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Mental Control Of Physical Reality

When you go to sleep and are in a dreaming state, can you see, hear, touch, smell and taste things? Are the objects you touch as solid as the physical world?

In experience, there is no difference between the dream world and the real world. What you imagine is every bit as real as what you experience in physical reality. There is a way to tell when you are in the dream world. It sounds different, it has a different frequency.

When you are aware that you are dreaming, you are in a lucid dream. You can control the dream according to your will and belief. If it’s possible in a dream, it’s also possible in the real world.

The difference is that the mental plane responds immediately to your thoughts while the physical plane is much less in play. Because the vibrations of physical reality are more subtle and therefore slower to change the gross form of matter.

Things on the physical plane take time to manifest but things on the mental plane manifest instantly the moment they are thought of. The mental plane is not affected by time like the physical plane. A concentration of thoughts sustained over time brings the idea into physical existence.

Everything that exists in an imagination or dream is a personal experience. If an object or person you imagine exists in real reality, the object or person in your mind is a clone of the original. A mental clone is in every way as real as a real object or person.

But if the object or person you imagine does not exist in actual reality, it will be your original creation existing in your mind. Mental creations can eventually manifest into physical reality if they are focused long enough to take the necessary actions to bring them into being.

In quantum physics, consciousness collapses the wave function into particles in time and space. This is how God created the universe. This occurs through the pure condensation of thought waves into other states of matter. But God or a sovereign mind does not need to create things in the physical world directly from thought. Our thoughts usually manifest physically through indirect means.

A goal is first manifested on the mental plane and then action is taken to realize it on the earth plane. Just as consciousness pulls together quanta or energy to create physical objects through direct mental expression, our thoughts also pull together the various materials needed to create objects in the physical world through indirect mental expression.

Things in the physical world manifest through natural patterns of growth. As the seed takes root in the tree from the roots to the stems, branches, leaves, flowers and fruits. It takes time, investment and work. All growth can be rapid, slow, stunted, distorted and vice versa.

When you have a picture of a car that you want to build, focus on it and put all your energy into it, eventually the car will be built.

You start by thinking more and more about the car you have in mind. You let your actions flow with your intentions as you put them into design. You then find the people, materials and resources needed to build the car. Your constant focus sends thought waves that attract the right people to you and you to them.

You all start building the car and refine it until finally the work is done and the car that existed as an idea in your mind before is now a physical reality in front of you. This is how our dreams and desires manifest into physical reality. Concentration is the great secret of mental power.

When you are in a situation where the consequences of your actions are in immediate control, you must focus on what you are doing and do it to the best of your ability. When a situation is beyond your immediate control and there is nothing you can do to physically act on it, you must focus on the right thoughts, visualize what you want to happen and mentally make it happen.

When the object you imagine is a mental clone of an object that exists in real reality, it will affect the actual reality. Your thoughts will influence the thought wave state of the actual thing you are thinking about. This explains why you can influence other people’s behavior with your imagination, and why you can influence physical things with your mind.

This power can be used for good or evil. A voodoo doll is merely a physical symbol for the user to focus his/her imagination on. There is no need for rituals and ceremonies like witchcraft and sorcery because the basic working of things is purely mental. You can only heal a person with your mind as much as you can hurt them. You can gain power over them by the power they think. The same is true for you. Be more positive and less negative.

Of all the seven states of matter, the thought wave is the easiest to affect mentally. The mind is more responsive to thought waves than any other element in the environment. The finer the state, the easier it is to influence. The denser the matter, the harder and more concentrated the effect.

mental movement of the mind. You can mentally move towards or away from people by wanting them to come to you or stay away from you. You can think what you want them to feel or what you want them to feel based on the thought waves you send them.

Mental movement of the beam. There is darkness about some places or people. The negative thought waves generated by them affect the electromagnetic waves or light sources around them. Other places or people are glowing or shining brightly in their faces and presence. The effect is both psychic and electromagnetic.

Mental movement of air. People’s thoughts and moods can affect their surroundings. There are situations when the air behaves in a turbulent manner in response to its own mental turmoil. There are times when the atmosphere is very calm and peaceful because you are in a state of inner peace and tranquility.

Mental movement of water. Dr Emoto discovered that water crystals take shape according to the characteristics of words and prayers. He discovered that water can be “cured” or changed by our thoughts. He filled water bottles and wrote different words on them. When water was shown different words such as “gratitude” or “stupid”, he was fascinated by the differences created in the crystal.

The most beautiful, complex image comes from the words “Angel, Wisdom, You are Beautiful, Thank You, Love and Gratitude.” The words “Satan, you fool, fool and kill” evoked vague, confused and dark images. Water crystals are structures and images of imparted vibrations,” he explains. “By and large, positive vibrations represent well-formed water crystals and have a higher crystallization rate than others commonly known as negative vibrations.”

If water can respond to our thoughts, so can everything else in the universe. Is water really alive? Water is just water as oxygen is oxygen. Water has no cells, it is just the basic form of matter. If everything is alive, it can respond to you and obey when you command. Everything is really conscious, living energy. Our thoughts actually affect the physical world.

Our thoughts can affect the molecules of the physical things around us. Ever wondered why the same electronic product in one person’s possession works better than another? Think of the huge impact this invaluable understanding can have on the world of warranties and guarantees! We literally have the power to make things last longer and perform better.

Think about how your thoughts, words, labels affect your body, your clothes, your furniture, your belongings and every aspect of your life! They have the power to preserve, enhance and destroy.

Solid objects are the most difficult to mentally move because they are the densest state of matter. Mental force is more skillful to move solid objects with the mind than other states of matter.

As long as you perceive yourself as moving something that is separate from you, you will not be able to do that. All separation is an illusion. The entire universe and everything in it is a continuous flow of pure energy at the quantum level which is consciousness and mind. Every person or thing is an aspect of the same energy of God that we all share.

It is believed that what affects objects to move and all objects are energy. When you think of moving “that pencil” or “that door” or “that candle flame” or “that” anything; It will not be possible to move it. When we move anything, we always move an aspect of ourselves. such as hands or feet. Since everything is ultimately thought waves in different states, and thought waves are the mind, it is the mind that moves.

Mind over matter is really mind over mind.

Therefore telekinesis, also known as “psychokinesis”, can be defined as: “the process of moving an aspect of oneself by influencing energy using the power of the mind”.

Emotion or frequency is how we interact with things. This is how psychokinesis works. We put our mind in a mental state or frequency that is in sync with the object to move. If you want an apple to float across the room, you just say to the apple “Hey apple! I command you to float across the room!”? No. It is an internal frequency or feeling that moves us.

Understanding your sixth sense unlocks your supernatural potential. If you know, you can try. Energy can flow in two directions, in and out.

It is easier to influence things in a dynamic state than in a static state. Things in a dynamic state are already in the process of changing from one state to another. Objects in motion are constantly in motion and require less force to redirect. It takes a lot of energy to move an object at rest.

But the truth is that all limitations are mental. The only thing stopping you is the mind. The only thing that frees you is the mind. You are the mind. Are you restricting or liberating yourself? All obstacles are mental obstacles. Remember there are no rules, no limits. If you can believe that all things will be equal in your ability to mentally move them. Moving a mountain is as easy as moving a grain of sand.

There is no limit to the power of the mind. The entire universe is the infinite mind of God, and as sons and daughters of God we are blessed with the same infinite powers of mind.

Remember, our ability to affect matter with our mind is controlled by the Universal Mind. We can only affect matter by how our thoughts align with the flow of life and other mind forces. It’s easier to influence them in the direction they’re going than the opposite.

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