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Ener-Chi Art – A New and Ancient Form of Healing

The art of Ener is based on one of the most ancient systems of healing and rejuvenation. The primary function of this art is to restore a balanced flow of life force energy or “chi” throughout the body.

Ener-Chi Art consists of inspired artworks that contain light-encoded energies. It consists of a series of pictures, each of which is “activated” with specific light rays. There is a painting for every organ and system of the body. For example, if one looks at a painting corresponding to the heart – even just for a minute – a very profound change occurs in the life energy field associated with that organ. Chi flow is fully restored, and any thought forms or emotional imbalances locked in the cellular structure of that organ are systematically channeled and released.

Another series of paintings is designed to heal the earth and its environment. There are six pictures in this category, each dealing with a specific planetary problem. For example, one has to heal and awaken energy in the mountains and rock formations of the planet; Another has a similar effect on rivers, lakes and seas.

This is how it works

Nurturing body, mind and spirit

If healing is to be complete, lasting, and purposeful, it must occur simultaneously on all levels of body, mind, and spirit. Above all, it must occur at the very causal stage of imbalance where the seeds of disharmony first germinate and then manifest as restlessness, emotional distress or disease. It is no longer enough to simply apply remedies that soothe the symptoms of dissatisfaction, emotional discomfort, and physical illness. Our collective obsession with simply relieving symptoms or regardless of what is causing the problem has created enormous difficulties in almost every area of ​​life. Yet, at the same time, we are on the brink of a global transformation, where the root causes of any disease affecting an individual or society are undeniably pushed to the surface, which demands our urgent attention. But there is no need to struggle for this.

Most of us have already faced various difficulties in life and worked through many karmic issues. Although we don’t always realize it, we have reached a point where we are only the best characters in life. In order to move forward and overcome the limitations we still feel, we have the opportunity to use one of the wonderful gifts we have recently received from the spiritual realms. A New Way to Nurture Your Body, Mind and Spirit – We are blessed with a new system of promoting health and well-being. We call it the art of Ener.

What is the art of Ener?

Ener-Chi Art consists of inspired artworks that are imbued with light-encoded energy. It consists of a series of 23 pictures related to the body and 6 pictures related to the environment, each of which is “activated” with specific light rays. There is a painting for every part of the body, including every organ and system. For example, if you look at a painting corresponding to the heart for half a minute, very serious changes begin to occur in that organ. The flow of chi (vital energy or life force) is fully restored and any negative thoughts, emotional imbalances, or karmic residues that may have accumulated there and potentially caused physical distortions, are systematically released.

How does it work and what does it do?.

Each part of the body, along with each of its trillions of cells, has its own auric field. The aura of the body, which consists of the numerous auras of its individual parts, transcends the physical parameters, yet it influences the physical life more than anything else. Our aura also affects the Earth’s atmosphere with specific encodings, both positive and negative. Thus, negative thoughts and beliefs, emotional trauma, and other experiences become trapped in the Earth’s ionosphere, causing major global disturbances that affect the entire planet’s population, wildlife, and climate.

The influence of Ener-Chi Art radiates through our “light body” into the universe. It cleanses the aura as well as the physical and mental body and balances the Chi energy throughout the body. Similar to the process of osmosis, it transports energy in and out of the body without interruption. This effect is immediate and can be verified by a simple muscle testing procedure applied before and after viewing Ener’s art pictures. It can also be visualized by taking auric photographs of the body.

In addition, Ener-Chi Art has a unique beneficial effect on the body’s genetic blueprint – DNA. Research has shown that a fraction of our DNA is currently active. Ener-Chi Art is designed to activate the code in the DNA structure that is associated with total immunity from disease and the full use of the body’s enormous, but hitherto untapped, potential.

Ener’s art is very unique because it addresses the root causes of all the other possible causes that contribute to the physical, mental and emotional problems prevalent in our lives today, including those with karmic origins. It helps raise the frequency of the body and lower its density, so that one is able to live and function in higher dimensions than is currently possible. Direct access to these areas will remove the fear of life and replace it with powerful love energies capable of accomplishing almost anything without effort or struggle.

