Absence Of Energy Flow In Some Areas Of Life Do You Have a Personal Strategy For Avoiding Stress And Failure?

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Do You Have a Personal Strategy For Avoiding Stress And Failure?

“You’re underestimating—stress?”

Just ten years ago it was a prevailing scientific principle that the brain you entered the world with was the one you would ever see. Adults lose neurons every day, but that’s okay because we have a billion of them in our mental treasury. No one but a researcher at Princeton University believed that the brain continues to grow new neurons throughout life.

Dr. Elizabeth Gould challenged the international medical establishment by showing clear evidence that neurogenesis (the regeneration of nerve cells) is an ongoing phenomenon.

She is still conducting primary research at Princeton, while neurogenesis is an international field of study.

Google: Neurogenesis; neuroplasticity

The moral of the story is that good-deed wins gold, no matter the opposition, your gender or totem-pole hierarchy. It was her commitment, persistence and determination that rewrote scientific institutions.



About stress Dr. Gould believes that chronic stress alters the anatomy of their brains, leading to poor learning and memory.

Poverty is one of the causes of chronic stress, and children growing up in slums miss out on their American dream because their brains don’t work to grow new brain cells.

Yes indeed.

Stress causes the production of steroids called glucocorticoids, which are toxic to neurons.

It weakens, and destroys brain cells. This causes neuronal dendrites to wither, impairing learning and memory. Our hippocampus is affected by stress and does not form long-term memories.

Once again – poverty is not a character issue for people who are lazy or refuse to learn. Poverty is associated with a sterile environment and experiences negative feelings about one’s ability to achieve and succeed. The general rule is

Children who grow up in poverty don’t fit in with their rich cousins.

Most middle-income families provide an environment more conducive to more than just a survival mindset. Visits to museums, access to the Internet, guides with track-records of success create a lifetime roadmap to follow.

Family values ​​that education is economically viable, that parents read leisurely, motivate children to learn and grow. A lack of role models that require homework and dedicated daily study is a cause of childhood depression. This leads to early leakage and loss of commercial options.

Survey: Stress is just an excuse

The majority of participants in the leading survey believe that stress is not an excuse

Taking personal responsibility and running away from work.

A team led by The Journal of Achievement in Medicine published an article

Dr. Glenn Wren says: The Physical and Psychological Effects of Compassion

and anger.

The gist is this: Negative emotions such as anger, fear, anxiety, and panic change

The mental and physical chemical balance of our brain and body. Lack of social-bonding, the absence of companionship and modeling by adults, contributes

A lifetime of social-distancing. You already know the result.

Did you know that the immune systems, antibodies, and neuropeptides of children and adults who experience chronic stress, such as poverty, are disproportionately susceptible to disease and die before their natural age?

good part

Did you know that a stressed brain can create a cascade of neurons and strengthen the immune system at any stage of life?

It involves brain exercises and mental strategy rituals based on a rich environment. These include manual, cognitive and mental activities to stimulate general learning and memory functions. Playing chess, bridge, even poker

The need for planning and analysis supports active neurogenesis.

Regular viewing and participation in TV shows, such as Jeopardy and Discovery Channel, challenges viewers to learn and remember. Regular use of A

Computers, net surfing are important teachers that carry individual youngsters.

Statistics show that the cliché, use-it-or-lose-it, is a reality.

People who keep a diary of what they have learned in the past week,

Improve their vocabulary daily and prepare those who enroll in seminars

Rituals leading to renewed mental growth.

Speed ​​Reading Strategies

Statistics based on two million adults and students show that largely individual

Growth occurs within twenty one days of practice. triple the speed reading,

Memory doubles, perception and concentration increases up to fifteen percent.

Two-Minute BIS(TM) Behavioral Intelligence Strategies

Guru offers this tested and proven mudra (hand movement).

Increase your chi (pronounced chi), increase energy, and

Immediate reduction in stress. Test jitters, a prior nervous

This simple application cuts the interview or presentation down to 85%

BIS takes only two minutes.

He calls it Prana Mudra, we know it as the V for Victory symbol.

Step 1: Please sit down, feet flat on the floor, shoulders back on the chair.

Eyes open, your left hand is on top of your left leg.

Step 2: Take a deep diaphragmatic breath; Hold for the count of five,

(one-one-thousand, two-one-thousand, etc.), and exhale slowly.

Step 3: Touch the tips of your right pinky, ring-finger and thumb,

while making the V-for-Victory sign with the other two fingers. Increase your

Slowly open and close the right hand and your fist

The first one minute of this exercise. This is about a dozen times. Keep the senses awake

on the tips of your three fingers, and the pointer and middle finger spread out in a V sign.

Step 4: Double the benefit of this strategy by maintaining a duken (eyes and mouth), smile, throughout the entire two-minute period. Your endorphins flow up to four

A few hours after you finish and maintain a stress-free state of mind.

Step 5: Now close your eyes for another minute of this BIS.

Lift your left arm off your leg and duplicate the same arm movement

your right hand Now you raise both arms in a V for victory sign, co

The thumb, pinky and fingers of the right hand open and close for the last minute.

Visualize both your hands mentally while doing physical exercises at the same time.

You’re activating your mirror-neurons and doubling the benefits of relaxation

The strategy is to look creatively and physically.

Step 6: Your eyes will open in a few seconds. Mentally say and listen

In your mind’s ear – expression – and so it is! Hear them excitedly say,

And you’ll maintain a positive outlook for up to four hours after you’re done.

It raises your vibrational-frequency for a continuous flow of target-affirming energy.

final word

Chronic stress is a silent killer because it opens us up to diseases and shortens our lifespan. This is not an opinion, but Dr. It is a scientific research done by Hans Selye

Over thirty years, and still going today.

Is it worth your two minutes to maintain a high energy level of vitality?

meet again,

Copyright © 2006

H. Bernard Wechsler



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