All Lymph Flows In One Way System Toward The Benefits of Massage Therapy and Relaxation

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Benefits of Massage Therapy and Relaxation

Inhale, exhale and relax…

The best thing to do after a long day or week at work is to take some time off and recuperate. The most known thing about our lifestyle in this modern era is that many people are under stress; Work deadlines, a busy social life and an even more demanding family life cause your body to become stressed and release the stress hormone, cortisol. Cortisol is known to contribute to sleep deprivation, weight gain, digestive problems, and headaches. Massage therapy is known to reduce these levels of cortisol in the body, therefore contributing to relaxation, improved mood and reduced stress levels in the body. Besides reducing these stress levels, regular massages can help with overall physical and mental health.

Reduces tension, stress, anxiety and depression

The body can function in many different ways and one of the results is stress in our daily life. Reducing the amount of this emotional and physical distress is important to help improve our personal health and well-being. As stress levels rise in your body, so does the hormone cortisol your body produces. When you get a sixty minute massage, it is known to lower cortisol levels, while at the same time increasing levels of the anti-pain hormone serotonin in the body. This change in the hormones your body releases helps you fight feelings of pain, anxiety, and sadness.

It is known that the emotional benefits of massage are just as important as the physical ones. Massage helps provide a relaxing and calming environment, so you can refocus and find clarity. It usually helps a person connect through mind and body. Nurturing touch supports the need for human connection, bringing with it a sense of calm and inner peace. These are all factors that can help relieve stress and tension levels in the body.

Low blood pressure

It has been found that regular massages and consistent sessions help lower blood pressure over time. As cortisol levels decrease, the body is likely to help regulate mood and reduce anxiety, stress, and depression. Massage therapy is often used for pre-hypertension. Long-term studies have shown that massage programs can help lower certain types of blood pressure by lowering levels of the stress-hormone cortisol, and thereby reduce depression and anxiety, among other benefits.

Relax muscle tension

One of the main reasons why people opt for massage is to help relieve painful muscle tension by releasing tension and knots in the muscles. Massaging the muscles and joints by reducing swelling helps in overall relaxation of the body. Techniques used to reduce this swelling and joint pain can increase the amount of nutrition and oxygen to the affected area. Increased tissue activity helps reduce stiffness and swelling in muscles and joints, while flexibility in the area reduces pain. Using massage therapy releases endorphins that increase dopamine and serotonin levels. The release of these hormones helps the body in many ways, both physically and mentally.

Improve blood circulation

Regular massages often have a snowball effect by improving blood circulation in the body. Moving rich healthy blood to damaged tissues. Using the hands to apply pressure to the body can improve circulation by moving blood through damaged and congested tissues and muscles. Feeling the pressure on the muscles helps to get new blood flow to these areas of tissue. Another benefit of massage therapy is that the movement and manipulation of the muscles increases lactic acid in the muscles. This balances the lymph fluid circulation. This system helps transport metabolic waste from internal organs and muscles; Improve overall body function.

Stand tall, improve your posture

When you get a massage, whether it’s a full body massage or just the head, neck and shoulders, the body has a chance to relax, release tension and increase mobility. Often when you’re in a bad position, this relieves tension and gives the muscles a chance to relax. When the muscles relax, your body is able to reset itself to its natural repaired position. Massage helps reduce pressure on the joints. Depending on the type of massage you receive, the masseuse may experience muscle manipulation, helping to release knots and tension in the skeleton, and stretch your body to help you stand up again, which can help improve your posture. Specialist massages such as these should be undertaken under professional guidance and you should consult a chiropractor who has extensive knowledge in this area before proceeding with such activities.

Strengthen the immune system

In our busy lifestyles, the stress on the body caused by poor nutrition and bad sleeping patterns can greatly affect our body and the natural defenses of the immune system, along with all the various benefits we have explored so far in this article. , another benefit of massage therapy is the effects it has on a person’s immune system. We’re all familiar with its positive properties for a person’s health and overall mood, but it’s also known to help the immune system. Massage can help fight common cold and flu symptoms as well as improve immune system function. Massages such as the Swedish massage technique are known to reduce arginine vasopressin, a hormone associated with aggressive behavior, as well as cortisol (the stress hormone) discussed earlier. Benefits and ways to regulate the nervous system, stimulate the blood circulation and lymphatic system. It also helps relieve arthritis and sciatica pain.

Helps to sleep

In order for your body to function at its optimal level and for you to maintain your personal health and well-being, it is imperative that you get enough sleep. To achieve this, adults are advised to get a total of 7 hours a night, while children depend on age, but more than adults. When your body isn’t getting this level of sleep, even though you may think you’re fine, your body isn’t actually functioning at its best in all areas. Symptoms of a lack of sleep in your body can include problems with reduced work performance, slower reaction times and fatigue, and also lower mood and overall health.

Incorporating nutrition and exercise into a person’s lifestyle is often recommended, and sleep quality is one of those factors. The release of cortisol from the body and the tension in the muscles during massage help to reduce the recipient’s aches and pains, helping with increased stress. The calming atmosphere and often essential oils help reduce stress levels in the body, both of which contribute to massage relaxation. With frequent massage therapy, the body is known to be better able to cope with stress, and this results in a better and more restful night’s sleep.

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