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Bi-position (Padre Pio and Pythagoras): – I have some experience with another ‘fantasy’ phenomenon related to dematerialization. Some Bermuda Triangle perspectives may also be part of dimensional change and time/warm hole science, capable of providing arcane formulations to prove string theorists and chaos science.

My own experience is not a physical ‘bi-space’ so there will be subtle or other simple connections. Yet, what distinguishes the physical from the metaphysical may be a large part of the whole reality that we struggle to conceptualize. Whether Stephen Hawking and Einstein say ‘The Theory of Everything’ or Tesla and Michael Faraday’s Unified Force Field says we’re walking into strange territory indeed. Even if that is true, there are many exotic realities to consider, and ‘denial’ is not a river in Egypt. Pythagoras (at least one acknowledged Phoenician descendant) went to the pyramids to learn some pretty amazing things. There are numerous people who report his ‘dual-location’ experiences. These same people are considered trustworthy when they report other things. Michael Grant, a leading scholar of modern classical history, writes that Pythagoras had some ‘strange’ ideas, although he admits that he knows little about the good and the good of the sages who influenced all walks of life in his day. . He reports these stories as fairly as might be expected of a person who has no basis for judging such things. The idea of ​​’bi-space’ is certainly ‘weird’ but includes parallel universes, dark matter, intelligent structures, cold fusion and genetic, robotic and other scientific realities ranging from computers that include quantum teleporting gates. .

For those who want a little more insight into Pythagoras and the Pythagorean Brotherhood, we have access under Croton. The issue of ‘bi-space’ is related to various other concepts and mysteries but if it is a purely physical experience, it can involve both time and dimensional changes.

“After St. Therese Neumann, Padre Pio Carmelites are very spiritual Christians whose teachings may include the works of Enoch and Jasher, who were removed from the Bible. is perhaps the most widely seen Western saint to demonstrate the divine powers of healing and regeneration. His The first signs of supernatural qualities were discovered unexpectedly on September 20, 1918. Then a 31-year-old Capuchin monk, Padre Pio, was sitting alone in the monastery’s chapel praying mass. Outside, Padre Leon heard a scream in the chapel. Five wounds were bleeding profusely.

Several monks escorted him to his room, where he begged to keep their condition a secret. But word spread. The Church quickly imposed a ban of silence on Padre Pio, as this unexamined monk might be exhibiting symptoms of hysteria. He was forbidden to write or speak publicly–‘Yet in the next five decades, Padre Pio would prove to be one of the most remarkable Western saints in history.’

Like St. Therese Neumann, Padre Pio bore the scars of stigmatization throughout his life that never healed. And thousands of individuals – from ordinary Italian peasants and fellow priests to high government officials and pilgrims from around the world – have witnessed his telepathy, prophecy, bilocation, levitation like Teresa of Avila and John of the Cross, and Treatment

Although Padre Pio never left the town of San Giovanni Rotondo in Italy during his last 50 years, he often appeared far from his physical body to those in need—to teach, counsel, comfort, and heal. Among the numerous testimonies, through telegrams, letters, telephone transcripts and personal declarations, in places Padre Pio had never visited – throughout Italy, Austria, Uruguay and even Milwaukee, where Padre Pio admitted to appearing on June 25, 1950, to attend the death of a fellow monk’s father. When asked about his ability to appear in two places, Padre Pio replied, ‘If Christ multiplied the loaves and fishes, why could he not multiply me?’

And the scent of violets emanating from him often appeared to those who prayed to him, and was noticed by witnesses in the places where he miraculously appeared. Isis meditators can also smell the flowers she likes. The spiritual world can affect sensitive people in all sensory fields, to be sure.

His miraculous healing powers were demonstrated beyond any doubt – he cured many diseases thought to be incurable and, on more than one occasion, restored sight to the blind. One of his best-documented and most astonishing healings involves a young blind girl named Gemma di Giorgi from Ribera, Sicily, born without a pupil in her eye.” (1)

Psychological desires beyond the conscious intention of the individual would explain many stigmatizing phenomena in the eyes of scientists. Even as they explain it that way, they are offering other questions about how the mind works. These questions are unanswered to my knowledge. It can be accepted that the mind directs the ulcerated state through the direction and intention of the subconscious mind. This is a way of treating most stigmata as hysterics. While we may be right to accept this in most cases, the case of Padre Pio demonstrates much more and gives one pause before relegating it to the loony bin of hysteria or psychosomatic illness. There is debate about the number of nails used to crucify Jesus, and whether they were four or five is of some import to other considerations as well as the matter in question. If it can be shown that there are only four then Padre Pio is adopting five on faith and opinion alone.

It is possible that he was part of the ascending master chain belonging to Jesus. It is possible that he was in some way the reincarnation of Jesus. Would it be good to know what biophysicists and other sciences thought of it if they evaluated it? There was a man who dematerialized before all the skeptics of his time in the early 20th century. He did 29 times and Dr. R.M. told Bucke (who writes about this in his book Universal Consciousness. or shortly thereafter) a prominent psychiatrist and friend of Walt Whitman, that he would eventually not return.

Where does the energy go and do you believe in spirit? The subject of faith and belief is abhorrent to science and I share that view. However, I hate getting away from the facts even more, because we don’t know everything we want!

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