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Essential Elements of a Quality Management System

A good quality management system in a pharmaceutical company can significantly improve the net profit position, high quality medicines for patients, less work and recalls that save more money, better work environment and compliance with local and international regulations.

Quality management is a philosophy. It takes management understanding, commitment and responsibility before introducing and implementing a concept. Once a good quality management system is practised, a sustainable organization culture gradually develops or reshapes itself into one that delivers rapidly.

The first step in introducing a good quality management system is to know the essential elements of a quality system and a clear study of where to start. The objectives of the company should be clearly understood. Policies should be formulated. Then comes process flow design, process standardization, material flow and organization chart. When people, processes and materials are well integrated, the next step is to put the integrated system in control. Any deviation from the controlled system must be analyzed and corrected.

Some of the basic but essential elements of quality assurance as depicted in GMP guidelines and ISO 9001 guidelines for the pharmaceutical industry can be listed as follows: preparation of standard operating procedures for the entire system maintaining cGMP principles; Preparation and maintenance of effective change control of quality and master file documentation; recording and management of manufacturing change control; the recording and reporting process of deviations from your system; quality concern investigation process; consumer complaint investigation process; quality audit process; vendor assessment, evaluation and certification processes; Quality control laboratory procedures, rework procedures for defective manufactured products; Training procedures and recall procedures for manufacturing personnel.

Standard operating procedures and manuals should be written in detail and refer to other relevant documents, so a new starter in the organization should be easily trained and expected to follow the procedures. The result is a common standard of activity across the organization, better ease of work flow, ease of deviations and corrective actions as needed.

standard operating procedures

You create SOPs, forms, templates and manuals, which can be used immediately when the system is operational. Forms and templates should be used to keep records that your people can follow on a regular basis.

Documents – Classification, Definition and Recognition

Quality and technical/master file documents will be prepared to create a good quality management system for your manufacturing site. Understand the definition of documents, their classification, approval requirements and retention requirements.

Quality documentation management and change control

Develop procedures on how to create new quality documents or change control of existing documents, review of quality documents, satellite file management, role of document author, approver, document control officer and satellite file administrator. In this process you will also define the numbering system of various quality documents like audit files, SOPs, forms, templates, manuals, training files, QA contracts, project files etc. and their effective storage system.

Preparation, maintenance and change control of master documents

Procedures to be prepared will focus specifically on master file documents such as specifications, control methods, raw materials, finished goods and packaging specifications and test reports, formulations, stability files required to be generated at the time of product registration in the market.

Deviation reporting system

Capturing all types of deviations that develop in your systems is a regulatory requirement to drive continuous improvement in your processes and systems. A process should be developed that describes how to classify deviations from production, audits, quality improvement, technical deviations, customer complaints and environmental, health and safety deviations. It should also describe initiation of deviations, data capture, analysis, investigation, determination of assignable causes, preparation of management reports and initiatives taken on corrective and preventive actions.

Vendor selection and evaluation

Procedure to be followed during vendor evaluation and vendor evaluation for procurement of raw materials, critical and non-critical packaging components, laboratory supplies, engineering supplies and finished goods imported from the vendor. These instructions are required to approve the prospective seller.

Vendor Certification

The purpose of this procedure is to describe the process by which a vendor can be certified to provide materials or services. This process applies to vendors who provide materials or services for use at any stage of production through operations. Here you will describe the roles of each department in the process of certifying an authorized vendor.

Product Complaint Procedure

You should have a robust process to cover the receipt, logging, evaluation, investigation and reporting system of all complaints received from customers for products sold. The process should include step-by-step instructions to be followed during customer complaint management such as number of complaints, registration of complaint, evaluation, determination of reasons assigned for deviation of complaint, implementation of corrective and preventive actions, trend of complaints and handling of fakes. products

Annual Product Review

Some countries require reports as an annual product review to sell your products in their markets. So you need to know how to conduct an annual product review, to evaluate data, trends, and identify and report to management any preventive or corrective actions that lead to improvements in product quality.

Rework process

The process should have step-by-step instructions to follow when rework of the process or completed good work is required. Product Identification and Traceability The purpose of this process is to define the method used to identify and ensure full traceability of all contributing materials that may affect product quality.

GMP Audit

Procedures should be developed to describe the planning, performance, reporting and follow-up of various audits such as internal quality audits, vendor audits, environmental health and safety (EHS) audits, EHS workplace inspections, housekeeping audits.

Evaluation of batch documentation and release to sales

This procedure should describe the collection, evaluation and record of batch related documentation created during production of the batch before the batch is released for sale by the authorized person.

GMP training

Effective GMP related training modules will be created for your production staff. Training records and reports should be presented to each employee as fair.

Management and control of contract work

There should be a process describing the management and control of contract work provided by contractors for packaging and finished products for your company, as well as the control of contract work performed by your company on behalf of others.

Quality Concern Investigation Process

There should be a process that includes instructions to follow while investigating, analyzing data and information, assigning root cause, determining corrective and preventive actions.

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