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Forgotten Dreams 4

Far away in the wild forest

The smoke curls lazily, spreading, a gray mist

The aura of mystery, the crisp air, the sun kissed forest

A bold, fearless bird right at our doorstep

Listen! Haunted, distant cries of crows.

Our hearts are far from our colleagues

Our cottage appears to be planted nearby in our meadow

Where we feel Mother Nature exerts her greatest power

Each sweet hour brings peace to our humble abode

We are friends with all animals, especially the small ones

Both the Sun and the Moon are worshipped, their light welcoming to all

Forest friend, and all life of sky and earth

Confessed in silence, hearts that know the price of silent love

Forests, lonely dales, stones of great historic times,

Hell is home to Hardik, Gypsy and Rishi

Wild forests whispering of proverbial timelessness

A reflection of his wisdom, seeking the embrace of all life

Home is our hearth, our beloved hut in the hills

Our home is happy in nature’s treasures and clean edges

We stay safe in our wood, comforting, satisfying to the soul

We all draw as we should into our natural heart homes.


beautiful day

Beautiful day, how clear is your sunrise!

Beautiful morning, how crisp and crisp is my path

The frost creeps so white on the grass, the paddocks

Innocent, the vast blue sky cloudless

The beautiful dawn that awakens all life

A herald of more human actions, stress and tears

Cold drafts of icy air shock lungs to breathe again

Let beautiful days repeat beautiful years!



Look at the little things you don’t even think about

There is infinite beauty hidden in the depths of any life.

Though they shine not outwardly, All clear in rich display,

There exists a special beauty created in a special way by nature

When a man discovers the beauty hidden within himself

He has the opportunity to discover the key to all the riches of nature

When he discovers his inner happiness, the source of his own happiness

He is blessed in this peaceful inner atmosphere

This beauty makes our life easier, magnifies good things,

Presenting endless sensual pleasures, satisfying his mood

‘Only beauty has the power to uplift the mind and heart

And is the essence of great things, including the art of mankind

People who displace beauty do so to their detriment

As ugliness distorts the mind and hurts true feelings

Lack of scale, culture true and qualities of grace

The pursuit of illustration art is the best of our race

Beauty once returned to his throne with dignity

Balance allows quality to last throughout

A world where love and kindness are intertwined never dies

A kingdom where love and beauty met, bridged

earth and sky.



They swing, and swish, and slide

Their thrills at the birth of summer

They shine, shine and shine

Fleeting, rich brown flying close to the earth

Color bright, so happy!

Blues, and greens, reds and yellows

It’s like looking at them

Glimmering birds with opals for their wings.


See the day

So, wait a while to herald the morning.

Approach the delicate moments of dawn with patience

All other senses should be subdued and the eyes filled

Lovingly through the soft dim sympathy of the light that surrounds you

Color vividly all the subtle truths of life colored by your compassion.

Temper strong and straight, curved and kind

Weld all opposing forces, merge them together

See exquisite beauty in every delicate moment

Rather choose clarity, truth and let it be corrupted

Emphasize the qualities of embroidery in your active days.

Behold, the wonderful light is expanding, expanding

The mountain tops are now touching the gray shadows of the valleys

Golden Orb of Trust Sun will encore it

And tell the next morning with equal assurance

Great and wonderful opportunity to live and be.


keep faith

Human life does not seem to have improved

A long history of plays, events

Then what desires, wars, feelings of pain

Do they have to come back?

Challenge them all, gather the earth messengers

Avoid traps – beware of selfishness

There are powers for them, even hatred

Which brings us back to the physical shell

Do we ever succeed in pushing the yoke?

About lust, bad feelings and all that-

Free, free from sin, pure as we are

Our soul changed, aligned with our star?

Many people love nature but people are far away

The more times they kill their characters

Loving the great nature from a solitary seat

Lover than the people you meet

So what about our children, what is their benefit?

What is their fate, their fate or pain?

Or will the same story be repeated?

Will human sin and suffering ever end?

Free and fine in the future life

The life of your flesh and of my children

New will shine with hope, they are born to achieve

A new earth estate – paradise we want to believe!


Be the sunshine of my life


Be the sunshine of my life

Make me happy every day

Promise me you’ll come stay

In the sunshine, as my wife

Sometimes clouds are seen

And the shadows go away and the rain falls

Your darshan comes again

Proving that you are very close

Please don’t let the darkness rule

Be the sunshine of my life

Do not let the night bring anxiety, strife

Return again to the light free

I am afraid of the dark, of the night

Let your light shine from above

Now there is only happiness in my love

I respond to golden light

I know summer will pass

As the sun goes away

Be the sunshine in my day

When winter comes and snow falls

Winter summer autumn, spring

You will bear all these many moods

Your kindness, love and care

You will sing the shining truth of gold

Be the sunshine of my life!

