Abnormal Sound Of Blood Flowing Through A Blood Vessel Musics And It’s Spirit

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Musics And It’s Spirit

I came to the shores of my motherland, Africa and my ancestral Nigeria. I was proud to be at home, with the thrill of so many festivities, with the rare sounds of greetings, and with joy I almost forgot that I was once more among my friends and comrades. What is unique in each caste’s culture, its science and arts, and manners is the remix of their cultural and traditional ties and its association with unusual events and respect. In this whole cradle of sobriety, nature’s wife has always been the human race who, like the biblical David, served his master, King Saul, only to serve him better there, playing strings and reciting talents. Hymns for conjuring a soul likened to resisting the spirit of a troubled soul inflicted upon him by God as punishment for sins of disobedience.

Like nature’s mumbo-jumbo, the only herb to soothe a troubled soul is surely cool-headed music, the only way to stir a crazy mind is to strangle the bones and dance like lizards on the shore. Dominance and style. Every human species of Homo-sapiens has a poor memory for thinking; Perhaps knowing that through the shield of reason, something extraordinary in the fields of solidarity, war, economics, power and peace makes humanity great. Today, I am at a loss for words, or adjectives I would use to describe the exact metaphysical meaning of music.

I would define music as the eternal mystery brought to the physical plane by mental processes made up of synoptic nerves, brain tissue and kenotic vessels flowing through blood vessels, arteries and pulmonary veins. Its most fascinating part is its ability to solve human problems, and serve as a common language where every man and woman, every species, even the creatures of the new world order are understood. If this is true, humanity is not far from victory over their wars and plagues. If we want to prevail in our peaceful world order, we must find common ground to resolve our conflicts. And that was my role during the World Conference on Peace and Conflict Resolution, I was convinced that if football and sports in general could enhance global relations, and serve as a platform to ensure that all nations of the world, even combatants, participate. These result-oriented goals. Because through sports, gaps in social disharmony are bridged, moral standards are agreed upon through unanimity, and polity increases by a huge percentage per head. This means that the per capita living standard of a particular area has increased by more than 234.87% through sports and this is definitely a fruitful result and achievement. Music is at the top of the common sports involving football, because the life of a nation is born and destroyed in music, whether you agree or disagree, I believe.

Music can be defined by some people, and according to some, they are masters of the correct definition of music. Some people think that singing is fun and part of human random life to live so they say. But hey, you know what I think about it, I think music is beyond fun, it’s embedded in the soul of humanity, because the soul flows through it para-crux. When people sing, they think they are just singing, and people listen to their music either because of their natural voice or how they come across. But I have a different opinion about this; Although this is not common, it can be right or wrong depending on how people perceive from our point of view of reasoning.

Music is a simple example of the psychological TAT (Thematic Perceptual Test), which is often used to test IQ. When you create a music quiz for people, they will definitely choose differently, at least we all have physical and biological otherwise physical mental and body frames. It also boils down to the innate human bio-chemical reactions as they say. People who sing, don’t do it just because they like it, no, it’s not because they’re motivated by music or singing, but they exhibit the uncontrollable well within them. When they sing, the secret of the inner world is revealed, and through poetic variety it is revealed for the first time to the discerning listeners.

From the realm of music comes the force that perfects this flow, and that is song and vibration. They come in layers such as sound and melody, although they are signs on their own, all these things come together and sometimes we dance without realizing what we are dancing to. In today’s modern and sophisticated world of ICT, science and technology what modern science apologists call “jetism”. Music has the power to both heal and destroy. When we hear both of its side effects, they are both advantages and disadvantages in themselves. When you hear one of these, there is usually a flow of magic, and this goes clockwise or counter-clockwise from normal to extraordinary.

From the world of logic to the world of ideas; Plato was paramount in this claim when he said that everything we do, there is something in it that is not part of any created things. We see it being created through talent and our efforts in these categories; Music, artistry, intelligence and celebrity. We go from here to say that we are thus deities and should worship this own god. We cannot master what is not seen, not at all; Rather, they dominate us, because they are the thresholds that define our reality. So in short, music comes from the world of perfection otherwise called the real world, the world of purity. Music is pure, and no matter what source it comes from, it’s still pure. But even in the purity of this rhythm there is NESS and Clemency of Un-NESS.

Music is like a hymn of laughter, when it comes, it takes charge of our being and fulfills the soul; It locks in a corridor of contemplation and wonder. When the soul of the music finally takes full control, the soul is nowhere to be found. For the superior soul the soul is hidden. And what this soul may be, Be it music, mysterious joy and rapture, I care not, But in the purity of the human mind It may long lock the soul and the rover; Therefore, allow me to say that this is the Lord of man, and the caretaker of humanity on earth. When that vital force is ready to activate, everything moves, while everything remains motionless, except that which possesses it, which in this case is the human psyche.

So-called religions also bow down to this power and spirit. For his reason, St. Augustine likens music to “the same without it”, here he succeeds in telling our Church Fathers that music is impossible without the strings of time, because only the formless can interfere and dominate the body.

A musical controversy has never been won by a contemporary music critic. A true critic of music is like an atheist, who believes in the existence of God, yet, when asked how he came into existence, persists in his ugly rigor to pronounce and support the theory of his claim. Mendel and 18th century evolutionists. To say that music is nonsense is to look in the mirror and ask who you are or where you come from. This is pure irony!

But what else can we say, music is here to stay, and in my professional opinion, music is everything and anything that existed at the beginning of time. In the beginning, God created the world and all that is in it through sound, and the earth, sky, and firmament through the clear interplay of sound and the co-operation of influential musical models. was prepared.

In short, music has become a universal language that every human element understands. I think that if men are careful enough, to right all the wrongs of humanity by means of this homonymous feeling, if they are careful enough to magically conjure up the healing currents of music, what happened in the biblical context at the Tower of Babel will happen.

I’m done!!!

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