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Israel and Palestine Existentialism in Brotherhood

Jewish perception:

A particular community is loved, another particular community is held in abhorrence, and trends change according to audience preferences, not necessarily based on the goodness or badness of the communities. Why would the world be so interested in these two particular communities, and why has the interest reached a level that has prompted the world to find a method to highlight particular likes and dislikes, to observe them respectfully, to take time to monitor and supervise their actions?

The creation of Israel by the UN in 1947 under the leadership of the most powerful colonial power 64 years later is revealed as a favorable treatment of Israel’s statehood that completely ignores the compassionate land and the related cause leading to such global compassion. The eyes that viewed the Jews as favored in the 1940s are now disturbed by Israel’s proximity to the greatest military power. A perception reminiscent of Nazism turns what was once loved into today’s dislike.

Interestingly, intense resentment against a particular group of people finds no valid reason to fan the eternal flames of negative emotions. Petty suffering arising from supposedly favored treatment by the most powerful colonial power in the early stages of state formation and later nurtured as a faithful friend by the modern-day super man; That seems to be the only reason to despise this prestigious position occupied by a petty Holocaust survivor. Those considerations should judge Israel not on its achievements as a nation, its major contributions to science and humanity, or its global relations with others, but on its treatment of a neighbor armed with contempt for its survival through terrorism. Propaganda users conveniently ignored the terrorist status of that neighbor to allege military action of self-defense to combat terrorism, reducing the nation to merely acting as a terrorist state perpetrating violence against its citizens.

Historically, the anti-Jewish movement began with Hitlerism as a result of anti-Jewish resentment guided by the natural human tendency of intolerance towards achievers and contributors commonly found in this insane world. There is a complaint without an intolerant attitude towards agents of change in the modern economy, commerce, art, science and humanities that began in the days of the European Renaissance. Alas, the megalomaniac mind of a dictatorship intolerant of positive contributions led to the historical holocaust!

The mindset of a society on the brink of modernity in a world just opened to free competition cannot tolerate a particular dedicated community, and this attitude persists even in ultra-modern times, fueled by sentiment and confusion over Israel’s alliance with the world’s most powerful military. Shakti Israel is often jokingly referred to as a super man’s younger brother who is allowed a free hand to move everything, including international politics. This unsettles its neighbors who are further unsettled by the rising global status, particularly highlighting superior technology in weaponry. Beloved and friend of the world’s mightiest colonial power in its nascent stage, the philosopher and mentor of the modern-day superpower in his youth is simply unbearable on a global scale.

Reality towards Palestine:

If humanity had real reasons for concern, Middle Eastern countries with a history of human atrocities, China for its illegal occupation of Tibet, or India for its illegal occupation of Tibet, would have first justified its own moral responsibility before recognizing it as immoral. The shameless truth is that support for Palestine is not for love of Palestine but to achieve a grossly misguided goal. The Palestinians are not concerned here; All are keen to avoid oil supply disruptions at all costs.

At the individual level, China’s misguided focus is on weakening the muscle of power. China is not anti-Jewish, but is attacking the closest ally of an adversary it wishes to target. China is Israel’s third largest investment destination, recently rekindled military ties, and China is eager for intense technology cooperation with Israel. Israel became the scapegoat in that process of power struggle.

The Arabs did not build a state, kingdom, empire or colony to own that empty land of Judea and Samaria after the Roman invasion five thousand years ago. Arab interests were alerted only after the creation of Israel in 1947, and since then they have been pursuing the larger goal of an Arab expansionist vision without giving any semblance to the civil liberties of the Palestinians whose rights have been curtailed by the terrorist leadership. Similarly, India’s support for a UN bid for a Palestinian state against the backdrop of close cooperation with Israel is guided primarily by Muslim vote banks rather than concerns for Palestinian civil liberties. In the same situation, involuntary support from Muslim states is dictated by religious equality rather than the viability of the development of a Palestinian state, which paints a very dire picture for the future under fundamentalism.

Europe is recognized as the ultimate center of excellence in education known as the torch bearer for modern civilization. Modern concepts, principles and ideas flowed from Europe and nations were created and nurtured by this wisdom. The creation of Israel in Judea and Samaria was a rare knowledge that deserved recognition. Wisdom undermined the confidence of the most important stakeholder because the players probably did not know how to go about convincing the stakeholders. Unconvinced Arab brothers would not have intended to go to war with Israel, a peaceful neighbor in the same land prior to the creation of the State of Israel. Unfortunately, the grief was misdirected at the person closest to them who was responsible for hindering their own settlement. The Jews became the scapegoat in the confusion and contradictions.

Will you reap as you sow?

Europe’s main political and social order has been shaken up by the increasing number of Muslims in Europe and the demand for full acceptance by the system and institutions. The link between the large scale of Muslim power in the new structure and the threat of strong religious ideology poses a dire threat from a European security perspective. It is time to think seriously about the impact of Hitlerism and the intention of a vulnerable group to use a hideous image clearly propagated by certain groups as a model to lash out against Jews on a global scale. The universal principle of justice appointed the unjust to meet his own fate, and to pray to heaven, that repentance and reformation of stained hands might save destruction.

Make hay while it’s sunny:

In the end, both Jews and Muslims are mere pawns like many in the universal power game, and neither is a permanent favorite. Therefore, they should be determined to turn the pages of history and look forward. Deemed action is the need of the hour to find a solution using indigenous solutions without holding anger, hatred and revenge. This is the time to reconcile and build relationships on the basis of common heritage, origin, cultural religious affinity and evolve to compete with the growing global forces of brotherhood.

Biblical information records the common heritage of Jews and Arabs. History mentions the persecution of Jews under religious ideology in Arab countries. Nevertheless, the harmonious settlement of Jews with Arabs in the lands of Judea and Samaria under British protection is a memory. Recently, science has established a common gene for both Palestinians and Israeli Jews. In a strangely mystical way, it perhaps alludes to the return of lost nomadic Jews from the nearby Arab world after the Great Diaspora, a lost group that had been searching for identity for decades. The most recent discovery of a Jewish seal in Jerusalem from the second period of antiquity establishes Jewish ownership of Judea and Samaria with Jerusalem as the capital city. The fading hope is strengthened in the light of historical records of brotherhood and current scientific revelations. May those tiny sparks break open the barriers of 64 years of bitter relations and shine light on the lost brothers leading the world to reconciliation, peace and prosperity.

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