Air Flow From A Tube Into An Infinite Space Crystal Orgone Ond Generator How To Use It Combined With the Laws Of Quantum Physics Improve Life

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Crystal Orgone Ond Generator How To Use It Combined With the Laws Of Quantum Physics Improve Life

Attract health/wealth and happiness using a combination of quantum physics and orgone technology.

Quantum physics tells us that what we think we create our own reality. Our thoughts create our future. If we want health/wealth and happiness, we should think like this. The problem is that we cannot keep these thoughts active in our minds for any length of time.

Using the science of orgone generators we can keep our thoughts alive in the quantum ocean continuously until they manifest in our lives.

One such device is an ond orgone generator. There are 5 DT crystals in the base of this powerful orgone generator.

Free your home from all negative vibrations. This will help you attract wealth. Clear your mind of disturbing and distracting vibrations from cell phones, ELF towers and TV and computer radiation. It will help you find peace of mind and bring your body’s emotional frequency in line with nature.

The Ond Orgone Device generates life force, a simple radionics device.

The radionics device allows direct transfer of life force from the infinite universal reservoir, now known as the Quantum Ocean (Mind of God). This life force is then modulated (shaped) through healing (symbolism, radionics setting, photo, etc.). For the target — you.

Life force has many names such as prana, chi, mana, ond, odic, animal magnitude etc.

Construction of Ond Orgone Device

The movement of two areas of life force relative to each other creates additional life force. This is like moving two pieces of copper wire through a magnetic field—electricity is generated. The ond orgone device uses copper BBs and a proportion of non-metallic resins. Attracts a life force. The other puts it back.

This push – the pull of the life force fields creates additional life force. An embedded crystal wrapped in a copper coil sets off a pulse generator that sets the harmonic earth resonant frequency.

The CONIC PYRAMID, a sacred geometric form, provides the space (matrix) for the interaction of life force fields. It also modulates outgoing waves. A person standing near an ond orgone machine will draw this life force into their aura. A structural link to a person (hair, blood or photo) will also draw this life force. All harmful EMF vibrations near an Ond Orgone Generator will be transformed into good life energy.

Theory of Operation

Electricity, magnetism, gravity, elf waves, cell phones, radioactivity, etc. are all invisible energies at the physical level of existence. They give off all the vibrations. Some of these man-made vibrations are harmful to humans. Wilhelm Reich called them DOR (lethal orgone). The strength of these EMF forces decreases with the square of the distance traveled. The life force is also invisible, but on a higher plane. It is not man-made and can also be mentally directed. The great shamans, medicine men, and healers of all time used their minds to heal and send life force into disabilities. Many sensitive people can feel this power.

This life force does not travel through three dimensional space like EMF waves. It moves through hyper-space through structural links. The more precise the link, the stronger the flow of life force.


If life force is applied to a strand of your hand through a radionic device, life force will enter you no matter the distance. It is the similarity of structures that determines the transfer of life force, not physical distance. Since your hair (DNA) is the same structure as your body (DNA), life force is easily transferred. Healing begins, wealth begins to flow to you, happiness begins within.

Psychic Radionics

Magic through the ages is no more than the projection of life force concentrated by the human mind. Sorcerers, shamans, healers all had a will of concentrated psychic power to sustain these magical processes. Today we don’t have that discipline, we need help.

The Ond Orgone Device is a simple radionics device and will allow us all to become modern day magicians. It will provide concentrated life force. We just need to provide treatment signs and targets.

Protection from harmful EMF waves

Life force is created when you interact with two life force fields. Ond Orgone device will provide a force field, DOR or EMF waves from powerlines, cell phones, computers, TV sets. ELF Towers, entering your home will act as a second field. The interaction of these two areas will create extra good vitality.

Additionally the DOR field will be absorbed by the orgone device. This process will be similar to how your home air cleaner works. This is similar to the way a tree takes in bad air and gives out good air.

The orgone generator will act as a simple radionics device where you can attract health, wealth and happiness to yourself using the right symbols. I prefer to use runes. And this will help rid your home of harmful DOR waves.

Programming your Orgone device

Wilhelm Reich demonstrated that a mixture of organic materials (plastic resin, clay, wood, cotton, etc.) and metal forms a matrix that attracts and captures orgone energy. (life force)

When you add a ‘crystal’ to the combination, due to the inherent nature of the crystal, you can now program your Ond Orgone device. You can mentally program a crystal to direct orgone energy toward a specific task, goal, or desire. An ond orgone device is a simple radionics device. Radionic devices generate orgone energy and send it to a target. The conical pyramid shape (sacred geometric cube) provides a woking matrix (field) for the ond orgone generator to absorb the ‘DOR’ (deadly orgone energy) into it and transform it into positive orgone energy.

