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Chakras, Galaxies and Black Holes

Using state-of-the-art scientific equipment, scientific researchers at Jiao Tong University in Shanghai have shown that subtle energy has the properties of an electromagnetic current when it flows through acupuncture meridians but takes on the properties of a coherent particle current, similar to laser light, when it is projected outward. The body through the hands of master Qigong healers, who heal diseases by beaming their energy into the patient’s body. There are important chakras on the palms of the hands. To understand how we can access energy (which manifests as coherent light) from the chakras, it is helpful to have some understanding of the structure and dynamics of the chakras.

How are chakras formed?

Barbara Brennan, a former NASA engineer and now world-renowned energy healer, describes the chakras as “conical vortices moving through the human energy field.” From the perspective of plasma metaphysics, a chakra (or “wheels” in Sanskrit) can be thought of as composed of two components: one, a magnetic node, and two, a rotating conical structure or vortex that forms in the low-density magnetic plasma that is microscopic. Bodies are made of.

In laboratory experiments, it has recently been noticed that a localized source at a constant frequency excites a cone of radiation in a plasma crystal. The apex of the cone will be directed towards the source and the angle of the cone will be determined by the frequency of its rotation. Particles moving rapidly in the plane below or ahead of a single-layer plasma crystal give rise to these cones. According to plasma cosmology, filamentary currents are pinched to form galaxies moving through space. This can happen when two streams approach or cross each other. Radionics expert Dr. David Tansley says, “Seven major chakras are formed at points where vertical lines of light (or meridians) cross each other 21 times. 21 minor chakras are at points where energy strands cross 14 times. .” Based on these theories, we can predict how cycles develop in microscopic bodies (made of magnetic plasma or ‘magma’).

When meridians cross in our subtle bodies, they pinch each other, form “knots” and collapse into compressed nodes of intense magnetic fields that pulsate at constant frequencies. Super particles and objects are attracted to the magnetic nodes and absorbed into the microscopic body at high speed using a helical path. This dynamic behavior of the incoming particles and the vibration of the node stimulate the cone structure on the surface of the body. A plasma of charged particles (known in metaphysical literature as “qi”, “prana” or “kundalini”), through the ionized atmosphere, spirals into the nodes, moving the magnetic plasma over the surface of the compact microscopic body. It is then absorbed into the chakra and its energy is transferred to the various parts of the subtle body through the body’s network of meridians (or filamentary currents).

Structure of Chakras

According to scientific researchers, a complex flexible double vortex structure emerges from the excited region in the plasma crystal. Each region splits into an outgoing and incoming vortex. Wave-fronts are circular near the source. Experimental metaphysicists such as Charles Leadbeater and Brennan described and illustrated spinal cycles—which come in pairs and are accompanied by circular wave-fronts. A tube or channel connects the outward-facing chakra at the front of the body to the chakra at the back of the body – which faces in the opposite direction.

According to scientific researchers, cones in plasma crystals have an interesting multiple structure of nested cones. Brennan has observed nested cones between cycles in his magnetic plasma body. According to Brennan, the chakras “seem nested within each other like nesting glasses. Each chakra at each higher level extends far into the auric field (to the edge of each auric layer) and is slightly wider than the area below it”. Each vortex metabolizes an energy that resonates with its particular spin frequency.

Alignment of Chakras

It is interesting to note that the conic structures of the chakras are located at different angles in illustrations from metaphysical literature. As mentioned earlier, the angle is related to the frequency of the radiation source. It is well known in metaphysics that not only are the spinal chakras at different angles, but each chakra rotates at a different frequency. The axis of each cone is aligned with the magnetic field created by the node so that the apex of the chakra cone, which faces the central channels of the astral body, has a different magnetic polarity from the base of the cone, which faces. Environment. If we look at the central channel of the microscopic body, the nodes will be distributed at different intervals along the knots in the central channels. This agrees well with metaphysical observations (and is consistent with the behavior of magnetized plasmas, as noted in studies of plasma crystals). According to Brennan, “Their tips point to the main vertical power current, and their bare ends extend to the edge of each layer of the field in which they are located.”

Absorption and emission of energy through chakras

According to Brennan, each rotating vortex of energy appears to absorb or enter energy from the universal energy field. The chakras connect to the nodes of the meridians which are areas of intense magnetic fields. They are therefore able to attract high-energy charged super particles and objects. Particles, after absorption, to deliver energy to various parts of the body, to deliver oxygen to body cells through meridians, as occurs in the cardio-pulmonary and circulatory systems of the physical-biomolecular body. When microscopic body particles become energized, they begin to respond to their environment. Leadbeater explains that one of the functions of chakras is to calibrate (or entrain) the frequency of particles so that they will respond to specific frequencies of radiation in the atmosphere. Brennan also observes that the direction in which the cycle moves is important. When the wheel is rotating clockwise, it is absorbing energy. When rotating counterclockwise – the flow of energy is in the opposite direction. In other words, it is emitting energy instead of absorbing it.

