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Colours In The Sanctuary Garden

Spring is in the air and so is Holi (Indian Festival of Colors). This time of year is about freshness. What excuse could there be to embrace color and add a personal touch to enhance our personal space? Each of us makes color decisions every day. What color to wear? This scarf or that tie? Orange juice or green pear? Some decisions are made so instinctively – our subconscious guides us so secretly that we don’t even know when they’re happening. But, to fully realize what colors should be adopted in our homes and offices, we need to gently press the reset button. So, what comes to mind when you hear about colors? Seasons…Flowers…Rainbows…Furnishings…Curtains…Tapestry…Nature?

In a previous article, we talked about planning spaces with a living consciousness of a living being and how this ‘someone special’ is the basis of all design. Known as the ‘vastu-purusha’, this person lies flat on his stomach – symmetrical about the axis of the mirror and fits together in a square grid. Let’s find him in new light…and color!!! Nature provides us with all seven rainbow colors (which correspond to the seven energy chakras or centers of the body) – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. The colors of the same rainbow are associated with different parts of the body. In this way, they elicit a response from the body by healing or harming it. Research has also shown that color therapy can affect mood, health and well-being. Vastu also uses specific colors in each cardinal direction to increase luck, health and wealth. This is because each direction is ruled by a planet, which has a dominant chemical element – represented by a specific color. Take Venus for example – the high sulfur planet that is yellow in color, ruling the south-east direction. Scientifically this can be explained by the fact that we perceive color only because of sunlight and the intensity of sunlight varies in different directions. Archaeologists have also discovered thousands of years old Egyptian temples using similar methods of solarization to heal with pure color. In the Greek city of Heliopolis, they also had a city of the sun. When sunlight enters a building, its rays are divided into the colors of the spectrum and the individual colors are ‘conducted’ to different rooms where people bathe in the color required for their health condition.

Are you thinking of redecorating your home? Or did you just get the results and still not happy? Looking to use new drapes, flowers, artwork, paintings, cushions, essential oils and more. Let’s energize the spaces around us with a new way of using color. This exercise will take you through the steps of creating your own sanctuary garden in a wide spectrum of areas around your space.

Is your color yellow? Illuminate the northeast of your home or office with sunlight – yellow. The northeast is represented by Jupiter, the supreme deity of the Romans and Greeks. The ideal color here is yellow or gold as it represents purity. Reasoning – The effective vector of vital energy always flows from North-East to South-West. This flow is also a depiction of Vastu Purusha controlling the entire energy field from head to toe. It is the best color to use for private studies, libraries or meditation rooms to make it pleasant for reading and private contemplation. Try the tulip – the symbol of the Turkish empire symbolizes imagination, dreaminess, the perfect lover and declaration of love. Yellow tulips mean “there’s sunshine in your smile” and happy thoughts. It is said that tulips got their name because of their resemblance to the headgear worn by people in the Middle East, such as the Persian – turban. Translating into Latin, this became “tulipa”, hence the name tulips. They will always be happy, stimulating and encouraging. The east is ruled by the sun. The color of choice here is pure white. Reasoning – solar life energy enters the plot from the east and warms the entire area – shines and radiates. Therefore, this direction should be designed with warmth and decorated more openly, cleanly and harmoniously. Ideally located here is the main entrance, prayer room or dining area. Orchid symbolizes love, beauty, refinement, thoughtfulness and mature charm. Its name comes from ancient Greece and is also a symbol of luxury, wealth and masculinity. It has the ability to grow anywhere and the resistance to bloom in any situation, making it a symbol of love. Pink orchids express pure love and are also the 14th wedding anniversary flower. Another white flower, the daisy literally means “eye of the day” because it opens at dawn to symbolize new beginnings. Although these flowers are 4000 years old, nothing can be as fresh as a daisy. Depicted in meadows in medieval paintings, this flower represents chastity, innocence, loyal love, beauty, patience and simplicity.

South-East direction is ruled by Agni and Venus. Logic – Venus represents success in love, femininity, aesthetics and career. This yellow color is combined with the fire element, improves cooking and promotes good health which makes it ideal for keeping a kitchen. White is the preferred color to balance the brightness and lightness of the fire element. Yellow, orange, rosy pink, chocolate and red are also good colors for the kitchen. Heating, electrical panels, fireplaces and any other equipment connected to element fire can be safely placed there. South is for heavy energy which is perfectly suited for peaceful and restful sleep. Mars is high in iron (Fe) and the ideal color here is coral red or pink. Red is capable of imparting determination, assertiveness, physical strength and fighting spirit to the natives but we also associate anger, energy and excitement very easily with red. South is the direction of death and the purpose of life but not in a negative sense because death and life, purpose and destruction are closely related. Living with large windows and terraces in the south works if care is taken to ensure that the entire south and north are not equally balanced and handled carefully. A storeroom or storage in general or a staircase also matches the southern heaviness.

