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Manifesting Your Soul Mate: Five Pitfalls That Sabotage Your Efforts

When Valentine’s Day approaches, our society focuses on couples, romance and diamonds. What if you’re not in a meaningful relationship? This time of year you are likely to feel even more depressed, lonely or depressed. But keep in mind, making a few simple changes to the way you reveal to your partner will definitely get you the results you want. Check out the top five mistakes people make when attracting a mate and change your attitude today.

1. Forgetting to pray – Forgetting to pray tops the list that hinders your efforts to attract a soulmate. A proven method of prayer to manifest a soulmate (or anything else you desire) is positive prayer or spiritual healing. Affirmative prayer is basically affirmative prayer, which is the foundation of all your spiritual work, so incorporate it into your routine. I know we get busy and life is busy; Yet this simple and powerful method will fulfill your heart’s desire. Plus you’ll feel better because you’ll align more deeply with the Divine Presence and that brings peace, love, joy, harmony and health. Undoubtedly, positively. The way to set the law of attraction into action is through prayer.

2. Hanging on to the past – Have you ever held onto a relationship for too long? Even though the relationship ended, are you still clinging to it or comparing the new people in your life to the old one? We become rooted or stuck in this pattern and until we let go of the past there is no room in the heart for someone new to come. If you’re not sure if you should let go of an old relationship, consider the story of Clytes and Apollo. Cleeti was a water-nymph who deeply loved the sun god Apollo. But Apollo did not love her; He loved Daphne. Clyte did not give up her love for Apollo. So she sat on the cold ground for nine days without food and water and her tears satisfied the earth. Clyte gazed at the sun and followed Apollo when he rose and when he went on his daily course. She saw nothing but Apollo, and her face was constantly moving to follow the movements of the sun. Finally her limbs rooted to the ground and her face turned into a sunflower. To this day, the sunflower turns on its stem to face the sun during its daily course. why Because it retains the feeling of nymph that comes from it. Watch out Clytie and don’t get stuck in an old relationship or someone who has no ability to love you back. Plant a new seed in your consciousness, let go of the past with love, thanks for the gifts given and lessons learned. Experience the past and move on.

3. Using negative self-talk or criticism – If you feel that no one loves you, it’s easy to feel self-depreciation, self-loathing, or guilt or shame. However, these are very destructive and can block the flow of a partner into your life. When you practice the art of loving kindness for yourself, your energy will be attracted to that type. Set the intention to change your thinking and you will begin to see amazing transformation in your life. If you start criticizing yourself or blaming yourself for not affirming your partner: I am a righteous and loving child of God. And remember that as you increase prayerfulness in your life, you will see these negative patterns dissolve and be replaced with kindness and love for yourself and others. Another way to get rid of negative thoughts, self-criticism or self-pity is to call on Archangel Chamuel for help. He is the angel of love and will help you find a soul mate. Not only will it help you overcome depression, unforgiveness, sorrow and grief, but it will also help you develop compassion for yourself and others.

4. Outline or how to tell God– We are really good at telling God how to do something and what it should look like, called an outline. We want our partner to have a certain image in our mind, for example, loving, humorous, intelligent, kind, gentle, etc. A person with such distinctive characteristics, we don’t want to tell God who that person is. or what color the person’s hair or body shape should be, or where you should meet him or her (for example, at work, at the gym, at church, on the Internet). So remember that you and your partner are having fun together – but, please, remember no particular person. If you do this, you are limiting the power and can remove a wonderful partner whose soul unites you. So be flexible and let God do the work.

5. Focusing on physical beauty– In our youth-obsessed society, we can succumb to the idea that we need to spend a lot of money on cosmetic surgery, painful and expensive anti-wrinkle injections, or take the latest diet pill to be attractive enough for true love. According to a recent study, more than half a million teenagers have eating disorders. This is largely due to the media’s emphasis on rail’s thin body which is simply not realistic. Advertisers have admitted to photo-shopping pictures of models so that their waist lines are unusually thin. Many women (and men too) strive to achieve an unnatural and unrealistic look, and may even become obsessed with this quest. Don’t fall into this trap. It is important to keep your physical body healthy, exercise regularly and eat a proper diet to stay physically fit and enhance your inner beauty. Your soulmate will be attracted to a beautiful soul—one that is achieved through spiritual fitness, not surgery. When you are spiritually aligned with God, your ego cannot drive you into negative thoughts or suffering. A spiritually alive person is attractive from within and is a magnet for true love.

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Above all, on Valentine’s Day and every day, remember that you are always connected to God; Therefore, always connected with love. When you fear loneliness, you feel separated from God. So celebrate the divine love within you and know that if you are looking for a soul mate relationship and don’t fall into the pitfalls listed above, that soul mate relationship is coming to you on Cupid’s wings.

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