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Generating Positive Energy From Chi To Grow Taller

One of the most effective ways to avoid stress in your life is to build your internal energy system to such an extent that it is difficult to even have a physical stress reaction.

Although engaging in traditional Western exercises like running or lifting weights can generate some internal energy, we really have to look to Eastern traditions to find a way to generate unlimited internal energy to help us grow taller.

Chi Chi growing taller sensibly

The concept is called “Chi” and the exercise “Chi Kung” (often pronounced “Chi Gong” or “Qigong”).

The Chinese believe that there are “energy meridians”, which flow through our bodies, as well as “energy channels”, which store and direct the energy flowing through the meridians. They call this energy chi or “vital life force.” Westerners find this concept difficult to grasp. After all, no one can see Chi, so why believe it exists?

Perhaps the easiest way to conceptualize it is to think of three people, one who is alive and well, one who is near death, and one who has just died. The first person is said to have a good supply of chi. A person near death has very little chi left. A person who has recently died does not have chi. In fact, consider the transition from life to death. What actually changed when a person’s body died? One minute, the person is alive. Next, the person is dead. The most dramatic difference, according to the Chinese, is that the chi leaves the body of the deceased.

If the concept is still hard to grasp, consider houseplants. When they are alive with energy, there is a natural tension that allows the leaves and stems to resist gravity and grow upwards or outwards. However, if the plant begins to die, the chi will gradually leave the plant. You become aware of this as the stems lose their strength and begin to bend, and the leaves lose their stiffness and begin to droop. This can happen before the leaves turn brown. Bending and bending are signs that the plant’s chi is weakening.

The Chinese believe that by engaging in certain chi-building practices, you can gradually strengthen the mind and body to achieve health and longevity, and at the same time, generate so much internal energy that your mind and body become virtually immune. Physiological stress responses and mental processes that arise during elevation.

The Chinese believe that the body has three levels of energy. These are “jing” (generative energy), “chi” (vital energy), and “shen” (soul energy). For purposes of discussion here, all three energies are referred to as chi when discussed as one. All three forces are strong when a healthy, normal child is born. As the child grows into adulthood and eventually into old age, all three powers gradually begin to fade. Jing is lost through excessive sexual activity, Chi is lost through excessive emotional activity, and Shen is lost through excessive mental activity. As this energy is depleted, the body’s overall energy levels decrease, which, for some people, leads to chronic illness. Eventually, for everyone, comes death.

Overall, a normal, healthy baby has more energy (not necessarily physical strength) than anyone of any other age. I remember hearing a story in my youth about Jim Thorpe, a world-class Olympic athlete of the 1910s and 1920s, who was considered the most physically fit man in the world at the time. It is said that he was asked to mimic the baby’s activities for as long as possible. He supposedly collapsed from exhaustion after less than an hour, but the baby was still going strong! Hard to believe? Try it yourself. You’ll be lucky to last ten minutes. Healthy infants are full of chi! We all know people in their thirties who seem to have so little energy that they feel like they are in their seventies. They are chronically ill, often burning the candle at both ends, abusing their bodies and their minds and not spending time rebuilding themselves with healthy habits. These are people who suffer from low libido (low jing levels), chronic fatigue (low chi levels), and mental lethargy or confusion (low shen levels).

Conversely, we know people in their eighties who have boundless energy and love for life. These are people who have learned to carefully manage their energy use and intuitively find ways to change it to grow taller. Obviously, these people (at least in the Western world) have not learned to channelize their energies through Chi Kung methods to grow taller. You, too, can live a long and energetic life without resorting to Chi Kung methods to grow taller. However, the advantage of Chi Kung is that you can achieve the same results, but grow taller by compressing the energy-rebuilding process into a shorter period of time. Most people need three or four hours to rebuild their energy by taking a leisurely walk, fishing, spending time with friends, or whatever they do to rekindle their energy, but you can rebuild just as much energy with fifteen minutes of Chi Kung practice. A day to grow tall.

And by practicing thirty minutes a day, you can generate more energy than you expend, making you healthier instead of less healthy with each passing year! In summary, what Chi Kung does is to restore the three energies that have been lost due to the stresses and strains of everyday life. According to Chinese tradition: Jing is stored in the adrenal cortex and sexual organs. Jing has three basic components. One is the blood and important nutrients carried in the bloodstream along with nutrients to grow taller. The second are hormones, which are secreted by various glands and regulate growth, metabolism, sexuality, immunity and aging. These include male and female hormones as well as sperm and ova. The third is essential (heavy) fluids, such as lymph and joint lubricants, tears, sweat, and urine. Jing is depleted by stress, sexual activity, malnutrition and illness.

Ways to replenish Jing include maintaining a healthy diet, drinking plenty of water, and doing Chi Kung exercises to grow taller. (Most people don’t get enough water. In fact, the most common cause of body deterioration over the years is a lack of adequate hydration. You should drink enough water so that you’re producing clear urine every one to two hours. Of course, you’ll want to stop drinking in the evening so that you can pass through the night. will not remain awake!) is stored in the heart and manifests as breath, heat and pulse. Most emotions, especially with contemplation, are reduced by surprise, anger, sadness/sadness, fear, anxiety, and stress. It can also be reduced by improper breathing technique (short and shallow breaths) and/or breathing polluted air.

Chi can be restored to high levels through healthy food, water, dietary supplements, proper breathing (discussed later), and chi kung practice. Shen resides in the pineal gland (which is located in the brain but is not actually part of the brain). Shen includes all mental faculties, including thought, intuition, spirit, will, and ego. Mental disturbances such as large ego, attachment to objects (possessiveness), frequent mental agitation and narrow-mindedness (closed-mindedness, discrimination, etc.) can make Shen scattered and weak. It can be revived through meditation and chi kung practice to grow taller.

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