Make me happy every day

I know you want to stay

As the sunshine of my life.


Bliss to ecstasy

The infinite joy and power of the Great Nothingness

Universal silence, free from all movement

A comfort and strength in a great essence

No division, no conflict, no fear, no confusion

The wavering of light over time

All measurements free from day or time decay

Freedom in the subtleties of constraint is still certain

Stir the fabric of life, lighten the waves

Ocean of Unity – Blue Joy of Belonging

For all and nothing – no dimension, no location

Nothing but unity and peace and great power

The immeasurable light wave surrendered into space

A huge flash of lightning struck the substance

Countless flashes created a spirit like rain

Scattered, scattered, divorced from matrix unity

Not to return until the Cosmic Chime tolls again

This life sparks miniature replicas of the parents

The light of the web-souls, the web-life with the light thread that connects all

Design as soft as the delicate patterns of snowflakes

Free spirits, less bonded, are now kept separate

Free with their newfound self-image and somethingness

Each spark ebbs and flows with the vast cosmic tide

Stretching to find consciousness in and out

To return, center everyone in their own model home.

Meltdown, personal life descends

Water of the soul, turning into rain and falling

Falling and falling, gathering momentum instantly

Life once as one fire, now air cut in two.

Life of Oneness, Peace of the Cosmos

Movement directed downwards and downwards causes pain

Awakening them at last like drops of moon

On our solid Earth sphere, the underlying matter – all brown

And some unity was drawn to the pasture

Some turned green in the form of leaves and trees

Some happily sport new sfullings in bright colors

All kinds of flowers became souls for all of them

In rocks, sands and minerals and all living pods

Some spirits chose to swim among insects and animals

Laughing, experiencing happiness and sadness

Delusion – memory of unity dimmed

On a high-peaked mountain, life now glows in the solid rock

Life in the stream, beating like waves on the seashore

Atoms know both warm and cold sunrises

As an animal, man – away from the former unity

All received the last of their soul’s adventure

As they were born in human form and received the grace of the Spirit

Everyone wanted to taste sweetness, sorrow and grief

Knowledge of the nature of man and the lessons of race.

Dimensions of externality, obscurity and decadence

The vague passions of the spirits seem foreign and shackled

Earthly and detached, not happy or calm

An unconscious yearning to regain universal unity

Isolated and lonely, dark gloomy and shining

Gray and lifeless, the pain was all too soon known

Longing, hurt and a vague haunting strangeness

Eyes opened to the life of the earth – in the soil of the earth they grow

Future destiny their soul back home

Whispered, informed to all who wished to retrieve it

A simple spiritual life- now their experience is complex

Once the unity is rethought, it becomes easier to get up

Surrender to the Mother in a great mixed wave

The molten sparks of life, light and color and rain

Every drop returned to the ocean is a brother

The sun freed them from the stain of the earth and pulled them upwards.

And their knowledge was complete, full of great brilliance

The atoms of the soul rose to light and grace

The great sun transformed them from drops into ether

And again they knew joy – but as a human race!


golden summer

When the stalks of wheat turn golden, the kernels are removed

Dry perfumed by the heat of the earth and waiting for rain

Crisp dry crisps of footfalls on the field

These signs herald the stress of the season

Waiting time for the water to finish increased

Stems, leaf buds and flowers and hill plants

Awake at will, to restore the life-giving rain

All nature is still thirsty waiting for rain

The gold pieces have not yet been eaten by stock or sheep

Waving and waiting, the straw is growing deeper into color

These are signs of severe heat of the earth

Before the sky brought relief, and promised a green birth

The warm smell of sweet trunk – the golden life of the land

Loved by artists and all men found

They found the sweetest and dearest, best fare

There is a late harvest – the full experience crowns life.


blue sky


A white sky is not always a blue sky

White skies are sometimes gray

And mild, like clouds

At the day fair

Blue skies are not always white skies

Remember, what may come

It comes out of good change

As we travel day by day

When gray clouds hide the clear blue sky

Then one’s faith makes one say

The blue sky will return

Come again and bless and stay.

A white sky is not always a blue sky

Even the white sky is gray

Whatever comes is good for some

Hopefully let us pray…

Lift up our good hearts to heaven

Always believe in the law

Also likes sunshine and clouds

We all need them both to be sure

Let the sunshine be in our hearts

We will believe in the law

When the horizon is cloudy,

We will remember the blue skies of yesteryear

A white sky is not always a blue sky

White skies are sometimes gray

And gentle as clouds

In the early hours of the day…

© Copyright Elizabeth Adams 2000

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