Are you a lily person? Lilies are considered the star of summer, because they bloom when other flowers fade. Legend has it that the lily grew from Eve’s tears when she was cast out of the Garden of Eden. In the symbolic language of the Tarot, the lily symbolizes purity, innocence and fertility. The lily is a symbolic flower of health and the freedom to be yourself – to grow and create new relationships and births. The master bedroom is located in the south-west which is ruled by the shadow planet, Rahu. Pink color is auspicious for bedroom. Light blue and light green are also good for the bedroom. Logic – Rahu means expansion, intensity, hard work and material gain. But, like all things, it also has a dark side that leads to greed and violence. Pink is the perfect balance between the red of the south and the blue of the west. A soothing color like blue is also preferred. Pink, green and blue colors are good for a western dining room to make it refreshing for family dining and entertaining. Mixing black and white or western black and white should be avoided. Success is the most common meaning of the laurel flower – the easiest and most tolerant evergreen shrub, which will brighten any gloomy dark corner of the room with its joyful presence. The ground laurel is a symbol of perseverance, the ability to endure difficulties, overcome obstacles and become a winner. Mountain laurel is typically associated with high ambition, which drives a person to reach outward and upward in life. The lotus flower holds the secret of happiness, joy and knowledge. It basically symbolizes clarity of heart as well as mind. Some scholars have said that the lotus flower is a universal representation of the spiritual presence in human life. The lingering fragrance of lotus flowers has the perfect ability to bring a soft smile to anyone’s lips. In Egyptian mythology, the lotus is associated with the sun, as it blooms during the day and closes at night. It is a sacred flower for Buddhists and one of the eight auspicious symbols of Buddhism – an eight-petalled lotus. A bud symbolizes potential and is untouched by impurity. Seeds have been found to survive for thousands of years and still be suitable for re-sprouting, symbolizing a strong vitality that can withstand the most adverse conditions. Thus the lotus flower represents longevity, health, honor and good luck. Due to this deep thought lotus has become the national flower of India. At sunset, when the sun is in the west, man feels tired from the day’s work.

In the west the birds return after sunset and so the movement of man slows down in the west. Rationale: After sunset the body needs peace and rest. This direction is ruled by Saturn and the preferred color here should be gray or dark blue which stands for contentment, maturity and courage. Perfect for a study, children’s room, dining room or pantry/storeroom, toilets or artist’s studio. Blue color always calms the mind and relieves many types of pain. However, if a person becomes too ‘blue’, it indicates that he is too inactive and too introverted – all of which can lead to depression. Take an iris flower – it represents faith, hope, wisdom, courage and appreciation. The Greek goddess Iris, messenger of the gods and personification of the rainbow, served as a link between heaven and earth. The most popular variety is the deep blue color which can induce a relaxed state. Purple lilacs symbolize the first feelings of love, while white lilacs symbolize youthful naivety. It never fails to inspire peace and relaxation. A dark purple has a more healing effect as ivy is for married love, loyalty, friendship and affection. The summer sun spreads the magic of ivy flowers. For a long time, ivy has been a symbol of true love. Ivy is perhaps one of the most romantic plants, symbolized as a woman to weave the miracle of affection, care, warmth, love and stability in the most charming way. More than just a flower of love, Ivy carries within its magic the promise of a better tomorrow.

Coming to the north-west corner, the second best option for the kitchen. It is also preferred for guest house, office or pantry, all types of vehicles, pets or animals, children’s playground or herb garden. Rationale – Northwest direction is important in a person’s life as it is responsible for movement and change, internal as well as external. It also refers to relationships with other people, friendship and trade. It is ruled by Moon. The ideal color here is white or light yellow as it represents purity and wealth. The north direction is ruled by Mercury and the right color for this direction is green as it gives intelligence and wealth. Choose green color for children’s bedroom to increase concentration for learning and study. It can also be reserved for the living room which has an open and large entrance surrounded by green plants. Reasoning – North is the ideal direction for recovery and healing from which all organic, earthy parts of life energy enter. Green is the color of peace, hope and healing and is a great balance between warm, vibrant colors and cooler, more calming colors. It actually implements the transition from earth to heaven. The quality of northern light makes it ideal for challenging and important activities such as studying, setting up a studio or exhibiting art. Fern was one of the first plants on earth and a wonderful architectural plant. Beautiful, versatile, attractive, tactile, strong and long-lasting and adds a sense of well-being to any space. Ferns are found floating, submerged, climbing, at water’s edge, in ditches, in forests, deserts, mountains, and in tropical rain-forest tree canopies.

So, are you still feeling a bit ‘off colour’? We must not forget that colors work at all levels – from a wide open park in the north of the city to a green flower garden at the entrance of the house or a small red vase with pink flowers in the right corner of the kitchen. . Try new ways to add color to your sanctuary garden – whether it’s herbs, plants, furniture, oils, carved candles, lamps or just a lick of paint!

Happiness and abundance are yours – in your space and in your mind…just give it a chance!

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