Significance of Chi-Balance

The Art of Ener is given to us at a time when mankind is dividing itself into two great factions: one that is ready to break out of the prison of polarity where good and evil, right and wrong, love and fear, etc. are opposites, governing individual and collective life; And another that relies on problems and negativity as the main means of learning life’s lessons. Current fundamental personal and planetary changes literally force us to make choices. The Art of Ener has been brought into being to help us in this process, to make the transition smooth, easy and enjoyable.

As we became aware of the deeper nature of this art form, we became more aware of the implications of spreading Ener’s art to the general public. As more and more people begin to clear their auric fields and energy circuits and undergo profound healing events, the Earth’s own energy field also begins to heal and allow higher frequency light energy to enter the myriad life forms on the planet. It gradually reduces the density of matter of all animate and inanimate objects and allows us to depend only on the power of thought to achieve the goals and objectives of our lives. It also removes the fear, conflict and strife that most of us have become accustomed to.

Most ancient health and healing systems are based on the belief that a balanced flow of chi is a key determinant for a healthy body and mind. Negative thoughts, poor diet and nutrition, accumulation of toxins in the body, karmic influences, stress and polluted environment, among other factors, can disrupt the balanced flow of chi through the subtle energy channels (meridians) and their smaller sub-channels. the body Whenever a group of cells, an organ, or a system receives either too little or too much Chi, normal bodily functions become disrupted and physical problems begin to manifest themselves, affecting the health of both body and mind.

Children born with physical or mental defects have chi imbalances that are mainly related to past life karmic influences, although this condition itself can serve as a means of undoing karmic knots and, at the same time, helps to teach. Others about compassion and unconditional love. Health problems that occur later in life may or may not be due to karmic causes, but are equally related to a stagnant or excessive flow of chi.

Chi is a universal substance that exists inside and outside of our body, where an imbalance is directly linked to an unbalanced flow of chi. If there is a method to immediately balance chi and maintain the proper flow of chi through the body, it means that the influence and weakness of karma at the soul level is also in the process of transition. Otherwise, the previous chi imbalance will recur within a short period of time – a common experience among healers, but for a short period of time. There is no system of chi as fast and long-lasting as Ener-chi Art. A result that can be verified by a simple self-testing procedure.

It’s time for miracles

The Art of Ener should not be used as a quick fix method to cure physical ailments. It is for a much higher purpose, and is of a more energetic nature than physical manifestation. The art of Ener enables the body to exchange deeper energies, a symbiotic process of healing within the temple, healing without the temple. Its true purpose is of a higher frequency nature, to create a pathway for everyone to a new level of existence.

At a time when the main emphasis is on solving physical problems, it is helpful to understand that any symptom of disease arises from a false perception of who we really are, which has a great frightening effect on the soul level. In this sense, the presence of physical problems literally forces a person to meet his own internal needs and indicates that some aspects of the soul still need healing. The bottom line is that the body cannot be healed unless the soul is healed first. Therefore, the attempt to cure diseases without addressing their root causes — at the level of the soul — is reflected in the fact that 90 percent of all diseases today are chronic in nature, meaning they resist treatment. 23 Ener’s first series of art paintings designed to heal all soul wounds from both past and present. Once the soul is healed, the stage is set for healing the associated physical imbalance or disease.

Although Ener-Chi Art’s current application focuses on nurturing our body, mind, and spirit, we believe that the future will have applications related to the healing, purification, and restoration of our planetary environment — our rivers, the air we breathe, and our vegetables and Mineral states. It is encouraging to know that in response to some of the most profound problems the world has ever faced, we have been given simple and effective ways to solve them, once and for all. In this sense our collective future looks very promising and bright. We are fast moving into an age when miracles will be the most common and undeniable natural phenomena on this planet.

Note: Ener-Chi art painting thumbnail photos included on this website are for illustrative purposes only and do not carry any beneficial energy of the activated photographic prints.

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