A Thing That Has A River Flows Though It The Fear Of Not Being Good Enough Is The Cause Of All Poverty

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The Fear Of Not Being Good Enough Is The Cause Of All Poverty

Keep the river flowing

During my frequent travels to the world’s most underdeveloped regions, I have noticed time and time again that some poor people have the truest love for their children, their parents, and each other. Their faces beamed with joy and peace, despite a difficult life of constant struggle and struggle. Perhaps what surprised me more than anything was that they had so much time to be, as if time didn’t exist. Conversely, the hustle and bustle of modern life has left many with no time to think, reflect or be still in order to acquire all that modern man feels he must own. In modern cities, we see far more stressed faces than relaxed ones. So I came to the conclusion that true abundance is not measured by how much wealth you have or how much wealth and power you have accumulated, but by how good you feel about yourself, others and the world.

There is no real pressure or stress from being poor; Pressure only arises when being poor is a sign of not being good enough. Then the river of true abundance stops flowing. Like a river, blocked by a dam wall, our perception of lack more surely stops the usual potential flow of personal abundance from flowing. The pressure that builds up within us, like a dam, we experience as stress and not having enough time to do all the things we need to do to keep the abundance flowing. Yet to truly know and master the flow of abundance, we may first need to fully experience the pressure and anxiety that comes from never having enough. It is that inner void, that separation, that we try to fill by filling our lives with pleasures that have no lasting effect, other than to deepen our sense of emptiness. And it must be so. Accepting the feeling of lack, emptiness or nothingness (or whatever word we may choose to describe life’s dissatisfaction) and accepting it for all it’s worth, is an inevitable step towards greater abundance in our lives. This total acceptance completely removes the block holding back the flow of abundance.

Many of those who are born with a ‘silver spoon’ in their mouth and who have reached the top on their own, have to lose all their wealth and possessions to feel like nothing. At all, and be at the mercy of the government to earn their daily bread. This was one of the main reasons why the Great Depression occurred in the 20th century, affecting people’s lives everywhere. The Great Depression set the stage for a wave of prosperity that later spread throughout the world. The experience of mass poverty at the time was a portal to a new era that brought freedom and greater possibilities for many, and paved the way for the spiritual revolution that is taking place now.

Poor rich and rich poor

As strange as it sounds, rich people often feel incomplete and empty because they have no real context for knowing what it’s like to have nothing. Just as shadow defines light, poverty defines wealth. For a Nepali man living outside the country, an income of eight dollars a month can be a normal average. If he comes to town and sees others earning $100 a month, he considers them rich. Conversely, however, Americans would consider themselves below the poverty line if they earned $1,000 dollars a month. In turn, they will look at the better position of a person with a monthly income of $5,000. Yet many of those who earn this amount and more feel that they see a homeless man on the street who can collect even less than a Nepalese man in the countryside.

So those born into very rich families, with free access to everything they want, may not appreciate their wealth at all. It can actually become so pointless to them that they end up spending on things they don’t really need or even enjoy, except perhaps for a fleeting moment. Yet they are usually very reluctant when they give some portion to help the needy, except for the occasional tax-deductible donation. They see no purpose in owning them.

Conversely, many people born into very poor families learn to see small things as great gifts and have a good grasp of using their wealth wisely when they step into the flow of incredible abundance. They are more likely to be humble and receptive and use their wealth for their personal benefit and for the community. They know that poverty at an early age helps them appreciate their lives, their families and their world.

For others, the reaction to a bad start to life may be different; They may feel so inferior that, in desperation, they try to get out of their poverty dilemma by acquiring wealth at all costs. This extreme anxiety shows that they were not able to accept poverty and hence they live with it. Instead, they will fight against it and do almost anything to avoid it, even if it means using illegal methods like theft or fraud. Their fear of lack is so intense that they never find joy in what they have, even if it is more than they need. Driven by a constant desire to accumulate and hoard wealth, they find no satisfaction in it. Inevitably, at some point, their higher nature will lead them back to poverty, until they are freed from the fear of not being good enough—which is the root of all poverty.

Fear of poverty manifests poverty. In most cases they will, for example, gamble away their assets in the stock market or casinos, go to jail if they have acquired them illegally, or turn to drugs or alcohol in desperation only to lose it all again. And even if they survive on their possessions, they will still feel poor at heart, because ‘feeling poor’ is something they love and fear. For them poverty represents ‘inadequacy’ that keeps them outside the flow of true abundance and shuts them down in fear of lack. Hoarding wealth for the sake of wealth is a reflection of their insecurity, fear, mistrust and low self-worth. These persistent, nagging, inner feelings of insecurity compel them to devote their lives to accumulating ‘things’ (money, property, wealth, power and influence) in an attempt to overcome their fears. (You’ve probably experienced these tendencies to some degree yourself at times.) Although this constant drive has given them more sentences to live in relentless fear, the thought of comfort comes without the motivation to run faster on the treadmill. A rat in a cage scares them – literally.

In the realm of duality, each state of excess must be balanced by a corresponding state of extreme lack. So rich people don’t necessarily live in abundance. They may indeed be poorer than those who own much less but are filled with love, kindness and a reliable sense that their lives are always taken care of. In this, as in many situations in life, the true meaning remains hidden and unrecognized by the majority. The fact is that the only truly abundant people are those who have embraced emptiness in their lives, they have no fear of scarcity or poverty. But fully embracing emptiness does not mean that they cannot have or enjoy all the finer material things in life. Quite the opposite. It happens that everything they need is automatically provided to them, and more because their desires are rooted in the fullness of knowing that they deserve the support of the entire, ever-abundant universe.

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