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Bra Cancer

If you suffer from breast pain, cysts or lumps and are worried about breast cancer, you can join the International Breast Cancer Prevention Project.

The project has achieved 95 percent success in improving breast health. After years of suffering from breast pain and cysts, many participants have seen phenomenal improvement within days of starting this program. It’s cost-effective, risk-free, and the best thing you can do to prevent breast cancer. It all has to do with the cultural practice of wearing tight bras and affects the blood circulation in the breasts.

Why may bras be linked to breast disease and cancer? This is related to the bra’s effect on breast circulation, specifically the bra’s effect on the lymphatic system.

The job of the bloodstream is to deliver fresh, oxygenated fluids to the tissues and remove carbon dioxide. The job of the lymphatic system, called lymph, is to remove fluid, debris, viruses, cancer cells, bacteria, toxins, and other unwanted substances from tissue spaces. The lymphatic system consists of microscopic vessels that originate in tissue spaces and form larger, but still small, vessels that ultimately enter lymph nodes. These nodes are bean-shaped filters lined with white blood cells. Most of the breast lymph nodes are located in the armpit. If the nodes detect viruses, cancer cells, or other foreign or malignant substances in the tissue fluid, they initiate an immune response to produce white blood cells to combat the problem. Once out of the lymph node, the fluid travels back to the heart and bloodstream through the large lymphatic vessels.

An important thing about the lymphatic system is that it is a passive drainage system. While the bloodstream delivers fluid under the pumping pressure of the heart, there is no pressure on the lymphatic system. Its flow is influenced by gravity, breathing, exercise and movement, and massage. And the slightest contraction or contraction of the tissue can block small lymphatic vessels, blocking lymph flow and causing fluid retention, abscesses, pain, and tenderness. Accumulation of fluid within tissues is called lymphedema.

Women who have fibrocystic breast disease have breast lymphedema. This is due to the compression of the bra due to impaired lymphatic flow. Bras are elastic garments that constantly put pressure on the breast tissue. Their purpose is to push the breasts into a more fashionable shape. However, this pressure can reduce the flow in the lymphatic system, which reduces the ability to remove fluid and toxins from the breast tissue.

Toxins in breast tissue include some of the biochemical products of tissue edema, such as free radicals, which cause cancer. In addition, there are also toxins in our air, food and water, including pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals and other products of our petrochemically polluted world. Many of these cause cancer. We deliver these toxins to all our tissues every day through the bloodstream. It is the job of the lymphatics to remove these toxins. And this is the task that the bra prevents due to its contraction and compression of the breasts.

This is how bras cause breast cancer. Cancer-causing toxins are delivered to the breast tissue via the bloodstream and kept there by the bra. There are poison pills. A bra holds them in place, pointing directly at the breasts.

This explains why women get more cancer in the breast than anywhere else in their body. Breasts are the most compact clothing of any organ. It also explains why women get more breast cancer than men, and why breast cancer is only common in bra-wearing cultures. Breast cancer does not occur where there are no bras.

We wrote about this and the results of our 1991-93 bra and breast cancer study in our book Dressed to Kill: The Link Between Breast Cancer and Bras (ISCD Press). Our study was conducted on approximately 4700 US women, half of whom had breast cancer. We asked these women about their previous bra wearing attitudes and habits. We found that women in the cancer group had a history of wearing tighter and longer bras than the non-cancer group. In fact, many Cancer women sleep with their bras on. Almost none were bra-free. This is significantly different from the non-cancer group.

When the results were analyzed, they revealed that women who wore bras for more than 12 hours per day had a dramatically increased risk of developing breast cancer compared to women who did not wear bras. In fact, women who don’t bras are just as likely to develop breast cancer as men, and 100 times less likely than women who wear bras 18-24 hours a day. Smoking increases the risk of lung cancer by 20-30 times, this increases the link between breast cancer and bras 4-5 times more than the link between cigarettes and lung cancer!

Of course, the easiest way for a woman to determine whether her bra is harming her breasts is to go braless for a while and feel the difference. That’s what the Breast Cancer Prevention Project is all about. All you have to do is commit to going bra-free for one month. Your body will tell you the results.

For thousands of women who have tried this, the results have been spectacular. Having had their breasts bound since puberty, the feeling of breast freedom can sometimes feel strange at first. But within a few days, the breasts have a chance to become congested and leak excess fluid. Tenderness ends. Breast pain during menstruation can disappear completely. Cysts disappear. It is like a miracle.

Interestingly, some women are so conditioned to wear a bra that they feel uncomfortable without one. This is because their breasts are dependent on the bra for support, which impairs the function of the muscles and ligaments that support the breasts. In other words, bras weaken and sag the breasts. There are many large-breasted women of all ages who have strong, healthy, trouble-free breasts because they never wore a bra.

Breast congestion with a bra also increases the weight of the breasts, as the breasts swell with swelling. This can cause breast pain when the bra is removed. Fortunately, once a bra is not worn, the breasts can sag and regain their tone. Many women report that their breasts have lifted within a few months of breaking the bra habit.

So here is your challenge. Find a cotton or silk camisole or t-shirt that you feel comfortable in, remove your bra, and give your breasts a month without bracing. Then let us know your results.

If you need more information check out our website at http://www.SelfStudyCenter.org. You can also register for this study directly on our website.

If the breast cancer epidemic is to be ended, the cause of breast cancer must be eliminated. It should have been clear decades ago that breast binding can cause cancer and other breast diseases. However, a culture is never objective about its own faults. And while the cancer industry makes a lot of money treating breast cancer, and the fashion industry makes a lot of money selling bras, there is a huge financial incentive for women to wear bras and then treat their breast disease.


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