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Quotations #7

*It is not proper to adorn the corpse of a friend. Hazlitt.

*In friendship your heart is like a bell every time your friend is in trouble. Henry Ward Beecher.

*Friendship of the dearest thing in nature cannot be compared to this beloved thing. Jeremy Taylor.

*As I returned to his door, his love met me at the threshold, and his noble peace comforted and soothed me. William Winter.

*The friendship that makes the least noise is often the most useful; For which reason I should prefer a discreet friend to a zealous one. Edison.

*I would rather pay for the private honor and love of one than the praise of ten thousand. WR Alger.

*We are so alone in this world; There are those who love you, cling to them and thank God. Thackeray.

*That friendship is true only when two friends can enjoy being together without speaking a word to each other. George Ebbers.

*In my opinion the greatest demonstration of true friendship is when a friend endeavors to advance his friend before himself in respect of honor, dignity, intelligence, or learning. Jeremy Taylor.

*Where financial interests appear, friendship retires, what is infamy? Whether you take money from me, or give it, this transaction is as dangerous as the bonds of our old friendship. William Smith.

*[Friends] Write their names in our albums, but they do so much more, they help make us who we are. So be careful while choosing them; And never abandon them when chosen wisely. M. Hillbird.

*Let me borrow your metaphor. Friendship is a vase, which, when defective by heat or violence or accident, breaks at once; Then it can never be trusted. The more beautiful and ornamental they were, the more clearly we recognize the despair of restoring them to their former state. Coarse stones, if fractured, can be re-cemented; Precious stones, ever. Landor.

*Young, raw, and self-tempered people think love an easy thing to get, and value their own friendship as the fixed price of a man; But when experience shows them the hardness of most hearts, the hollowness of others, and the meanness and ingratitude of almost all, they will see that a true friend is a gift of God, and that he who made the heart can be one. South of them.

*Oh! Christians must stand at the gates of eternity with more work on their hands than their time, and yet fill their heads and hearts with trifles. John Flavel.

*Frugality may be called the daughter of prudence, the sister of temperance and the parent of liberty. Johnson Dr.

*Frugality combined with generosity is good. First is dropping unnecessary expenses; The last is to give them for the benefit of others in need. Covetousness arises from the last without the first; The last without the first, gives rise to extravagance. William Penn.

*Nothing great is produced suddenly, as neither grapes nor figs. If you tell me now that you want a fig, I will tell you that it will take time: first let it blossom, then bear fruit, and then let it ripen. Epictetus.

*The best preparation for the future is the present well seen, the last duty fulfilled. George McDonald.

*Another life, if it were no better, would be less a promise than a threat. J. Petit-Sen.

*The earth of her scarred face symbolizes the past; Air and heaven, future. Collieries.

* There is no divine rod whose dip will tell you what you like best at thirty. NP Willis.

*How narrow is our soul when we are absorbed in anything good or bad! Thinking about the future is what makes them great. Richter.

*As much as we improve ourselves, we can improve our future state. leaves

*May you live undisturbed and pass many happy years unknown to fame; And friendly friends too. Ovid.

*Do not look mournfully at the past, it does not return; Wisely mend the present, it is thine; Don’t be afraid of the dark future and go forward to meet Purushartha. Longfellow.

*Hope for his happiness in the next world to be with Raphael, Mozart and Goethe A.N. But if they want to be with him, how can they be happy? Auerbach. (Something to think about for us!)

* The divine wisdom, intending to detain us for a time on earth, has done well to conceal the hope of a future life; For if our sight could clearly discern the opposite shore, who would stay on this stormy shore? Madame de Stael.

* A brave man is above evil words. Selden.

*It is not what we take in this world but what we leave behind that makes us rich. Bitch

*If a man is to be truly measured by what he does, it must be by what he gives. South.

*Men of good character feel happiest when others share their happiness with them. Duncan.

*All my experience in the world teaches me that in ninety-nine cases out of a hundred the safe side and the just side of the question are the generous side and the kind side. Mrs. Jameson.

*It is good to be selfless and generous; But don’t take it too far. He will not work to melt himself down for the sake of low-trade; You just need to know where to find yourself. George Eliot.

* Genius, without work, is surely a dumb oracle; And it is unquestionably true that men of the highest genius have always been found among the most enterprising, industrious, and purposeful men—their chief characteristic apparently being their power to labor more intensely and effectually than others. Samuel Smile.

*In manner, be careful to speak softly, gently, kindly, and lovingly. Even if you have occasion to censure, be careful to do so with evident kindness. The result will be immeasurably better. Jose Ballou.

*In gifts, there is nothing better to offer a friend than a beautiful book. Amos Bronson Alcott.

