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Love Affair With Lip Gloss

pot, tube, wand, stick-shiny, sticky, gooey, wax-wet, metal, vinyl, melted-medicine, treat, moisten, plumping-flavor, scented, marbled, layered-duo, combo, clutch-size, kit.

Lip gloss comes in any guise, any shape, any size, any price; Any works and, like Pantone ink on a color-spectrum wheel, from clear to near-black, stopping to soak up the deepest or palest hues in each color range, adding gold or silver for added zing and sparkle, deepening or changing the underlying color.

A chameleon in the make-up jungle, lip-gloss is what you want, in any form, in every whazzzzup shade in the beauty realm. What other beauty product can and is for all girls? What other makeup was our first love and will still be our last?

Are there any of us who haven’t started our love affair with lip-gloss after our first experience with chapped lips? We use salves and sticks and roll-ons to heal and soothe the first cold sores of winter. (Bonne Bell Lipsmackers, Chap-Stick and Blistex—you live in our lockers!) But we quickly progressed to romance, and that meant kissing. You should have been on the basis of eternal life to miss out on knowing/having/using/coveting cult status pots and tubes of 8 Hour Cream, Carmex and Rosebud Salve when you over-skied, over-snogged or did something to the point of burning and chafing!

Let’s recall when we first started the experiment; Our training-bra staples Make-up 101-clear lip-gloss-wearing singles or lipstick over once we’ve worked up our nerve and moved past the Vaseline. MAC Lip Gloss in a tube is the make-up artist’s gloss du choise. Just sticky and shiny for the bright light of a photo shoot, it’s easily pocketed for reapplying by the model. A close cousin created by Elizabeth Arden, the grand master of 8 Hour Cream, her Crystal Clear Lip Gloss is also smaller and less expensive. Both need to lick our tangled fingertips. Gal Pal Bobbi Brown Essential Lip Gloss is offered in a more opaque, white brush wand version with a slight hint of vanilla scent and a sticky potion-feel. Stila offers the gooiest goop of all, with added shimmer, in tiny metal tubes to roll-up like toothpaste samples; Posey is our favorite. (L’Oréal Econo-Lookalikes Glass Shine here; try Crystal Sparkle). Origins Wand makes a chocolate-mint flavored opaque white glimmer gloss with Transforming Lip Glaze, which has the added charge of changing the color and fading of the lipstick worn underneath, as well as acting as a breath freshener!

It was clear to us that we needed to explore further. Next we applied lip-colored pomades that preserved our innocence and naivety, and even baby pink skin looked like a fleshy promise. We can now ‘skinny dip’ with our lips, naked, unadorned! We are all happy as we re-create that fruit-stained, baby-lipped, wet and natural look of the ‘girl next door’, nervously biting our bottom pouts, playing idly with our freshly-cut hair, blushing and flirting. . We had our reasons and seasons for lip-gloss-down days, weekends, kids who hated our ‘made-up’. Benefit still holds the ground on the best bottle of rose-scented liquid tint to naturally flush our lips (and cheeks), Benetint, and its Benetint Lip Balm adds the glow we want to be on top of now. Philosophy’s Pots of Healing Salves Kiss Me and Kiss Me Red Flesh or Cherry contain vitamins and nut oils and are almost gel-like and moisturizing. Two Faced Bunny Balm in Peek-a-Boo Peach or Girly Grapefruit are two great natural colors. Even La Mer has stepped up its merry-go-round to join its friends with the minty pomade La Mer The Lip Balm. And don’t forget Kiehl’s Pink Pearl Light Lip Gloss—the never-to-be-missed, and Nars Sweet Charity—both of whose waxes in so many other colors have earned Hall of Fame status.

Now that we were big girls, we dared to go forward, we wanted to go all the way. We wanted bigger and fuller lips, sexier and poutier smiles. The wonder-bra of glosses, to plump and plump your lips a size or two, is the best bee sting effect gloss without needles, Dewop’s Lip Venom. In a vial with a sponge tip applicator, the sheerest, spicy, tangy clear gloss, ginger cinnamon oil plumps lips for a full 10-15 minutes after burning. After the glow wears off, we can ‘fake it’ multiple times by re-applying or switching to Venom Flash in Gold or Silver, or Venom Gloss like Lantana, Hothouse Pink or Love in a Mist, a retiring lilac shimmer. In a tube with self-applicator tips. While there are many other lip treatments that claim the same results of plumping and plumping lips, there are also glosses that work overtime like Dabama’s Lip Plumper that does the trick in 3 minutes while adding a luscious flavor like Bubble My Gum and Water My Melon. ; Dessert Beauty plumping glosses from the patisserie showcase, such as vanilla/caramel, chocolate/coconut, strawberry and butter cream to dreamy, creamy, luscious and luscious lip fragrance glosses, are enough to rack up the calorie-count. Joy New York’s Opti-Bright Lip Shine (try Rose) claims to whiten teeth; Slather it on after using its Super Duper Lip Kit for a full-on sting.

