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What is a Plant Whisperer?

All things are made of moving energy particles, even our thoughts and feelings. The coffee cup on your desk looks and feels solid, but it’s not solid. You and I are not concrete. Everything in the universe is made of energy and everything is moving.

There are people so sensitive to the energies of other living beings that they can lay their hands on a plant and detect not only the nuances of the plant’s energy field, but also the various natural chemicals within the plant that make up its life system. Images of the plant’s internal physical structure can be seen in their minds. These people are able to sense and communicate with the physical and emotional state of the plant.

I call this group of people the “Plant Whisperers” and proudly claim membership in the group.

Many successful gardeners are plant whisperers and don’t even realize it. They are so in tune with the vibrational energy of their plants that they can tell when something is wrong or about to go wrong in their garden by the way the plants communicate with each other. A successful gardener becomes a member of the plant community.

Science has proven that plants live in communities. When there is a threat of danger, for example, a caterpillar infestation, it warns other plants through the plant’s root network or underground run to increase their chemical and energy production to repel the insect. Science has also proven that after an insect chews on a plant leaf, the plant increases chemical levels in the leaf to try to make it taste bad. If given a choice more often, the insect will move to a new leaf.

However, how does a plant whisperer receive communication from a plant?

I can only speak for myself. When interacting with a plant I first feel its aura energy, the energy that flows through everything in the universe, just as I do with a person or an animal.

By meditating on the energy of the plant, I gradually go deeper into its energy until I begin to feel the consciousness of the plant. Plant awareness is particularly strong with trees.

Once I connect with the plant’s awareness, I quietly and respectfully introduce myself and offer Reiki energy, an energy healing treatment, to the plant. A plant will respond with an imaginary voice I hear in the back of my mind and a certain emotion, warmth, curiosity, gratitude, or in the case of a certain spotted oak tree, suspicion (it’s had people carving their initials into its trunk for years.)

I often get a mental image of the inner workings of the plant at this point. In my mind’s eye, I see the Reiki energy moving through the roots and through the layers of veins in the stem or trunk to the many leaves.
After a Reiki session, which can last a long time because plants like to pour in Reiki energy, I silently bid the plant a polite farewell and promise to visit later. Then I think the energy cords move away from us instead of cutting themselves.

A truly remarkable interaction took place between a potted heliotrope rescued from a trash can at a local garden nursery and me.

When I found the heliotrope, it was a pitiful sight with only one stem and a few leaves. I took it home, transplanted it into a large pot, watered it well and then soaked it with Reiki energy. After that, I put his pot on the windowsill and turned my attention to my laptop.

As I type I slowly begin to feel gratitude and love. I was alone in the room except for my pigeon and she was asleep. Maybe my late mother is visiting again. Why would my mother’s soul be grateful to me? I didn’t sense her or any other soul in the room so I shook my head and went back to writing.

The feeling of gratitude and love was overwhelming. surrounded me Confused, I looked around. My eyes fell on the heliotrope. Was aware that I could have saved an almost comatose plant?

I placed my right hand gently on the tree trunk. A smile bloomed on my face as a soft warm sensation of love flowed through me. The heliotrope was happy and grateful to me for saving it. I said I expected flowers in the relationship. After a few weeks the plant produced fragrant blue flowers.

Can anyone become a fully conscious plant whisperer? I believe so, but how much time it takes for each person to communicate with their brothers depends on how open minded and grounded each person is. A person’s success depends on their willingness to meditate, their willingness to find their inner still point, and great patience. It may take years for person A to interact with a plant while person B may take only a few days or weeks. Having a strong sense of intuition is an invaluable step towards communicating clearly with plants.

Each person also needs to reevaluate how he or she thinks about the plant world. You cannot hide your true feelings or intentions from a plant. A plant will perceive the truth in its energy field. If you do not respect plants as living beings, plants will not communicate with you. Instead they will go into defensive mode like an oak tree with a bad stain.

Some people talk to animals while others talk to the wise plant kingdom. We have a lot to learn from the world of plants! All you have to do is listen.

By the way, roses are really about love.

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