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Every Stone Drop Pebble


Too small to calm down


He walks the path

Looking for nav

Kneeling and sliding out

After a long heat wave

Sky watery explosion

Earth beautiful destiny

Seasonal change viral

Sadness, restructuring

With the doctor’s bill

They sculpt the psyche

In the City of Silent Dreams:

The idols sweat in the sunlight

Pulling out white hairs

She recalls growing up:

The fragrance of time unchanged

Sun every morning

Shining through the window frame, reviving

Dream for verses

The smell of Kamini

There is excitement in front of my house:

Hummingbirds mate

Clouds upon clouds

Darken the earth and hide the stars:

One of dawn and dust

I see a finger

Point to the eye in her breast

A mist lingers on the lips

No letter today…

addresses of his dead friends

Gray in the diary

It embraces nudity

Elegant turns in saree:

Love-touch in color

Every stone, drop, pebble

Waste of life in worldly selfishness:

Haiku emptiness

After red

Dog, girl

A knotted double face

In the darkness of the courtyard

He seeks his shadow:

Clouds come in summer

I stir the water

Inject the cloud into it:

Throwing memory stones

He has no wind-rope

Making waves in the web:

The sand melts underfoot

Stealth invaders

A chilly wave of a river and dreams:

Good bye year

The shelves are changing

It’s just dust in the streets

Sneezing Scholarship

She read my age

Artificial mustache darkening

and chest whitening

Willow summer-sways

Its branch rests halfway on the pole

The light goes on again

Revealing her wet panties

More than her body:

I drown in her sea

She undresses

The dim light perfumes her body

Fills the room with itself

Silence is sound

The empty space of a thoughtless mind

Poetry is peace

The child is lost

letters and numbers

New designs rotate

She smiles quickly

From her new Maruti

Tire screeching

The sun disappeared

Can’t stand the blue morning

The smile of a flower

Nightqueen fragrance

enters through the windows

My bedroom is full of flowers

He sees a monkey

Self-satisfaction in glass

His own image

Blue white dapple

On the canvas

Eye of Peace

Sipping Gin

He says he likes sex every night

But don’t like the smell

Looking for good news

I look at the lines on my palm

Taking new turns

They are skinny though

Skilled, cannot be swatted:

Their vibrations are haunting

He sweeps the yellow leaves

Or gathered for years in a heap

Burns to melt into dust

After hours of power outages

Nets in the room

Swing in thanks

Earthquake Laboratory

Mesh Net:

No earthquake for a long time

my bedroom

A maze of webs

spider species

her smile

The arrival of spring

At Kunj

Red light is on:

They have secrets to hide

No use peeking in

In the stillness of the night

Airbus glides through the clouds

A trail of white smoke

After a sleepless night

A drowsy sun tears

morning sky

a dead man

can’t stand

lying in the dust

floating lamp

The breast of the river in the grace of the bride

Waves in gloaming

Looking for the crown in the grain

Discover history through sandstorms

Stuck between the fingers

Shining from blades of grass

A drop on earth’s bosom:

Tribute to the sun

With the changing climate

They seek both sun and shade:

Chameleon’s tune

I know the roaring waves

I live by the silence of the shore:

The sea rises within me

I felt her fingers

My son’s guitar strings

Haven’t played in a long time

She hides the mirror

With roses and lipstick

And keeps her fiction

The joy of union

Decreases as the rhythm decreases

Restless embers grow

After hurrying

Lovemaking we drift off to sleep:

Our backs to each other

Quiet spells hide

God in the heart is like a flowing stream

love in nudity

Monsoon rain

After a long heat wave

Break the monotony

Ripe on the branch

Mangoes fall one by one

End of season

The mirror is so small

I don’t see the sea

Beyond my own sight

It is complete helplessness

True, but to survive

One needs to be tamed

Dragons play whirlwind

In the clouds – meeting and rain

Combine earth and sky

Coal turns gold

Every moment in a quiet corner

The raw wind sings

It hangs like a drop

Evaporation takes place at any moment

Love is naive

The morning mist has settled

By the pool

A lone fish seeks the sun

The moon shines and

A heat wave breaks the leaves throughout the night

Kills butterflies


more uncomfortable than others

Trying to console


Declaration Day

for moths

Evacuate the house

He leaves four decades

No thanks to anyone

No age though

years of care–

His rotten face

The sun goes down

Waving the Ganges

Love-hope whitens

The leaves sway

fly like birds

free in the sky

Long forgotten

Beginning and Ending:

exists in the middle

He closes his eyes

Expansion of interior space

A shortcut tour

Red oleander and

Hibiscus calling morning

To Kali

After the meal

Stretching legs in cubbyholes

like a frog

Sees with love

She tilted his head towards her

twine like a creeper

Unable to change time

My watch doesn’t move

moment at will

solitary bird

Like moving inspirational tracks

A stranger to home

the rain

Wash the paints

who hide their faces

Hook tending

She blushed

Jewelry line

to love

She presses it with her fingernails

A sparrow game

The frog in the mirror

Wipe off with a damp towel

Set cold in slippery hands

Partial faces

Track behind the windows

The rawness of travel

Summer becomes more beautiful

After dust storm and rain

Night alloy with cool colors

The leaves have become moths

We cross-leg with crabbed greetings

Wipe out another year

half moon

She remembers love around her neck

before departure

chalking on the head

Perceiving clouds: itching eyes

And the nostrils run

Rain softens the soil…

The seeds sprout with the first sun

A pearly dawn

In white hair

A lonely black

Keeps her hope alive

With life fig

Roots above and branches below:

Man and woman are one

frowning faces

Dissolving in the grip of stale rain

female body

we sleep together

Fill your body

each other’s senses


Unforgettable memories

at public expense

After morning walk

The three chat every day

Latest revelations

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