A Weed Is Just A Flower Out Of Place You Can’t Plant Apple Seeds and Expect Oranges

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You Can’t Plant Apple Seeds and Expect Oranges

Cherry decided that she wanted to grow an apple tree in her back yard. She had never planted an apple tree before. In fact, she had never planted anything before. It was her first time trying her hand at gardening. But last year she had an idea that it would be nice to grow an apple tree in her yard.

Now that the weather is getting better, she’s got the idea again and it seems she’s obsessed with growing apple trees. Urged to get started, she found herself in libraries and bookstores and on the Internet to research as much as she could about growing apple trees. She wanted to learn about apple varieties and rootstocks; About

Site selection, proper planting, training and pruning are sufficient

Fertility, and pest control are all things that contribute to a healthy and productive tree.

Every time she went out into her yard, she would draw a picture of where the tree would grow. She will see in her eyes, the tree already grown with rich and wonderful apples.

It was time to plant her tree. She used all the skills she learned to ensure that she would grow to her full potential.

And guess what?

The tree grew and most amazingly, red apples grew everywhere. Cheri was very proud of her masterpiece.

Planting flowers and plants can be really amazing. You take a little seed and you put it in the soil and you nurture it and before you know it it starts to sprout and then it blossoms and blooms and becomes a plant or a tree.

It is truly incredible to experience.

Have you ever planted a tree or plant? Have you ever seen it sprouting and growing everywhere–sometimes growing out of control? Have you ever witnessed this?

I’m sure you have.

In fact, I’m willing to bet on it.

Well, you may not have planted a flower or a tree, but every day you plant thoughts and ideas in your subconscious mind that start to grow. Some of these thoughts and ideas get out of control and start taking over our lives before we know it.

Some of these “seeds” are planted without us realizing it. They are things that we have heard others say about us and we have let them take root deep in our subconscious and then they grow so wild and out of control that we don’t even realize it but before long it has taken over our lives.

Let me give you an example. Have you ever heard your parents tell you that “money doesn’t grow on trees”. or “Money is hard to come by.” or “You can’t have everything you want.”

Well, these are the seeds that are planted in our subconscious mind and nurtured for years and allowed to grow so much that they start to grow out of control. We wonder how we’re always struggling to make ends meet or why we can’t experience the financial freedom that so many other people do.

It is because of those seeds planted in our subconscious mind that it has been planted so deeply that, without us even thinking about it, we are always struggling to make ends meet because money does not grow on trees and it is hard to do. Come and we can not get

All we want.

We just accept it as truth, reality, without ever questioning or researching to see if it has any merit. It quickly becomes second nature to tell our own children, “Money doesn’t grow on trees, you know.” Because that’s something we’ve heard all our lives.

And because we have this belief, money always eludes us because our “seed” planted within us has grown so large that we hold on to this belief.

If you plant a seed for an apple tree, the apple tree will grow.

If you plant the seed that money is hard to come by, money will always be hard to come by.

You cannot plant an apple seed and expect oranges to grow.

You cannot hold on to your subconscious beliefs and expect your life to be different from your beliefs.

Sorry, it just doesn’t work that way.

If you want to grow oranges, you need to plant seeds that produce oranges.

If you want to live a happy and successful life, you must plant the seeds that lead to a happy and successful life.

Well, how do you do that when the seeds that have been planted for so long are negative and won’t let you get the things you want?

You do it like a gardener. When a gardener plants grass and notices weeds growing in the good grass, he goes to work to kill the weeds. They have to kill the weeds or they will destroy the good grass.

You should do the same. Kill the weeds (negative thoughts) growing inside you before you kill the good grass (positive thoughts).

Always be aware of what you are thinking and how it affects your life. When you see a negative thought – kill it before it kills you.

Action Point: Let’s do some spring cleaning this week. Let’s become aware of thoughts that are like weeds and can destroy our efforts to change our lives. Let’s take out the weed whackers and weed killers and destroy them when they rear their ugly heads. This week, we will have only positive, life-affirming thoughts that move us closer to our goals. And destroy the negative thoughts that hold us back. Can you do that for yourself this week? I know you can do it. Don’t try to

Do it.

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