And to cover every other fickle mood swing, good hair day/bad hair day, Lancome stayed firmly the course with its juicy tube offerings, updating and changing its range as often as a 15-year-old changed her mind. Despite generous pocket-sized tubes with self-applicator tips, the Juicies are carefree and kick-ass, with bags of bright colors and exciting flavors to choose from, including juicy berry framboise, cherries and frases, tangy, tart citron, beach plum and pamplemousse, floral berry. Violet and off-the-diet list foods like Daiquiri and Dreamsicle. Limited kits have very small size tubes. Introduced in line with the season, some juices have been discontinued but others will soon replace them, keeping the range fresh and ongoing and evolving, nothing will go stale on the juices shelves! Syrup de rosé in whisper pink and syrup d’eau in watery blue were two excellent clear juices, both reminiscent of French children’s fountain soda, sweet and pure.

For those silvery nights or bright days we are drawn into a realm of enchanting light-refracting transparency. We discovered the arts of illusion and magic and glitter. Guerlain adds lip gloss to its meteoric arsenal of opaque, opaque enhancers. One of the plumpest tubes available, it sits perfectly next to the Meterites Cloisonne Evening Powder Compact for a night at the opera. Estee Lauder Pure Color Crystal Gloss in Orchid Paradise is a holographic wand gloss with petrol-sheen blues and violets encased in a clear, Figi-signature base. Chanel Glossimers swirl metallic gold or silver in their magic wands, fleshy, fleshy pinks, crimson reds, and earthy bronzes glistening like magma on the surface. Try Twinkle, a rose gold for a multi-layered glow in the center of the lower lip. Coco’s younger half-sister Bourjois provides a copycat here with its Effet 3-D Brilliance a Levres-sample no. At a fraction of the price of Rue Cambon 70. Revlon-Skinlights Glosslights Another light-changing range to suit all skin types is reflected in Gloss Tubes—also at a discounted price; Use the all-purpose Rose Quartz and save money for those Manolos.

Just when we wanted a glimmer of in-your-face confidence and glitzy glamour, Dior rocked our booties and teased us with sheer stems of Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss in Sip of Lemonade, Nibble of Nuts and Lick of Taffy; Or Diorific Plastic Shine, perfect for clubbing and posing. As nimble as skin-tight PVC, its vinyl polymer gave us control and ‘safe’ pulling power. #357 was a dusky rose that we loved under the strobe. Our one-night stand with Versace’s Wet Cream Lip Gloss never ended—we always wanted to go back to V2052, a pink fuchsia veil that always ended. We licked our lips for Hard Candy’s Super Shine Lip Glosses in Babydoll, Flirt, Pixie and Oxygen – brush wands with minute flash glitters to taste delicious gloss in cake batter, and their new lip sorbets, chilled gels in FruitoTube. – Strawberry Squeeze, Baby Pink, Passion Play, Peachy Coral and Lime Kiss obviously. After we blew our rent money on those shoes, we loaded up Maybelline Water Diamonds Liquid Wands in Crystal Pink and Pink Ruby at the Dime Store and still looked like a million bucks in the budget!

Speaking of economizing, we had an on-off obsession with buying lip-gloss combos and kits that gave us maxi-choice in mini-sizes at low prices to pop in our pouches. Like the cocktails at happy hour, we’ve never met a 2 for 1 pairing. Deluxe’s ​​Jr.Duos, its Thumbelina double-wand in Nibbly Nude and complimentary shades of lip gloss and cheek blush in Twinkly Pink we remember best; Aiko’s Fat Balm in Minty for lips and cheeks, and Cargo who loved us so much and left our smackers with 2-tone pots of thick gloop to layer on. Try combining think and thin layers of color using Flin Flon, Over/Under or Cancun, or just to add a highlight. We rubbed the leftovers onto our fingertips to smooth out those brow hairs! Although it was an inevitable love, we kept falling for the same come-and-gos, buying mini-kits by Urban Decay with XXX lip shine in Uzi, Gimlet and Ozone, clear frosty minty sparklers; Rocket City Space Case in Pinks (we love the name—Pocket Rocket!) and Trish McEvoy’s Uptown Girl Notebooks Celebrate and Natural Maxed Out Lip & Gloss Kits—Quiet selection! The Pixie Perfect Pink Gloss Kit finally stole the show and won our hearts with 8 pink glosses in a pocket-sized compact and its own munchkin lip brush. Gloss a go-go!

And when we knew danger, or the dark side, or a love too deep, too possessive, we flashed our power that made it clear to all comers; A brush of red, black purple, even bronze. We were vamps, bosses, super-duper-uber-babes, a cybergirl who meant business! Cautionary warnings and flashing colors, and once pinched, it looked like an asphalt pit or a crime scene. Clinique’s Glossware Black Honey, once a pot now a wand is never out of our repertoire. YSL Lisse Gloss Lip Lacquer in Spice; Kevin Aucoin’s Liquid Patent Lip, Infernal, in a deep burgundy gloss; Urban Decay Lip Gunks in Bruce and Gash (you’ve seen CSI); Face Stockholm’s Black Wicked Pot Gloss; and the ultimate goth shade, Helena Rubenstein’s Black Spell Lip Gloss. Courtney Love, Grace Jones, Cruella-Stand Down!

So now, as we look back through our make-up bags and drawers and the colors we’ve discovered, we still long for that one empty pot or tube of gloss that’s now lost to us, our darling, our trusty. We cannot throw it out. We squeezed, scraped and rolled it. We’ve bought copies, but none hold a candle. We know we will find it again one day, and we look for it, wherever we travel, wherever we wander. Looking for a replacement, looking for our first love.

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