Focused beams of light from rotating galaxies

According to scientific researchers, an ordered magnetic field plays an important role in jet formation from a rotating accretion disk in an ionized atmosphere. The formation of jets (or focused beams of light) is thought to depend on how magnetic fields behave as they move through an accretion disk. Jets are found in cosmic plasma. By 1918, astronomer HD Curtis observed a jet in the center of galaxy M87 and described it as a “curious straight ray” emanating from the galaxy. Jets of electrons and protons traveling at the speed of light can be seen in this NASA image of the Milky Way, looking like a giant flashlight beam in space. The jet is a highly collimated plasma beam (ie similar to coherent laser light). Energetic astrophysical jets, with velocities approaching the speed of light, are seen on various scales ejected from active galactic nuclei and young stars. They are believed to be caused by the motion of an accretion disk orbiting a larger mass. Energy is emitted from charged particles moving in curved orbits (usually around a magnetic field aligned with the jet).

Concentrated rays of light from rotating wheels

A chakra is an accretion disk revolving around a relatively large compact microscopic body. We also know (from the discussion above) that the nodes of chakras are the locations of intense magnetic fields and that charged particles move in helical or spiral paths around these fields. The magnetic fields in the plasma move with it. Effective rotation of the intense magnetic field around the axis of the wheel cone, the result of the motion of particles plunging into the microscopic body at high speed. This causes the magnetic field to deflect, expand and exit as a jet of collimated light. The acceleration mechanism for most jets is magneto-hydrodynamic. (Magneto-hydrodynamics provides a general framework for studying the activity of magnetic plasmas.) The jet released will be parallel to the spin axis of the cycle.

Jets or beams of directed light have been seen in photographs taken during events where subtle energetic practices take place (for example: Reiki, Qigong and Christian “praise and worship”). There are also Hindu, Taoist, Buddhist and Christian images showing jets of light emanating from the palms of saints or deities. There are important chakras (and acupoints) on the palms of the hands. The cycle frequency and spin rate have a direct effect on determining the energy and coherence of the beam. One of Fatima’s audience of “Mary”, “Lucia”, revealed that during an apparition, “Mary” opened her hands and “rays of light” emanated from them.

This can be done simply by reversing the normal direction of chakra rotation (so that energy is emitted rather than absorbed) and by increasing the rotation speed of the chakra in the palm (by mentally focusing on a specific chakra or acupoint in the palm). hands). Jets can also be issued from other chakras or acupoints – for example from the heart chakra. For example, when ‘Jesus’ appeared to Saint Faustina, two rays of light emanated from his heart – one ray was blue and the other was red. Interestingly, jet formations in cosmic objects like galaxies also show two rays of light – one blue and one red!

Black holes and cycles

According to scientists, black holes also emit jets. In fact the galaxy M87 (cited above), which emits jets, is suspected to have a black hole at its core. (The black hole then coincides with the node and the cone structure of the galactic cycle.) This is surprising because, so far as we know, the strong gravitational fields of black holes absorb energy – letting nothing escape. (Smaller black holes, however, give off Hawking radiation.) If we use the same explanation as for cycles, this could be due to the direction of rotation of the accretion disk around the black hole. Does this mean that if the direction of rotation of the accretion disk of a rotating (“Kerr”) black hole is reversed, it will begin to emit energy instead of absorbing it? According to scientists, black holes with highly energetic jets move the fastest.

If we apply what we have learned about the structure of cycles to black holes, we would expect black holes to come in pairs. Each black hole will then be connected by a tube (called a “worm hole”) that connects to another black hole in another part of our universe. This wormhole can be long or very small – so that there is a double vortex structure (like wheels) connected by a small tube – which creates jets that exit in opposite directions from the astrophysical objects. Astrophysical jets have been observed emanating from the opposite direction of astrophysical objects. We would expect black holes to reside in all galaxies because they are simply entry points into the network or web of “meridians” (in this case filamentary currents) that transfer energy from point to point throughout the universe.

To carry the analogy with cycles further, this means that black holes and galaxies form in invisible microscopic bodies – the microscopic bodies of our universe already discussed in the author’s article. Acupuncture Meridian and Cosmic Spider Web. This also suggests that this microscopic body (dark) is composed of magnetic plasma. We live inside the microscopic body of this universe – on a planet that sits on the edge of one of its cycles – a cycle we call the Milky Way.

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