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The Best White and Yellow Canna Lilies

Those of you who prefer your Canna Lilies on the light side, below is a list of the best yellow and white cultivars.

Canna ‘Ambassador’: We have long been looking for a good white canna and have finally found it.Although we still haven’t tracked down the history behind this import from South Africa, what we can tell you is that these 5′ tall robust growing clumps are topped with stunning large creamy white flowers all summer long.We have planted two masses of these in our new border to the tune of oohs and aahs! (Sun, Zone 7-10, Ht 60″)

Canna ‘Cleopatra’: I couldn’t believe my eyes when they fell upon this canna at the Kunming Botanic Garden in China. Large purple blotches wove their way through the green leaves and into the flower stalks.If the flowers came from the purple side, they were red…from the green side of the leaf, they were yellow…sometimes from both…you get the picture.This unstable and highly variable chimera is actually an old but hard-to-find cultivar called Canna ‘Cleopatra’.We think it is time for a reintroduction of this fascinating attention-getter.Remove all solid green shoots to maintain the pattern. (Sun to Part Sun, Zone 7b-10, Ht 50″)

Canna ‘Ermine’: This Curt Wallace hybrid is still regarded as the closest to white (as judged by a team of color-blind nurserymen) that is available in the canna family.This 3′ tall clumper is topped all summer with very large, creamy white flowers, flushed with pale yellow toward the center.Canna ‘Ermine’ will allow designers to create some exciting and distinctive new color combinations in the summer garden.We are excited to make available this very rare and sought-after hybrid. (Sun, Zone 7b-10, Ht 36″)

Canna ‘Florence Vaughan’: They say that everything old is new again and nothing could be more true with canna lilies.Named after Florence Cropp Vaughn, Canna ‘Florence Vaughan’ was introduced from the famed Vaughan’s Seed Company (now Syngenta) of Chicago in 1893, and just like the Cubs, it still has many loyal fans.Unlike the Cubs, Canna ‘Florence Vaughan’ is consistently good. This vigorous canna makes a stunning 6′ tall clump, topped all summer with large bright yellow flowers highlighted with dramatic orange-red speckling.(Sun, Zone 7-10, Ht 72″)

Canna glauca: (Glaucous Leaf Canna): Here is a canna for folks who don’t like cannas…and for those that do!From the Bellevue Border guys Glenn and Charles, via Pam Harper’s garden comes this species canna with glaucus grey green narrow leaves, that are topped all summer with lovelybuttery yellow flowers…not as abrasive as some of the large flowered hybrids, but quite lovely.This vigorous spreader for the border may need to be contained in good soils…a nice problem! (Sun to Part Sun, Ht 72″)

Canna ‘Kansas City’: This unusual canna adds to the ever increasing line of variegated foliage cannas.From our plant-nut friend, Jim Waddick, comes this sport discovered in Kansas City, MO.The foliage has irregular 1″ wide sectoral patterns, alternating green and chartreuse.In late summer, the clumps are topped with large bright butter yellow flowers. Visitors have been after these for years… a true collector’s item. (Sun, Zone 7-10, Ht 48″)

Canna ‘Milk Festival’: Cream colored flowers with narrow petals on a short to medium plant. This cultivar can also be grown as an aquatic.

Canna ‘Minerva’: (aka: Canna ‘Nirvana’ or Canna ‘Striped Beauty’): This old hybrid is still one of the most popular of the variegated cannas today.Canna ‘Minerva’ makes a 5′ tall stalk with brilliant white-and-green striped leaves. This vigorously multiplying canna is topped off with unique red flower buds that open to large, butter-yellow flowers…produced all summer!When Canna ‘Minerva’ is fed well and kept moist, it is indeed a fantastic garden plant. (Sun, Zone 7-10, Ht 60″)

Canna ‘Nuance’ From California’s Andrew Denman comes this hybrid of Canna glauca ‘Panache’ that makes a fast-growing 7′ tall clump of rigidly upright, glaucous-green foliage, topped all summer with spikes of small bicolor flowers.The tips of the upper petals are bright gold (RHS 14A), while the lower petal and flower base are a vividly contrasting red-orange (RHS 42A).(Sun, Zone 7-10, Ht 84″)

Canna patens: Considered to be a synonym of Canna indica by Maas but a separate species by Tanacka. It is small sized with green ovoid foliage, a spreading habit, and triangular stems. The spikes of flowers are upright, yellow with a wide red margin. Its staminodes are long and narrow, edges regular, petals yellow, partial self-cleaning. It is fertile both ways, self-pollinating and also true to type. Tillering is prolific.

Canna ‘Rosalinda’: Large pale-yellow flowers with light red centers that radiate outward. Very striking. Short to medium height.

Brighten up your garden with these light Canna colors today.

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