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Top 50 White Rappers of All Time

Having been an avid hip hop fan for 27 years, I decided to compile a list of the 50 baddest white boys to ever hold a microphone. I know sometimes white rappers get a bad rap! This article and list is my personal opinion, but I think it’s a pretty good place on the list. It’s in no particular order and I can’t put everyone here, so I used my best judgment from mainstream music to underground.

Again this is in no particular order! A list of only 50.

1 Eminem – Hate him or love him, he’s lyrically insane and the greatest rapper ever!

2 Slug – Again…hate him or love him he’s crazy about singing and the greatest white MC ever!

3 EL-P – Tremendous MC. End of story… no wait! Probably top 3 white mc of all time!

4 Cage – Started off as a dope MC, now he’s better than that.

5 Copyright – Anyone Need a Dope Punch Line? Shining Boy from Ohio!

6 MC Chris – Stupid? Yes! skills? Yes and he is very interesting too

7 Necro -Devil with Mike! Necro takes horrorcore to another level!

8 Adeem – From mc battles to albums, Glue is the man. Great live performance too.

9 3rd Bass – Don’t Forget Our History People! The first to put vanilla ice on a blast! Pop pop goes…

10 Aesop Rock – Top 3 Best White Boy Conversations!

11 Diabolic – Full of ego, he can back up every word he spits! Fight or wax!

12 Sage Francis – The John Lennon of Hip Hop. Dynamic, creative and one of the best ever!

13 Vinnie Paz – Yes he has mad skills and can actually mind control a Jedi!

14 Okwerdz – Battle Rappers Can’t Make Music? He’s starting to turn that tide and help bring Callie back!

15 Depression – Wizard on the Mic,. Funny, rough, did whatever it took. It’s done!

16 Sick Bill – Necro’s brother, what would you expect without sick evil rhymes on the mic!

17 DZK – Mr. Internet earns his fans 1 at a time, the old fashioned way! When it’s on, it’s beast mode!

18 Haystak – Earned all his stripes the hard way. Many years and many albums. Also many fans!

19 Ideas – Wow! From the humble beginnings of Scribble Jam to the original album! The eye is a man!

20 Beastie Boys – Never Forget Our Past Again! Some truly classic albums under their belts!

21 Mac Lethal – They Rap in Kansas City? Brilliant delivery and songwriting! Not too shabby when fighting!

22 Jamie Madrox – Worst Lyricist On Psychopathic Records! It’s not a gimmick! He has skills for days!

23 Mysteries – Creative, funny, true songwriters.

24 The Saurus – Battle Wraps galore. Some good songs too. Helping Fresh Shores Make a Comeback!

25 Lil Wyte – Over 250,000 indie sales of his debut album, with no marketing! Game over!

26 Dirtball – Now officially a member of KMK, he will continue to surprise fans with solid content.

27th The Rugged Man – This man is always underrated! He is a real beast!

28 Grayskull – Probably unknown to some of you, highly skilled MC.

29 Ryu – Demigodz- He and the rest of his crew just murder microphones

30 Mini Thin – What are they putting in the moonshine in West Virginia? This hillbilly rapper melts the mic!

31 Self Title – Often overlooked and underrated, it’s the complete package of pen and delivery. Credit to FL.

32 JoJo Pelingrino -Haven’t heard from Joey in a while, but he’s been putting out a lot of solid material in NYC.

33 The Alchemist – The Creator Mike also shines with extravagance and warmth.

34 Blaze is another solid performer in Dead Homie – Psycho. Never sleep on this guy!

35 Solutions – White boy from the Wu Tang clan? Nuff said!

36 Big B – Great MC who has carved a great lane for himself. Really talented! A left bank gem!

37 Illmaculate – MC’s sickest battle ever and his songs keep getting stronger!

38 Yelawulf – The only guy in Alabama making noise and he’s big! He has skill and wisdom for days!

39 Prozac – Strange Music! How can anyone argue with the skill that comes from that camp!

40 Kno – Cnninlynguists- versatility, humor, stage presence and kills the mic!

41 Evidence – Dilated People – Impressive skills everywhere. Solid resume and rep!

42 Bubba Sparxxx – Haven’t heard much from him lately, though that’s the day. Really talented.

43 Asher Roth – Please don’t judge this man on his first album. His freestyles are better than that!

44 Iron Solomon – NY Battle Dawn! Some solid tracks and a commanding presence!

45 Non Phixion – If you don’t know, you’ve been hiding under a rock!

46 The Streets – The only non-American member on the list. (UK) Some people don’t get it, I understand!

47 Boondocks – Georgia’s Scarecrow, murders the tracks when he’s on and he’s psychotic!

48 Yak Balls – Excellent delivery, punch and comedic flow. Great MC.

49 Paul Wall – Mr. Bling Grill put out some solid material, haven’t heard much in a while, still got time!

50 Cottonmouth Kings – The West Coast version of ICP but hey rap much better and get much higher!

So that’s my list of the top 50 white MCs. Some you know for sure, some you may be sleeping on, I promise everyone on these are great and deserve to listen or buy the album. I would appreciate comments and anyone else’s insight on who you would add to the list.

Please stay tuned for some of my future articles, worst rapper ever! Top 10 Songwriters of All Time, Biggest Flop Albums of All Time and Top 10 Female MCs of All Time!

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