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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Primer

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are all the rage these days. Instead of wasting money sending traditional ads or calling people who may not have an immediate interest in your products or services, SEO/SEM allows businesses to present ads only to people who are on the verge of buying from them or a competitor. Only then. Will you pay for every instance that your print ad appears in every copy of the newspaper sold, or will you target your ad only to people who have done a web search for exactly what you sell? Even if the cost of each search engine impression is greater than that of each recipient of a print ad, the returns can easily be enough to make it worth the cost… and even better, if you can follow a few basic instructions, it probably won’t. Whatever it costs you!

Generally, people want to search websites, reviews, comparisons and other information before finding a particular seller and practitioner. If a search engine only shows sponsored ads, it will be of less value to searchers, meaning fewer people will use it, so fewer advertisers will pay to advertise there. This business model creates a downward spiral that is simply unviable. Instead, search engines display both paid ads and “organic” search results. When Google’s web crawlers find and analyze a dentist’s website, for example, they get indications that it is related to dentistry. They can also search for localization information, such as an address or telephone area code. Later, when someone searches for a dentist in that area, Google can show this dentist’s listing in organic search results with paid advertisers. This impression costs nothing to the dentist!

So, how can businesses get themselves more free, organic listing impressions? This is what Search Engine Optimization (SEO) addresses, and while it requires an investment of time, effort or capital to implement, the specific cost per impression (CPI) or cost per click (CPC) is zero. In short, the more sweat equity you are willing to put up, the lower your cash cost of execution.

Before you get the idea that SEO is just a checklist to get your website to the top of the organic search results permanently, let me say that you are not alone in working towards this goal; You have competitors too. In an unrelated analogy, college graduates used to have no problem getting jobs, but this leads to more people getting their sheepskins than there are jobs for college graduates today, so many are unemployed while some continue in graduate school, ultimately making that distinction even less rare. . Likewise, the distinction of being top-ranked in organic search is a moving target that requires constant effort on your part to keep improving your ranking relative to your competitors.

Surely, you’ve heard the old saying that banks only give you money when you don’t need it. Well, it’s the same with organic search rankings. If you search for “shipping” you’re more likely to find UPS and FedEx in your search results than some small local courier. why Google has nothing against small local couriers, but they want to provide the best results to as many end users as possible so that those end users keep coming back instead of going to Bing or Yahoo. UPS or FedEx are more likely to be able to handle any end user’s shipping needs than some small local courier.

Basically, you need to make your website appear to be a large and well-known resource in your field so that search engines can present it. How? You need more referrals, more traffic and more conversions. I hate to call them “tricks”, but there are a few things you need to be aware of that will help improve your rankings.

A “trick” is specialization; Instead of trying to be everything to everyone, try to be the best at something. That little local courier in my last example has no chance of beating UPS worldwide, but it might be the best delivery service in White Plains, NY. They can come on call and do same day pickup and delivery at reasonable rates. They can offer packing services and shipping supplies at pickup, so you can just give them flowers, your grandmother’s heirloom glass vase, a card and address, and leave the rest to them. It would be futile for that courier to try to top global “shipping” searches, but if it focuses on winning for “same-day delivery” or “packing and shipping” in searches around “White Plains, NY”. He has a better chance of getting to the top.

Again, I imagine you’re wondering, “How?” Well, the most obvious answer is that the courier’s website should emphasize that it specializes in such, um, features. (Note to self: get a thesaurus.) Their website content should discuss White Plains, same-day delivery, and Courier’s strength in packing and shipping. Relevant page titles should include the words White Plains, NY, same-day delivery, and packing and shipping. Headings on those pages should include White Plains, NY, same-day delivery and packing and shipping. Metadata descriptions on those pages should include White Plains, NY, same day delivery and packing and shipping. Metadata keywords for those pages should include White Plains, NY, same-day delivery, and packing and shipping. Lest you think I need a dictionary for those last five sentences, let me be clear that you want to receive the revision I presented. Content, headings, headings, descriptions and keywords should represent a clear, coherent, unambiguous, unambiguous representation of the web page.

Another “trick” is to cultivate inbound links. For the uninitiated, the idea is that when other websites link to yours, search engines treat it as a testimonial for your website and it improves your website’s ranking in organic search results. Rankings of referring websites are taken into account, so testimonials from Microsoft.com or WSJ.com are more valuable than smaller websites, but no ranking score is better than none, so ask friends, clients and suppliers to exchange links with you. Instead of diluting your webpage content, you might want to put their links on a “Links” or “Resources” page in addition to your main page, but keep in mind that it will get less traffic than your main page, and I want you to do the same. Also, the best way to implement this is to have your desired search keywords act as your link, so this, for example:

For the best value in Westchester small business IT support, get in touch Maverick Solutions IT, Inc.

is less Better than:

For the best Westchester Small Business IT Support ValueContact Maverick Solutions IT, Inc.

Other ways to generate more inbound links are blogs, tweets, wall posts, answering newsgroup questions or publishing articles. Publishing articles with “about the author” links or posting newsgroups with links in your signature block are obvious ways to generate inbound links – especially if they’re highly-trafficked, well-known, widely-read articles (like this one). However, blog entries from your own website can also be retweeted on Twitter, shared on Facebook or syndicated to sites looking for content. We use Google Alerts to monitor any online mentions of our company and have found that many of our blog entries and articles appear in strange places… but they all count as free, inbound links! Simply creating LinkedIn and Facebook pages for your business are great ways to gain some more search engine ranking points and give you more ways to showcase yourself to your prospects.

Many small businesses will only link to their main homepage, but if you create individual landing pages and think of them as separate campaigns, you can optimize each of those titles, titles, descriptions, keywords and content individually. For example:

  • MaverickSolutions.biz Our business home page is
  • MaverickSolutions.biz/solutions_sec.htm This sub-page is where we promote our security and surveillance systems
  • MaverickSolutions.biz/schools.htm This is the sub-page for when we are marketing ourselves to schools
  • MaverickSolutions.biz/promo/ Here’s a landing page we set up for a free PC tune-up campaign we ran a few months ago (yes, you’re welcome to take us to it if you’re in the New York metro area.)
  • You can also link to individual blog articles published on specific topics, such as MaverickSolutions.biz/blog/2010/how-did-i-get-a-virus-and-how-do-i-get-rid-of-it/

Once you start to build some momentum in your website ranking, you can start putting some effort into more ranking optimization. If you and a friend promote each other on your own small business website, since each of you has a lower ranking score, each of you has less to gain. However, if you can get links from larger companies, they will be more valuable. One way to do this is to partner with larger companies; We are a Microsoft partner company, so we are listed on their partner directory and have a link from there. Another way is to participate in high-profile projects; We have served as a subject matter expert (SME) for the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) and received links from them. An easy way is to join local business networking groups and get your links from their webpages; We joined our local BNI chapter. Journalists also have “tricks” to cite you as an expert in the articles they write in your field, and they’ll often provide links as well. When these articles are syndicated to dozens or hundreds of secondary online publications, you can get some terrific exposure.

By reading this article, you have already taken the first step. You’ve set yourself apart from the crowd of people who don’t care, don’t know, and don’t want to know. You’ve demonstrated that you’re willing to learn and take action to improve your search engine rankings. You can do more independent research and reading to get more practical information about SEO, but if you run into any obstacles or need more help, Maverick Solutions is just a click away, ready to advise and assist you with SEO or any other small matter. is Business technology consulting and support. We’ve helped moving companies, real estate agents, mortgage bankers, title companies, business coaches, contractors and attorneys with their SEO and we’d be happy to help you too.

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