4 Types of Emergency Safety Showers

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4 Types of Emergency Safety Showers

An emergency safety shower should be part of the kit for laboratories or other work environments where workers may be exposed to hazardous substances. They are used in addition to normal safety precautions, such as face shields and goggles. There is always a risk of chemical exposure from knocked over or dropped containers in the laboratory.

The best solution to prevent serious injury is to use an emergency safety shower for on-the-spot disinfection. This treatment is most effective when used within 10 to 15 seconds of initial exposure. Furthermore, they can also be used as a useful tool to remove contaminants from clothing or effectively extinguish clothing fires.

Here are some popular types of emergency safety showers:

Rooftop shower

A ceiling shower is a permanent fixture and is usually in an overhead position and is easily activated using a lever or chain. It is designed to direct large volumes of water directly onto a person’s head and body after exposure to a harmful substance.

Floor mounted

The floor-mounted unit is designed to provide holistic treatment with not only a safety shower but also a soaker hose and eye wash capability. This type of system is particularly useful in laboratories working with a wide range of hazardous substances.

Deck mounted

The deck mounted unit is designed to conveniently attach to the lab beach and operates by squeezing the handle to activate the water flow. This is one of the most practical options for spot-washing.

Soak the hose

Drench hoses are another option for spot-washing, but offer more flexibility than deck-mounted units. It is also easy to direct the hose to someone who is unconscious or unable to stand, or to quickly wash under clothing before undressing. Also, with proper pressure, drench hoses can also function as eye/face wash units.

Using eye-wash stations

In addition to shower units for general head and body soaking, there are also stand-long eye-wash stations. It is not practical to use a standard emergency safety shower to flush the eyes because of the high pressure, which can easily damage the eyes. Many eye-wash units direct a continuous stream of water and leave hands free to help open the eyelids.

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