A White Flower In Her Hair For A Wedding Simple Centerpiece Ideas for a Wedding That Add Beauty to the Table

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Simple Centerpiece Ideas for a Wedding That Add Beauty to the Table

These unique wedding centerpiece ideas will leave a lasting impression on everyone attending your ceremony and reception. Every bride wants her big day to be incredibly special, and creating a unique wedding that everyone will remember fondly is the ultimate goal of most engaged couples.

One of the first decisions a bride and groom make together is whether they want to get married. After all, winter weddings are usually very different from spring and summer weddings, so it’s important to choose the time of year that’s right for you. After the season winds down and the official wedding date is chosen, it’s time to start choosing wedding colors!

A wedding color palette is important as it should be incorporated into all aspects of the wedding such as the bridesmaid dresses, floral arrangements, ceremony and reception decorations and often even the wedding cake! Once a color or group of colors has been chosen, you should start thinking of ideas for your wedding reception.

Wedding Central Ideas Your wedding is supposed to be a beautiful event, you don’t want to be tearing your hair out, so you should try your best to avoid stress! That’s why these simple yet elegant centerpiece ideas for weddings will come in handy.

Round reception tables are the norm at most wedding receptions and they usually have some type of tablecloth or table linens. Tablecloths in basic, muted shades like cream or pale beige will work best with these centerpiece ideas for weddings. Depending on the size of the table, six to eight place settings will likely be present. Place a tall clean glass wine goblet in front of each plate and stuff a cloth napkin between each plate so that it looks like a puffy flower. Use cloth napkins that are the main color of your wedding – for example, napkins that are the same color as the bride’s dress. Colorful napkins will add to your table, especially since you have such basic colored tablecloths. These “flower glasses” are simple but elegant, and they’re also completely functional because they’re made of two items that should be on the table anyway.

Place a round mirror in the middle of the table and set a glass bowl or vase filled with floral arrangements that have flowers in the same color as your napkins. You can also scatter flower petals on the table for an extra bit of “oomph”. These simple ideas are stylish, unique and classy and your friends and family will definitely remember your special day!

Pink Wedding Table Centerpiece Ideas

Flowers and candles are always popular wedding table centerpiece ideas, but if you can’t make up your mind between the two, there’s no reason not to have both! There are countless ways to combine floral arrangements and candles to create stunning wedding centerpieces, and with a little thought and effort, you can create some of the most beautiful wedding reception table decorations you’ve ever seen. In fact, a blushing bride can share the spotlight at the center of her reception on the big day!

Pink has always been a fashionable wedding color because it is so romantic. Pastel shades of pink symbolize youth and innocence while bright pinks and hot pinks give off a trendy, up-to-the-minute vibe. With pink flowers for your wedding centerpieces you’ll prefer any shade of pink, it shouldn’t be a problem because there are so many pink flowers to choose from! Dahlias, pansies, daisies, gladiolas, lilies and peonies are just a few… and don’t forget the all-time wedding favorite roses!

Your wedding florist can help you choose the perfect combination of flowers and greenery for your centerpieces, and you’ll need some clear glass vases to display the floral arrangement. Square or rectangular-shaped vases are great wedding table centerpiece ideas! Place a pink flower arrangement in the center of your reception table. Wedding Centerpiece Ideas Set them atop round mirrors to create some sparkle.

Now it’s time to throw some candles into the mix. You can find tea light candles and small glass candles at any discount store in town and they are relatively inexpensive. Place two candles above the mirror next to your pink flower arrangement. White candles will add a bit of contrast to all the pink, but pastel pink candles will work too – it’s up to you!

Providing wedding favors for guests to take home with them is a tradition that most brides enjoy, and incorporating pink into these little favors can help you think of wedding table centerpiece ideas. Place small candies such as mints, Jordan almonds or M&Ms in individual pink pouches or bags. You can tie them with pink ribbon and add a small tag that includes the name of the bride and groom and the date of the wedding. Place one of these pink wedding favors in front of each place setting to add even more pink to the reception table.

Pink flower arrangements, small tea light candles and the use of pink wedding favors are an easy way to incorporate pink into your wedding table centerpieces. Whether you follow these plans exactly or modify them to make them your own, you’re sure to have stunning reception tables!

Outdoor Wedding Reception Centerpiece Ideas

Whether it’s on the beach or in your backyard, our wedding reception centerpiece ideas will come in handy as you plan your outdoor wedding. Outdoor weddings usually take a little more planning and effort than indoor weddings because of their location, but it’s not hard to make them the centerpiece of your reception! Even if you decide to hold your reception indoors after the wedding ceremony, you can still give your wedding centerpiece an outdoor feel that goes with the overall theme of your special day.

White sandy beach weddings automatically have a tropical feel, and using seashells and palm fronds as table decorations are ideal wedding reception centerpiece ideas. Place a few palm pieces in the center of each table, set a beach wedding centerpiece and a large conch on top. You can then scatter a variety of smaller seashells around the larger shell. Surround your tropical creations with white candles in clear glass jars wrapped with twine. It’s an easy centerpiece that can go with a tropical beach wedding or add a tropical vibe to your own backyard wedding.

Speaking of which, backyard weddings are growing in popularity as more and more people decide to save money by hosting low-cost weddings and receptions at home. Patio tables and picnic tables are a great place to eat dinner and socialize during a wedding reception, and you can easily decorate them with classy centerpieces. Small metal buckets filled with wildflowers may be all you need, but if you want to skip flowers altogether, you can use food in the center. Red and white checkered tablecloths and homemade apple pie can give your backyard reception table a “country” look, and fruit baskets can serve as decorations and healthy alternatives to sweet desserts.

Gardens can provide a fantastic, romantic setting for outdoor weddings, and many also have ample space for outdoor receptions. Tables can be set in gorgeous plants and flowers, and additional floral arrangements are easy outdoor wedding reception centerpiece ideas. Vases of garden-grown flowers add charm to the reception, and you can also scatter extra flower petals on each reception table for an extra touch of romance.

Outdoor weddings and receptions can be a little extra work, but coming up with ideas for your wedding reception centerpiece should be a fun process. Save money by creating it yourself and work together with your fiancé to create special memories together. Remind your wedding photographer to take plenty of pictures of them!

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