Your mental strength

Since everything we see on the physical plane is first of all in the Quantum Ocean or Mind of God (nature) or created by the mind of man, we can use our mind power, our mental powers to enhance the operational process of our Ond Orgone. Generator. (What one man can do, another can do!)

Charging or programming your orgone generator with your psychic powers, for a specific goal:

Hold the orgone device in front of your solar plexus with both hands. You can sit or stand. Take a deep breath and breathe in this universal healing creative energy through the top of your head (pituitary gland).

Try it this way:

With the orgone generator in hand, breathe in the sun’s white sparkling creative light spiral. Remember that even though it is night time where you are, the sun is still shining somewhere. And for our purposes the Sun is the supreme source of creative, healing energy that we need to create our goals and influence our reality. Breathe in this bright, spiraling energy and mentally say to yourself:

“I am now breathing the divine creative, healing sun energy into every cell of my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body.!”

With eyes closed, hold this powerful energy within you. Then very slowly, you exhale, letting this energy out through your third eye (the pineal gland in the center of your forehead). You mentally pour it into the crystal in the Ond Orgone device you hold in your hands. Now you will program your orgone generator with your willpower and psychic energy. You will begin to co-create what you want and need in your life.

“With the power of my orgone generator I am now manifesting perfect health in my life.


“I am now clearing all my house (EMF waves, elf waves, negative radionic waves, TV vibrations, computer vibrations, cell phone vibrations, negative thoughts, emotions and feelings and emotions) transmitting power of my On-Orgone Generator.

“All the doors in my house are now transformed into positive creative, healing energy”.

or :

“With the power of my orgone generator I am now attracting wealth and abundance into my life”

Birth-death breath

Remember the entire universe vibrates and pulsates with many rhythms. By breathing in healing, infusing creative orgone from the top of your head (pituitary gland) and the front of your head (pineal gland), you are contacting the creative enemies of the universe. In-out, in-out, in-out. Birth – death, birth – death, birth – death. You are bringing the unmanifested pure creative energy from its highest level and using it to create on the physical level, the lowest level. Allegorically speaking, you are bringing heaven to earth! Since the crystal is multi-faceted, you can program many mental thoughts into it. You can use symbols (runes, astrological signs, etc.) remedies (homeopathic remedies, Bach flower remedies, colors, etc.) to help define your goals more precisely.

Man is an immortal soul, not just a physical body

Program your orgone device with the power of your will and mind. Man is much more than a physical body. He is an immortal soul who lives within the confines of a physical body to experience life on earth. It is not a physical body that has a soul. He is a soul who has created a physical body. He was given the power by the Creator (God, the Grand Architect of the Universe) to co-create his own reality and, to some extent, destiny.

Awaken Your Power Now! The power of your pituitary and pineal glands has been dormant for a long time. They are God-given tools to help you co-create. The function of the pituitary gland, which sits at the top of your head, is to bring the higher creative forces into your personal reality. To help you communicate with beings at higher levels of consciousness. To bring you wisdom, which is far superior to knowledge than mathematics. The function of the pineal gland in the center of your forehead is to help you direct these higher energies into your personal physical reality and allow you to co-create.

Once you awaken these dormant glands you will experience the synapse. This synapse is the spark that will connect your pituitary to your pineal glands. This will not be a physical connection but a higher dimensional connection.. This connection is known as Universal Consciousness. It is within you, not without (the kingdom of heaven is within!). You will bring creative energy down and send it out.

“As above so below!”

How long does it take using the orgone machine and your pineal-pituitary circuit to manifest what you want in your life? How thick is the wall of negative programming within us? What programming have you allowed inside you? Is programming stopping wealth, abundance, health and happiness in your life?

No matter how thick this wall is, the power of your ond-orgone generator and your pineal-pituitary circuit will slowly, surely and steadily break through it. A miner deep in the earth has to drill holes through thick rock to get gold. Gold is, exists. You have health, wealth and abundance. They exist in the divine blueprint that is the blueprint for your life. Happiness, health and wealth are gifts from God the Creator. They are your inheritance. A giant oak tree has a blueprint inside a tiny acorn and only grows on it. You too have a Divine Blueprint and with the help of your Ond Orgone Generator and these simple instructions you can enhance your happy future.

A warning again!!! As you exercise your new co-creation powers, remember: “You can have a million things and not a million things.”

Choose wisely!

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