Abraham Hicks Let Go And Go With The Flow New Book Teaches How to Attract Money Through Thought and Action

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New Book Teaches How to Attract Money Through Thought and Action

Almost a century ago, a brilliant man, Napoleon Hill, decided to study how some of America’s most successful people—people like Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, and Andrew Carnegie—got their great ideas and became successful entrepreneurs and businesspeople. What he discovered has amazed people ever since and inspired thousands to believe in the power of thought. Over the years, Napoleon Hill’s classic Think and Grow Rich inspired people like Norman Vincent Peale and Jerry Hicks. Ray Higdon is no less inspired, and now Higdon has written a modern version of Think and Grow Rich in his new book Vibrational Money Immersion: Think and Grow Rich for Network Marketers.

Higdon quotes extensively from Napoleon Hill, but what sets this new book apart from Hill’s classic is that it takes Hill’s ideas and applies them to the twenty-first century, and specifically to the area of ​​network marketing as a means of attracting the kind of success and money people crave. Higdon also shares many of his personal stories about how believing in and adopting a positive mindset helped him achieve success.

It’s a cloud-within-the-clouds kind of book about imagining wealth. Rather, Higdon, who has flat broke twice in his life and achieved huge financial success, says with great honesty that in addition to imagining the lifestyle and wealth we want, we need to take action. He says, “What are we talking about in this whole book? We’re talking about raising your vibrational level for money. Persistence is a necessary ingredient to raise that vibrational part, to turn desire into its financial equivalent.” While Higdon clearly believes in the law of attraction, he also knows that you can’t get something for nothing. You don’t just have to tell the universe what you want, you have to decide what you’re willing to do to get it, and plan ahead for when you’ll have it. As he wisely points out, most people who win the lottery end up worse off than before because you don’t get something for nothing, and once they get it they don’t plan what to do with their money.

For Higdon, the solution to what to do in return for the money you attract is network marketing and real estate in particular; He has been very successful in real estate. Of course, many people put off network marketing, believing it doesn’t work or not understanding why some people try it and fail. Higdon responds to this concern by saying that those results “have to do with people’s relationship with money, how they view money, how they view rich people, and how they view successful people.” Higdon explains that many people focus on their lack of money instead of envisioning it; Furthermore, they have a poverty mentality that believes they can’t earn money so they give up before they even give themselves a chance. But Higdon’s book can help people break that cycle by providing them with the tools they need to shift their thought processes into a prosperity mindset. As Higdon’s friend Mark Howerson once said—and this is one of the most powerful sentences in the entire book—”Your poverty serves no one.”

Some of the tools Higdon offers readers include learning how to stop using the past to hold you back from a successful future and how to use the power of affirmations to successfully change your poverty mindset. Everything else you want in life.

To me, one of the most insightful statements Higdon made was “Knowledge is not power.” Many people chase education, read many books and attend many seminars, thinking they will find the secrets of success there – and they may, but many of them are only fooling themselves. Being busy equals being productive. He quotes Napoleon Hill to support this point: “Knowledge is only potential power. It becomes power only when, and only if, it is organized into definite plans of action and directed to definite ends. This “missing link” in all systems is the “missing link” of today. Education known as civilization, educational institutions may fail to teach their students how to organize and use knowledge once they have acquired it.”

Perhaps my favorite part of this book is Higdon’s focus on the power of imagination. He tells us that we must separate what we want from our present reality: “A lot of people are just observing what is in their lives. They say, ‘Hey, I’m telling it like it is.’ Well, telling it like it is keeps it as it is. Justifying where you are keeps you where you are. It takes no imagination to see your current bank account. It’s about developing that idea, believing that you deserve more. Bigger, better, and more. That evolution of the synthetic will let you tap into the creative.”

Higdon discusses many other tools that help people develop imaginations and use them to attract money, but the one that caught my attention the most, and which borrows from Hill, is the idea of ​​invisible advisors to help us. He asks us to imagine who we want to seek advice from—someone we admire for their success, and especially those we admire for the traits that helped them achieve those success-traits. For example, if we want to be more persistent, we can choose a famous athlete as a consultant. If we want to be kind, we can choose Jesus. We can imagine these counselors gathering with us, communicating with us. For me, the idea of ​​”What would Jesus do?” The question and put on steroids “What would Gandhi do in this situation?” “What would Andrew Carnegie do in this situation?” “What would Abraham Lincoln do?” I absolutely love this idea and have started to use it in my life as a writer by thinking about what other writers can do, not just writers I admire as great writers, but successful entrepreneurs like Charles Dickens. I greatly admire people in other professions for their personal faith and courage.

Higdon concludes the discussion on invisible mentors by explaining, “Often people look at successful people and say, ‘Well, if I only had their money,’ or ‘If I only had this or that.'” You realize that all you have is their mindset. , want their attitude and a little bit of their knowledge? That’s what you want, so that’s what you should ask for.” I am going to ask for the same and apply later, trusting that the money will be needed.

The Vibrational Money Immersion is packed with more information on how to develop a prosperity mindset so you take inspired action to keep money flowing to you. Read this book and develop a prosperity mindset, and the sky will be the limit for you.

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