important as getting it. We get what we want but if we don’t have the right emotions while getting it, we don’t get real happiness. When we give up an internal state in exchange for an external result, we are not fulfilled. Not being true to ourselves makes us unfulfilled. As sentient beings, the only thing we can truly possess is our inner state. Because that’s who we are.

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