*The heart of the giver makes the gift dear and precious. Luther.

*Every gift, however small, is truly great if given with love. Pindar.

*Posthumous charity is the essence of selfishness, which would do nothing differently while alive. Colton.

*Fear the man who does not fear God. Abdul-al-Qadir.

* God torments the thorn lamb with wind. Lawrence Stern.

*He rides the storm and walks on the wind. Pope.

*You awaken us to praise you; For you have made us for yourself, and our hearts are restless to rest in you. Augustine.

*God’s rain is on those who are burned with sorrow; God is Surya for a face full of tears. Joseph Roux.

*It is as easy for God to supply your small and great needs, as it is in His power to create a system or an atom, to create a blazing sun to light a firefly lamp. Thomas Guthrie.

*When we tear down the deity of our tradition and turn away from the deity of our rhetoric, God can set the heart on fire with His presence. Emerson.

*The Almighty has sown His name in the glittering stars in the sky, but on earth He has sown His name in tender flowers. Richter.

*Let us always remember that God has never promised to fulfill our desires, but only our needs as they arise day by day. Alexander Dixon.

*As the face is made beautiful by the light of the soul, so the world is made beautiful by the light of God. Jacoby.

*One of my favorite thoughts is that God reveals himself in all wise, good, humble, generous, great and generous men. Lavater.

* God’s commandments are the iron door of entrance into Himself. To keep them is to open them and reveal His great love. Samuel Willoughby Duffield.

*God rules over men; And if a sparrow cannot fall to the ground without his notice, a kingdom cannot rise without his help. Benjamin Franklin.

*Tell me that there are three candles and one light in this room, and I will explain to you the method of divine existence. John Wesley.

*He did very little of sacraments and priests, because God was very real to him. What should he do with a lens thus flooded with sunlight? Phillips Brooks.

*Those who reject God destroy the nobility of man; Because some man is like an animal in his body. And if he is not like God in his spirit, he is an ignorant creature. Bacon.

*God’s treasury, where he stores the gifts of his children, will be like the many storehouses of a mother’s children’s remains, filled with things of no value to others, but precious in his sight for the love that is in them. Fenelon.

*Christians will sometimes be led to walk a lonely path. God seems to have cut off his props, that he might reduce him to himself. His religion should be felt as a personal, specific, rightful property. He must feel that there is only one Jehovah to bless, just as he must feel that there is only one penitent in the universe to be blessed by Him. Richard Cecil.

*Day and night, every moment there are voices about us. All talk as the hours pass; And every event has a message for us; And all our circumstances speak to us; But it is in divine language, that worldliness misunderstands, selfishness fears, and only God’s children hear rightly and gladly. Wm. Mountford.

*God should not be worshiped with sacrifices and blood; What joy would he have in the slaughter of innocents? But with a pure heart, with good and honest intentions. Temples should not be built for him with high stones; God should reside in everyone’s heart. Seneca.

*Do you feel like you’ve lost your way in life? Then God will show you your way. Are you completely helpless, exhausted, body and soul? Then God’s eternal love is ready and willing to help you, and revive you. Are you tired of doubt and fear? Then God’s eternal light is ready to show you your way; God’s eternal peace is ready to give you peace. Do you feel yourself full of sin and guilt? Then take heart; Because God’s unchanging will is to remove those sins and cleanse you from them. Charles Kingsley.

*Man is very mad; He can’t make a flea, and yet he’ll be making a dozen gods. Montaigne.

* Poison is drunk from a golden cup. Seneca.

* As the treasure increases, so do the dangers. Johnson Dr.

*You know that both the ark of Israel and the calf of Belial were of gold. Ouidah.

*Good manners is the art of putting people with whom we interact at ease. The one who upsets the least people is the best bred in the company. agile

*Excellent breeding is the result of much good intelligence, some good nature, and a little self-sacrifice for the benefit of others and with a view to equal enjoyment from them. Chesterfield.

*Sin writes history, goodness is silent. Gote.

* The warp of evil is woven in the web of good. Manilius.

*Don’t just be good; Be something good. Thoreau.

*Each day should be marked by at least one specific act of love. Lavater.

*How far that little candle throws its rays! So a good deed shines in a mischievous world. Shakespeare.

* He who does good for good’s sake seeks neither praise nor reward, though ultimately both are assured. William Penn.

*No good book, or good thing of any kind, shows its best face in the beginning. Carlyle.

*How imperishably good grows and propagates itself even when caught in the clutches of evil. Carlyle.

*Everything in man develops best when properly identified. JG Holland.

*A good man is kinder to his enemy than a bad man. Bishop Hall.

*As I know more of mankind, I expect less of them, and I am ready to call a man a good man on simpler terms than before. Johnson Dr.

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